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KUT President Isobe honored at Japan's 12th National Maritime Awards

Excellent Contribution to Maritime Affairs Award goes to President Isobe for his contribution to national initiatives for coastal resilience

National Maritime Awards are given to individuals and organizations who have made noteworthy achievements in awareness-raising, academic research, industrial vitalization and development, and a wide range of ocean-related fields, including science and technology, fisheries, maritime affairs, and the environment. The awards, inaugurated in 2008, are aimed at raising public awareness of and interest in the oceans.

As a member of the Central Disaster Prevention Council's Committee for Technical Investigation, President Isobe contributed significantly to the compilation of a new two-level database of tsunami data and to the framing of the basic concept underlying measures to reduce tsunami damage. In addition, he applied the results of his research on coastal wave theory to the triple protection system for Urado Bay in Kochi City (earthquake and tsunami countermeasures currently under construction at Kochi Port). He was highly evaluated for his contribution to the conception and design of the protection system.