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KUT Research Associate Dr. Maeda receives Outstanding Abstract Award

At the Asian Association for Sport Management Conference 2019, held at Juntendo University in Tokyo August 7-9, Dr. Kazunori Maeda, a Research Associate (Sports Management Laboratory, School of Economics and Management) received the Outstanding Abstract Award.

The field of sports management has seen increased attention in recent years, as the sports market develops and attention to regional development through sports increases--and academic research in that area has been accelerating accordingly.

Dr. Maeda's award-winning poster presentation was entitled, "Sports tourists' experiential value and its effects on event satisfaction and behavioral intention: a case study of the Kochi Ryoma Marathon."

In his poster session, Dr. Maeda presented his analysis of the characteristics of participants from outside Kochi prefecture (sports tourists), based on the results of the participant satisfaction survey conducted at the Kochi Ryoma Marathon. He explained that the degree of satisfaction of the marathon among the participants who stayed after the event and went sightseeing was higher than among the participants who didn't--and those who, thanks to the marathon, came to appreciate Kochi's nature, food, local society and history, expressed a stronger intention to participate in the marathon again in the future. Dr. Maeda hosted a discussion after the presentation.

Dr. Maeda said, "I am very honored to have received this prestigious award. I would like to thank the members of the Kochi Ryoma Marathon Executive Committee, who offered me the opportunity conduct my research, to the professors who collaborated on it, and to the students of my lab, who supported the study. This award encourages me to continue to contribute to the community through my research."

A Kochi Sports Summit (KSS) is planned for the future. Under the theme, "How can we invigorate Kochi through sports?" KUT students from Dr. Maeda's lab, along with students from Kochi University's Faculty of Regional Collaboration and Kochi Commercial High School's Department of Sports Management, will present their research. It is expected that this kind of research activity will provide a stimulus for further regional revitalization.