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Research paper by Dr. Ito for supplementary cover of Inorganic Chemistry journal

A research paper by Dr. Akira Ito of KUT's School of Environmental Science and Engineering and collaborators was published in Celebrating the Year of the Periodic Table: Emerging Investigators in Inorganic Chemistry, the 55th issue of Inorganic Chemistry, issued August 19, 2019. The paper featured on the issue's supplementary cover.

Dr. Ito's Laboratory for Photofunctional Chemistry is creating new materials with light absorption/luminescence properties and systems that exhibit various light functionalities--all with the aim of gaining an understanding of those materials.

The published paper, Electrochemical and Spectroscopic Behaviors of a Novel Ruthenium (II) Complex with a Six-Membered Chelate Structure, reports the use of some compounds centered on ruthenium (II) ions as light absorbers in light-energy conversion systems, with applications such as artificial photosynthesis and light-emitting agents in light-emitting devices, e.g., organic EL. To achieve these properties, a characteristic behavior called metal-ligand charge transfer (MLCT) is extremely important. Until now, only partial structures--in which a ruthenium (II) ion and four surrounding atoms form a ring structure related to MLCT--have been used.

This paper demonstrates the synthesis of a novel compound with a six-membered ring chelate structure that forms a hexagonal ring structure with ruthenium (II) ions and five peripheral atoms, and clarifies the properties of that compound. Since the compound can absorb a wider range of visible light than conventional compounds, it is expected to be adopted for use in artificial photosynthesis and dye-sensitized solar cells.