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Lecture by President Isobe on Tsunami Disaster Prevention Day

KUT President Masahiko Isobe attended the Tsunami Disaster Prevention Day event (hosted by Shikoku Regional Development Bureau), held at the Koshin Culture Hall on October 29th, 2019. He gave a lecture entitled, "Two-stage disaster prevention toward the strengthening of Japan's coastal area."

President Isobe explained tsunami, storm surges, coastal erosion and climate change, and discussed disaster prevention measures for each of those phenomena. He went on to introduce (1) "simulation of tsunami damage and countermeasures, both on two levels" which he initially proposed when he was a member of the Central Disaster Prevention Council and Expert Examination Committee in 2011; and (2) the "triple-protection" application of the simulation, which is under construction at Kochi Port (President Isobe is Chair of the Committee for Studying Countermeasures for Earthquake and Tsunami Protection at Kochi Port).

One participant said, "I think that the idea of two-stage disaster prevention is an effective approach to disaster prevention and mitigation. The measures taken by Kochi City against level 2 tsunamis will be an urgent issue in the future."

The day before the lecture, the Shikoku Regional Development Bureau offered a tour of the construction sites at Kochi new port; some coastal work; and a large work boat used for marine construction. The tour was aimed at attracting student interest in the civil engineering industry. Sixteen students from KUT's School of Systems Engineering participated in the tour.

Officials from the Shikoku Regional Development Bureau gave the students an explanation of their projects and an outline of the restoration of Kochi Port as they rode the bus to the venues: Number 1 Ryuo Maru, a large-scale marine work vessel used for offshore construction; and the site of the second line embankment, one element of the triple-protection at Kochi Port mentioned in President Isobe's October 29 lecture. The participants were visibly overwhelmed by the scale of the works at the sites.

The students asked questions eagerly at each tour site, and the on-site personnel, visibly impressed by the students' enthusiasm, answered all questions in detail.
One student who participated in the tour said, "I joined this tour to expand my knowledge by seeing various projects. It was good experience for me to actually see that a number of projects are progressing in areas that I didn't know about. I was surprised to learn that not only is the term caisson used in disaster prevention, but also it has significant use in international tourism, as in the infrastructure for receiving large tour boats."