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Higher education officials from China's Anhui Province visited KUT for the promotion of research cooperation and student exchange

On December 19, 2019, commemorating 25 years of friendship ties between Kochi Prefecture and Anhui Province in China, higher education officials from Anhui Province came to Kochi and paid a courtesy visit to KUT President Masahiko Isobe.

The four members of the delegation were Mr. Lang Xiangjun, Director of Higher Education Center, Anhui Ministry of Education; Mr. Ding Kewei, Vice President of Anhui University of Architecture; Professor Tang Qianyou of the Department of Foreign Languages at Anhui University; and Mr. Nie Xin, Anhui University Secretary for International Exchange and Collaboration.

President Isobe made a request of the delegation, saying, "I would like you to encourage excellent Chinese students to actively apply for the KUT Doctoral Program Scholarship Program (SSP)."
In response, Director Lang said, "We will introduce this attractive program to many Chinese students. Anhui Province is undergoing development with high-tech industries such as semiconductors and AI technology. We want to promote human and technical exchanges with Kochi Prefecture under our established friendship."

After the campus tour, the delegation visited KUT's clean room, intelligent robotics lab and concrete lab, and listened attentively to explanations by Prof. Chaoyang Li, Prof. Shuoyu Wang and Prof. Masahiro Ouchi, all of the School of Systems Engineering. Professor Tang had a chance to reconnect with Kohei Irie (third year undergraduate in the School of Systems Engineering), who was a member of Kochi Prefecture's friendship delegation to Hefei in November of 2019.

Anhui University, one of China's four major science education bases, signed an inter-university agreement with KUT in October 2012. Located in Hefei City, Anhui Province, Anhui U. has 37,000 students. Its national priority subjects include Chinese literature and computer applications technology.

Anhui University of Architecture, which also has 37,000 students, is a key regional university located in Hefei City. It is called the "cradle for Chinese architects" and is famous for its civil engineering, construction and environmental planning programs.