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KUT group publishes a paper in Wiley's ChemistryViews

A research paper by researchers including Mao Arita (2nd year Chemistry Course master's student), and Assistant Professor Soichi Yokoyama and Professor Nagatoshi Nishiwaki of the School of Environmental Science and Engineering was featured as a noteworthy paper in ChemistryViews, a chemical research news site of noted publisher Wiley. The title of the paper is "Three Step Synthesis of Fully and Differently Arylated Pyridines."

Pyridine, a six-membered ring compound containing nitrogen, has a wide range of applications, including pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, dyes, optical materials, and electronic materials. However, due to pyridine's low reactivity, it is difficult to introduce a substituent, so there is a demand for the development of a simple synthesis method. In particular, only a few examples of the synthesis of pyridines with five different aromatic rings (such as benzene rings) have been reported, and those syntheses involve at least seven steps. If the method reported in this paper is used, synthesis can be performed in three simple steps including the synthesis of starting materials. In addition, by changing the starting materials, various substituents can be introduced at the desired positions, making this a highly versatile method.

Mr. Arita said, "I am glad that our research has been published in ChemistryViews and that it was recognized as a valuable paper, thanks to the advice of Prof. Nishiwaki and Assistant Prof. Yokoyama. Since I'm going to work as a researcher for a chemical company in the future, I hope to make use of the skills and knowledge I have acquired through my research."

ChemistryViews can be viewed here.