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President Kuca of University of Hradec Králové (Czech Republic) visits KUT for strategic partner talks

KUT and the University of Hradec Králové of the Czech Republic concluded an inter-university exchange agreement in July 2017, after concluding an inter-faculty agreement. Every year, a number of KUT undergraduate, graduate, and SSP students visit the University of Hradec Králové for short-term study abroad, and some Czech researchers, special research students and internship students visit KUT.

The University of Hradec Králové, located 100 km east of Prague, the capital of Czech Republic, was founded in 1959 and has 6,400 students and 600 faculty members in four faculties: science, information science and management, philosophy, and pedagogy.

Four delegates from the University of Hradec Králové visited KUT on January 7, 2020: President Kamil Kuca, Prof. Jan Kriz, Dean of Faculty of Science, Prof. Richard Cimla, Director of the Advanced Technology Center, and Professor of Science Filip Studnicka. After they visited KUT's Kami and Eikokuji campuses and toured some labs, the delegation had a meeting with President Isobe to promote the deepening of academic exchange and student exchange, with the aim of developing a strategic partnership between the two universities.

KUT participants in the meeting were President Isobe; Professors Takuju Zen, Kazuya Kobiro, Masanori Hamamura and Shinichiro Sakikawa; and Mr. Kensaku Kubo, Section Chief of the International Relations Section. President Isobe launched the meeting, saying, "First, we are grateful that our Japanese students are experiencing success in exchanges with the University of Hradec Králové. We hope to further collaborate in many shared fields and promote researcher and student exchanges."

In response, President Kuca said, "We are currently interacting with nearly 300 universities around the world. Among them, we would like to select five to ten priority universities and make them strategic partners. In addition to student exchanges with Kochi University of Technology, we would like to invite faculty members and co-authors of academic papers." It was also mentioned that the University of Hradec Králové holds a 30-day English-based summer school in each faculty every year, and the delegation was encouraging KUT students to participate.

The Czech delegation also visited the Laboratory for Functional Nanomaterials (Associate Professor Masataka Ohtani), the Center for Nanotechnology, Laboratory for Photofunctional Chemistry (Assistant Professor Akitaka Ito) and KUT International House. They were impressed by the good research environment and the campus and its rich natural surroundings.