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Assistant Professor Hayashi's research paper selected by a chemistry journal as its inside front cover

Assistant Professor Shotaro Hayashi's (Research Center for Molecular Design, School of Environmental Science and Engineering) research paper has been selected by Chemical Communications published by the Royal Society of Chemistry as its Inside Front Cover.

Inside front cover.png

The published paper is titled "Dipyridinoarsole: a new class of stable and modifiable heteroatom-bridged bipyridines." Bipyridine molecules can be used as the building blocks*1 of functional organic materials. As such, the synthetic modification and conversion of these skeletal structures are important processes. This research was conducted in collaboration with Kyoto Institute of Technology (Naka/Imoto Group) to develop bipyridines containing arsenic atoms and evaluate their structure and physical properties. Although arsenic is commonly regarded as a toxic substance, its incorporation into an organic skeletal structure transforms the resulting molecule into one with attractive chemical and physical properties. This research has demonstrated the novel potential of arsenic-based organic compounds to partially serve as the skeleton of optoelectronic functional materials.

*Building blocks:Organic molecular tools that can be converted into target organic materials

Chemical Communications is here.