2020.10. 5About KUT

Welcome event for new international students was held

On Wednesday, September 30th, an event was held on the Kami campus to welcome three new international students.


After a welcome address by Prof. Chaoyang Li, chair of the International Relations Center, the three international students gave presentations about their home countries. The audience was visibly engaged by descriptions of South Sudan, Egypt and China, accompanied by photographs of cuisine, cultural elements and famous places. It was a great learning opportunity for everyone. After the talks, everyone had a good time playing Kochi bingo, and the new students had a chance to start learning about various cultural aspects of Kochi. These three new students had been studying in other parts of Japan, so they were able to enroll in KUT as planned, but many of those accepted as KUT international students are not yet permitted to travel to Japan. The International Relations Center is planning online exchange activities for those students.