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Florida International University Students Studying Abroad

Six undergraduate students from Florida International University, which has an exchange agreement with our university, are visiting for around two months from June 6th and are hard at work on research activities together with our students under the guidance of professors from School of Systems Engineering. These activities are being implemented as a part of the KUT-FIU collaborative human resource nurturing project, "US-Japan Collaborative Research and Education Effort for Synthesis and Applications of Functional Nanomaterials"*.

Florida International University is a public university that was established in 1965 in Miami, a major city in the State of Florida. The university has over 50,000 students and is one of the largest universities in the United States of America. In April 2022, our university signed the Agreement on Academic Cooperation with Florida International University with the goal of supplementing each other's superior research, developing research together, and facilitating both academic and collaborative research activities between faculty, researchers, and students.

Six students are experiencing research under the supervision of three professors: Professor Akimitsu Hatta, who researches the ultraviolet absorption spectrometry of plasma treated wastewater in School of Systems Engineering; Professor Chaoyang Li, who uses new methods to manufacture one-dimensional nanostructures, such as nanoparticles and nanorods, using oxide semiconductor materials; and Professor Hiroshi Furuta, who researches photonic metamaterials that use the electronic and optical properties that are attributable to the structure and size of nanoscale materials. The fruits of the students' research are scheduled to be presented at an academic conference in Japan.


In addition to research activities, they learn Japanese, participate in open classes at local middle schools, exchange opinions on how it is to live in the area as a foreigner. To get in touch with Japanese culture, the students have also visited Ino Town Paper Museum and tried a hands-on experience of paper making together with Japanese students, wrote their wishes on tanzaku strips of paper on the night of Tanabata Festival, tried on yukata, and taken part in exchange with the community and current students.



At present, Kochi University of Technology has international academic exchange agreements with 59 universities and institutes in 19 countries, including Florida International University, and actively conducts international exchange activities, such as taking in 56 foreign international students.

*This project has been adopted as the FY 2021 The International Research Experiences for Students (IRES) program by the US National Science Foundation (NSF).