Faculty Members


HATTA, Akimitsu

Dr. (Eng.), Osaka University, Japan, 1996

  • Year of birth: 1963
  • Gender: Male
  • Job titles:
    - Vice Dean, School of Systems Engineering
    - Head, Electronic and Photonic Systems Engineering Course
    - Head, Center for Nanotechnology
  • Affiliation:
    - School of Systems Engineering
    - Electronic and Photonic Systems Engineering Course, Department of Engineering, Graduate School of Enginering
    - Center for Nanotechnology, Research Institute
    - Laboratory for Structural Nanochemistry, Research Institute
  • Personal web site: http://www.ele.kochi-tech.ac.jp/ahatta/index.html
Areas of specialization Plasma Science and Engineering
Electric and Electronic Material
Energy and Environmental Education
Laboratory/research office Plasma Engineering Laboratory
Non-equilibrium discharge plasma, in which electron temperature easily exceeds several tens of thousands degrees, occurs in many phenomena, for example, natural lightning and discharge lamps. In plasma phase, matter is in a highly excited state and/or highly reactive condition, and so can induce active chemical reactions and/or intense light emission. We are working to create plasma application technologies through our studies of (a) production and control of discharge plasma in an atmospheric environment, in water and in reactive gases; and (b) analysis of fabricated thin films and reactive chemical species.
Current reseach topics UV Absorption Spectroscopy of Plasma Activated Water Elemental Analysis on Sea Water at High Pressure by Micro-discharge Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy Bike-Dynamo: Human Power Generator Improvement of Micro-Hydroelectric Generator in Funaire Primary School
Educational background 1989: Master, Kyoto University, Japan
1987: Bachelor, Kyoto University, Japan
Professional background 1992-1998: Research Associate, Department of Electrical Engineering, Osaka University
Academic societies Japan Sciety of Applied Physics
Institute of Electrical Engineering of Japan
Illuminating Engineering Institute of japan
Japan Association of Energy and Environmental Education
The Institute of Electrostatics Japan

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* Courses provided in English are shown with (E) mark

Undergraduate school
  • Principles of Electric Circuits
  • Basic Experiments in System Engineering
  • Energy Resource Engineering
  • Alternating Current Circuit
  • Industrial Tours
  • Introduction to Electric Power Systems
  • Outline of Engineering
  • Graduation Thesis
  • Electric Machines
  • Electrical Installation and Information Facilities in Building
Graduate school
  • Seminar 1
  • Seminar 2
  • Advanced Seminar 1
  • Advanced Seminar 2
  • Individual Work for Graduate
  • Advanced Applied Mathematics II

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Research activities

Research papers
  1. Authors: Endre J Szili, Jun-Seok Oh, Hideo Fukuhara, Rishabh Bhatia, Nishtha Gaur, Cuong K Nguyen, Sung-Ha Hong, Satsuki Ito, Kohtaroh Ogawa, Chiaki Kawada, Taro Shuin, Masayuki Tsuda, Mutsuo Furihata, Atsushi Kurabayashi, Hiroshi Furuta, Masafumi Ito, Keiji Inoue, Akimitsu Hatta, Robert D Short
    Title: Modelling the helium plasma jet delivery of reactive species into a 3D cancer tumour
    Journal: Plasma Sources Sci. Technol., Vol. 27, p. 014001, IOP Publishing
    Year: 2017
  2. Authors: Jun-Seok Oh, Endre J. Szili, Kotaro Ogawa, Robert D. Short, Masafumi Ito, Hiroshi Furuta, Akimitsu Hatta
    Title: UV–vis spectroscopy study of plasma-activated water: Dependence of the chemical composition on plasma exposure time and treatment distance
    Journal: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 57, No. 1, p. 0102B9, IOP Publishing
    Year: 2017
  3. Authors: Vladislav Gamaleev, Hiroshi Furuta, Akimitsu Hatta
    Title: Detection of metal contaminants in seawater by spectral analysis of microarc discharge
    Journal: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 57, No. 1, p. 0102B8, IOP Publishing
    Year: 2017
  4. Authors: Khanit Matra, Hiroshi Furuta, Akimitsu Hatta
    Title: DC Microplasma Jet for Local a:C-H Deposition Operated in SEM Chamber
    Journal: Micromachines, Vol. 8, No. 7, p. 211, MDPI
    Year: 2017
  5. Authors: Duriyasart Farkfun, Masataka Ohtani, Jun-Seok Oh, Akimitsu Hatta, Kazuya Kobiro
    Title: A new approach to surface activation of porous nanomaterials using non-thermal helium atmospheric pressure plasma jet treatment
    Journal: Chem. Commun., Vol. 53, pp. 6704-6707, Royal Society of Chemistry
    Year: 2017
  6. Authors: Vladislav Gamaleev, Jun-Seok Oh, Hiroshi Furuta, Akimitsu Hatta
    Title: Investigation of Effect of Needle Electrode Configuration on Microplasma Discharge Process in Sea Water
    Journal: IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, Vol. 45, No. 4, pp. 754-760, IEEE
    Year: 2017
  7. Authors: Jun-Seok Oh, Shinya Kojima, Minoru Sasaki, Akimitsu Hatta, Shinya Kumagai
    Title: Plasma cell treatment device Plasma-on-Chip: Monitoring plasma generated reactive species in microwells
    Journal: Scientific Reports, Vol. 7, pp. 41953-1-41953-11, Nature Publishing Group
    Year: 2017
  8. Authors: Jun-Seok OH, Xanthe Strudwick, Robert D. Short, Kohtaroh Ogawa, HATTA Akimitsu, FURUTA Hiroshi, Nishtha Gaur, Sung-Ha Hong, Allison J. Cowin, Hideo Fukuhara, Keiji Inoue, Masafumi Ito, Christine Charles, Roderick W. Boswell, James W. Bradley, David B. Graves, Endre J. Szili
    Title: How plasma induced oxidation, oxygenation, and de-oxygenation influences viability of skin cells
    Journal: Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 109, No. 20, pp. 203701-1-203701-5, American Institute of Physics
    Year: 2016
  9. Authors: OH Jun-Seok, Hideki Yajima, Keiya Hashida, Tsunehisa Ono, Tatsuo Ishijima, Izumi Serizawa, FURUTA Hiroshi, HATTA Akimitsu
    Title: In-situ uv absorption spectroscopy for observing dissolved ozone in water
    Journal: Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology, Vol. 29, No. 3, pp. 427-432, The Society of Photopolymer Science and Technology
    Year: 2016
  10. Authors: OH Jun-Seok OH, Endre J Szili, Nishtha Gaur, Sung-Ha Hong, FURUTA Hiroshi, Hirofumi Kurita, Akira Mizuno, HATTA Akimitsu, Robert D Short
    Title: How to assess the plasma delivery of RONS into tissue fluid and tissue
    Journal: Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Vol. 49, No. 30, pp. 304005-304017, IOP Publishing
    Year: 2016
  11. Authors: Vladislav Gamaleev, You Okamura, Kensuke Kitamura, Yuusuke Hashimoto, OH Jun-Seok, FURUTA Hiroshi, HATTA Akimitsu
    Title: Investigation of microplasma discharge in sea water for optical emission spectroscopy
    Journal: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 55, No. 752, pp. 07LC03-1-07LC03-5, IOP Publishing
    Year: 2016
  12. Authors: OH Jun-Seok, Maito Kakuta, FURUTA Hiroshi, Hiroshi Akatsuka, HATTA Akimitsu
    Title: Effect of plasma jet diameter on the efficiency of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species generation in water
    Journal: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 55, No. 6, pp. 06HD01-1-06HD01-6, Japan Society of Applied Physics
    Year: 2016
  13. Authors: Pander Adam Michal, HATTA Akimitsu, FURUTA Hiroshi
    Title: Optimization of catalyst formation conditions for synthesis of carbon nanotubes using Taguchi method
    Journal: Applied Surface Science, Vol. 371, pp. 425-435, Elsevier
    Year: 2016
  14. Authors: OH Jun-Seok, Endre J. Szili, Satsuki Itou, Sung-Ha Hong, Nishtha Gaur, FURUTA Hiroshi, Robert D. Short, HATTA Akimitsu
    Title: Slow molecular transport of plasma-generated reactive oxygen and nitrogen species and O2 through agarose as surrogate for tissue
    Journal: Plasma Medicine, Vol. 5, No. 2-4, pp. 125-143, Begell House
    Year: 2016
  15. Authors: N. Gaur, E.J. Szili, JUN-SEOK OH, S.-H. Hong, A. Michelmore, D.B. Graves, HATTA Akimitsu, R.D. Short
    Title: Combined effect of protein and oxygen on reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in the plasma treatment of tissue
    Journal: Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 107, p. 103703, AIP Publishing
    Year: 2015
  16. Authors: JUN-SEOK OH, Endre J. Szili, Nishtha Gaur, Sung-Ha Hong, FURUTA Hiroshi, Robert D. Short, HATTA Akimitsu
    Title: In-situ UV Absorption Spectroscopy for Monitoring Transport of Plasma Reactive Species through Agarose as Surrogate for Tissue
    Journal: Journal of Photopolymer Science and Technology, Vol. 28, No. 3, pp. 439-444, The Society of Photopolymer Science and Technology
    Year: 2015
  17. Authors: Endre J Szili, JUN-SEOK OH, Sung-Ha Hong, HATTA Akimitsu, Robert D Short
    Title: Probing the transport of plasma-generated RONS in an agarose target as surrogate for real tissue: dependency on time, distance and material composition
    Journal: Journal of Physics D: Applied Physcis , Vol. 48, IOP Publishing Ltd
    Year: 2015
  18. Authors: Toru Harigai, Kouyou Iwasa, FURUTA Hiroshi, HATTA Akimitsu
    Title: Hydrophilic DLC surface induced by nanostructures formed by RF O2 plasma etching with metal micromasks
    Journal: IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science, Vol. 42, No. 12, pp. 3858-3861, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
    Year: 2014
  19. Authors: Yuuki Yasuoka, Toru Harigai, JUN-SEOK OH, FURUTA Hiroshi, HATTA Akimitsu, Tsuneo Suzuki, Hidetoshi Saitoh
    Title: Diamond-like carbon films from CO source gas by RF plasma CVD method
    Journal: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 54, IOP Science
    Year: 2014
  20. Authors: JUN-SEOK OH, FURUTA Hiroshi, HATTA Akimitsu, James W. Bradley
    Title: Investigating the effect of additional gases in an atmospheric-pressure helium plasma jet using ambient mass spectrometry
    Journal: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 54, IOP Science
    Year: 2014
  21. Authors: JUN-SEOK OH, Yoshiaki Kakuta, Yuuki Yasuoka, FURUTA Hiroshi, HATTA Akimitsu
    Title: Localized DLC etching by a non-thermal atmospheric-pressure helium plasma jet in ambient air
    Journal: Diamond Related Materials, Vol. 50, Elsevier
    Year: 2014
  22. Authors: Yuji Kusumoto, FURUTA Hiroshi, Kazuki Sekiya, Hirofumi Koji, HATTA Akimitsu
    Title: Electrical conductance behavior of thin Ni catalyst films during intermittent direct current magnetron sputtering
    Journal: J. Vac. Sci. Technol. A, Vol. 32, pp. 031502-1-031502-5, AVS: Science & Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and Processing
    Year: 2014
  23. Authors: HARIGAI Toru, IWASA Koyo, KOJI Hirofumi, NITTA Noriko, FURUTA Hiroshi, HATTA Akimitsu
    Title: Analysis on Self-Organized Formation of Nanofibers on Diamond-Like Carbon Film Surface during RF O2 Plasma Etching
    Journal: Transactions of the Materials Research Society of Japan, Vol. 38, No. 3, pp. 447-450, The Materials Research Society of Japan
    Year: 2013
  24. Authors: Tooru Harigai, Yuuki Yasuoka, NITTA Noriko, FURUTA Hiroshi, HATTA Akimitsu
    Title: X-ray reflectivity analysis on initial stage of diamond-like carbon film deposition on Si substrate by RF plasma CVD and on removal of the sub-surface layer by oxygen plasma etching
    Journal: Diamond and Related Materials, Vol. 38, pp. 36-40, Elsevier
    Year: 2013
  25. Authors: FURUTA Hiroshi, KOJI Hirofumi, KOMUKAI Takuji, HATTA Akimitsu
    Title: Long Lifetime Emission from Screen Printing Carbon Nanotubes over 45,000 Hours at 1.27 mA/cm² with 10% Duty Ratio
    Journal: Diamond and Related Materials, Vol. 35, pp. 29-35, Elsevier
    Year: 2013
  26. Authors: Khanit MATRA, Yuusuke Mizobuchi, FURUTA Hiroshi, HATTA Akimitsu
    Title: Local Sputter Etching by Micro Plasma Jet in SEM
    Journal: Vacuum, Vol. 87, pp. 132-135, Elsevier
    Year: 2013
  27. Authors: KOJI Hirofumi, FURUTA Hiroshi, SEKIYA Kazuki, NITTA Noriko, HARIGAI Tooru, HATTA Akimitsu
    Title: Increased CNT Growth Density with an Additional Thin Ni Layer on the Fe/Al Catalyst Film
    Journal: Diamond and Related Materials, Elsevier
    Year: 2013
  28. Authors: Hirofumi Kouji, Tooru Harigai, NITTA Noriko, FURUTA Hiroshi, HATTA Akimitsu
    Title: Magnetron Sputtering Deposition of Additional Ni Thin Films on the Fe/Al Multi-layered Catalyst Film for the Growth Control of Carbon Nanotubes
    Journal: Transactions of the Materials Research Society of Japan, Vol. 37, No. 4, pp. 511-514, Materials Research Society of Japan
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    Title: Pathobiological Influence of a Radiofrequency Ablation System
    Journal: Pathobiology
    Year: 2010
  31. Authors: C.Y. Li, A. Hatta
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  32. Authors: Chaoyang Li, Akimitsu Hatta
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    Title: Function of aluminum coating on fabrication of diamond nanowhiskers in radio frequency plasma etching
    Journal: Diamond and Related Materials, Vol. 15, pp. 1122-1125
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  37. Authors: Chaoyang Li, Akimitsu Hatta
    Title: Properties comparison of diamond nanowhiskers obtained from etching diamond films with different metal coatings in radio frequency plasma
    Journal: Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., Vol. 45, pp. 8378-8380
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  38. Authors: Chaoyang Li, Akimitsu Hatta
    Title: Effect of metal coating on the formation of diamond whiskers in O2 RF Plasma
    Journal: Diamond and Related Materials, Vol. 15, pp. 357-360
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  39. Authors: Chaoyang Li, HATTA Akimitsu
    Title: Preparation of diamond whiskers using Ar/O2 plasma etching
    Journal: Diamond and Related Materials, Vol. 14, pp. 1780-1783
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  40. Authors: Chaoyang Li, Hiroaki Yoshimura, Akimitsu Hatta
    Title: Fabrication of Diamond Nano-whiskers by Reactive Ion Etching
    Journal: Trans. MRS-J, Vol. 30, pp. 287-290
    Year: 2005
Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research from the Japanese government
  1. Project title: In-situ analysis of rare metal ions under deep sea by optical emission spectroscopy of discharge plasma operated in high-pressure water
    Category: Grant-in-Aid for Challenging Exploratory Research
    Project number: 26600129
    Project period: 2014/04-2016/03
    Total budget amount: 3,900,000 yen

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Social activities

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