School of Economics & Management

Management education: entering a new phase

KUT's School of Economics & Management promotes the integration of business sciences and economics. Fundamentally corporate management is supported by economic theory but this is not well recognized in university education scenarios. KUT's School of Economics & Management is rectifying this situation.

The School of Economics & Management provides system design and administration system creation techniques for addressing current challenges such as falling birth rate and aging population; environmental difficulties posed by low economic growth; climate change and environmental energy reforms, social and economic management difficulties on every level, corporate administration revision, and the creation of enterprise from a broader, multi-value view of society.

Today's students, as future innovators, must develop the capacity for new value creation. These students are expected to acquire advanced expertise in various fields including economics and business sciences, so as to be able to analyze, comprehend and integrate a variety of emergent socioeconomics issues. In that light, this School has a mandate to cultivate human resources with the advanced management capacity and wisdom required to design and manage emerging social systems.

Creation of an innovative academic field for the betterment of society

Objectives of the School of Economics & Management

The School of Economics & Management aims at the creation of innovative and integrated social sciences so as to create a better society. Our subjects of study, in addition to management related academic fields such as practical management for start-up businesses, companies and public administrations, include economics oriented academic fields with topics such as economic policy and regional policy. By utilizing to the maximum synergistic and integration effects among those fields, we aim to foster human resources with superior management capability. Furthermore, cutting edge research outcomes from fields such as psychology and biology are boldly incorporated to enhance understanding of the mechanisms of human behavior and social phenomena: those outcomes will be applied to the structuring and management of society, and as a result, it will be possible to resolve issues which were difficult to approach via the existing academic framework.
Human resources who can design and manage social systems

Educational characteristics of the School of Economics & Management

The School of Economics & Management aims to foster human resources with the ability to design social systems (creating systems of society and organizations) and management (ability to manage society or organizations) in order to identify and resolve various social and economic issues. In economics related work, students can study not only basic economics but also other fields such as experimental economics, social psychology and institutional design in an integrated manner. In addition, a new approach to understanding human behavior and economic phenomena is possible through the integration of fields such as biology and neuroscience. In management related work, courses in disciplines such as strategic management, organization theory, marketing, bookkeeping, accounting and financial theory are offered and advanced management abilities are cultivated to develop the wisdom required to utilize those disciplines and participate actively in a variety of organizations, such as companies, start-ups and public administration.

Towards first class research and education

It is said that the quality of faculty members determines the quality of university education, i.e., the quality of the education offered by a university is determined by the quality and the performance level of the faculty members in the university. How do we characterize the quality and the performance level of faculty members? One index is the way in which active research is conducted and the extent to which the research outcomes are read and quoted not only in Japan but around the world. According to the world ranking of economics research by the international organization Research Papers in Economics (RePEc), as of March 2016, the faculty of the School of Economics & Management was number 76 out of 1,131 schools in Asia (i.e. within the top 10%, along with the Faculty of Economics of Kyoto University, number 68; the Faculty of Economics of Tohoku University, number 76; the Graduate School of Public Policy at the University of Tokyo, number 79; and Osaka School of International Public Policy, number 103). Our school is number one in Asia in the field of experimental economics (we are the only Japanese university ranked for this field). Cutting edge research will lead to better education and better education will sow the seeds for even better research. Working from that principle, the School of Economics & Management aims to execute world class research towards the realization of better education, through concentrated effort by all faculty members.

Faculty members


School of Economics & Management classes are held at two campuses: Kami Campus(Kami City)and Eikokuji Campus (Kochi City). Basically all first year undergraduate classes are offered at Kami Campus, and those for second to fourth year and graduate school are provided at Eikokuji Campus.