School of Data & Innovation

Driving Digital Innovation: From Kochi to Japan and Beyond

Tackling Real-World Challenges in Kochi

The School of Data & Innovation is dedicated to nurturing integrative arts and sciences expertise through a holistic education in the core principles of various disciplines, alongside data science and management. We offer hands-on educational programs aimed at addressing real-world issues with the knowledge and skills acquired: from the outset, we implement Project-Based Learning (PBL) in partnership with local enterprises and government bodies in Kochi Prefecture. In a landscape governed by AI, our objective is to develop not just practical competencies via PBL but also the uniquely human capacity for imaginative and inventive thought. Our commitment is to foster individuals who can decipher the core meanings of emerging IT buzzwords and articulate them authentically. We aspire to cultivate talents endowed with a profound humaneness, an attribute unattainable by AI, who are equipped to architect the societal and corporate landscapes of tomorrow.

Triad of Elements Fusing Humanities with Sciences

We shape well-rounded arts and sciences professionals who possess both a technical acumen and a comprehensive societal outlook. Those proficient in leveraging next-gen ICT as tools are poised to revolutionize existing frameworks and business paradigms, excelling across diverse sectors within companies and governmental institutions.

●Business Insight
Rooted in a solid grasp of management, marketing, accounting, and finance, we instill a relentless pursuit of business excellence, coupled with a zest for tackling complex problems and generating value.

●Data Mastery
A profound comprehension of the data technologies, including ICT and machine learning, paired with a commitment to perpetual learning and adept application in an age of data plurality.

●Foresight in Next-Gen Tech
A fundamental understanding of engineering principles, complemented by an enduring dedication to mastering and deploying cutting-edge technologies.


    • AI and Data Science
    • Digital Innovation

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