Center for Structural Nanochemistry


Properties of inorganic nanoparticles of metals, metal oxides, and semiconductors with ca. 1-100 nm diameter are totally different from those of bulk materials. Much attention has been paid to the controlled synthetic methods to obtain the nanoparticles. Recently, accumulating studies on nanomaterials in many fields, such as properties, array, catalysts, and applications for living bodies, enable us to discuss the structure-properties and structure-function relationships of nanomaterials. On the other hand, we have originally developed a unique solvothermal synthetic methodology to obtain nanomaterials with specific surface nanostructures that could not be achieved by conventional methods. Our aim is to extend our synthetic technology to yield much unique nanomaterials with controlled nanosurfaces. We would like to create a new research field on basic science relating on future materials and to apply them to instrumental analysis and catalyst science.

We develop a new methodology to yield nanomaterials with precisely controlled nanosurfaces and apply the nanomaterials to the practical purposes, as follows.

  1. Demonstration and application of environmental tolerance of the nanomaterials with controlled surface nanostructures
  2. Development of highly sensitive and effective analytical methods using the surface structure controlled nanomaterials

The final goal of us is to create open-innovation from Kochi University of Technology through collaboration of industry, government, and academia with not only basic studies but practical applications.

We believe that the young generations who wish to be engineers, researchers, and educators will be grown up through our project.