Infrasound Research Laboratory


Overall objective of the laboratory

Infrasound is low frequency sound that is inaudible to the human ear. Since it is inaudible, it has not been pursued as aggressively as research and development towards the development of audio products which are more familiar to the population--although for quite some time there has been ongoing basic research on infrasound in the field of geophysics. Infrasound is generated by a large-scale natural phenomena; a possible cause of disasters, it can be transmitted in the earth's atmosphere over great distances, so it is thought that it can be used as a means of obtaining information from remote locations, and thus useful in disaster prevention. The results of infrasound research are expected to lead to superlative performance as a means of remote sensing. The objectives of this laboratory are: to carry out basic research on the nature of infrasound and on applications of the results of that research; and to accumulate knowledge towards near-future use of infrasound as a new medium for transmitting disaster prevention information. Taking advantage of the infrastructure and natural merits of Kochi Prefecture, we will create a venue for infrasound research talent to gather, and build a new research network based on repeated iterations of the cycle of deepening basic research and passing the results on to applied research, eventually achieving a global level infrasound research center.

Major research topics

A wide range of research related to infrasound, from basic science research to applied engineering research:

  1. Elucidating tsunami disaster prevention information by means of infrasound observations, and development of approaches to optimal communication
  2. Research on the measurement of earth stratosphere infrasound and propagation theory, by means of international balloon experiments
  3. Research on environmental measurement of infrasound and of audible sound generated by various phenomena
  4. Basic research towards the development of futuristic exploration equipment for planets with usable atmosphere
  5. Various other basic and applied research topics related to infrasound