Laboratory for Construction Materials in a Sustainable Society


Overall objective of the laboratory

Positioning construction materials as a technology for the resolution of social issues, we will develop new materials in cooperation with researchers in the fields of agriculture and chemistry, in a framework beyond that of civil engineering and construction.

Major research topics

Generalization of self-compacting concrete

Utilizing the latest chemical technology, we are developing technology to reduce the amount of cement required in the mixing of self-compacting concrete (which fills formworks by the action of gravity alone), and increase the proportion of sand and gravel. This study aims to make self-compacting concrete a general-purpose material, of great importance for solving the problem of labor shortages at construction sites.

Practical use of substitution-type biomass concrete

We are creating highly practical concrete materials through the use of wood combustion ash as a main component, to support the return of used concrete to the soil at the end of its lifetime. We will thus establish a material circulation cycle for concrete by using biological materials, which will lead to the solution of mineral resource supply and waste treatment problems.