Outline for Research Institute

Research Institute

The Research Institute of KUT was established to disseminate the outcomes of eminent KUT academic research to the world and thus serve as the hub of an exchange and collaboration research network for researchers around the world.

The Research Institute, established in 1999, works to provide an opportunity for outstanding researchers to develop their creative research freely, under their own responsibility. When the university became a public university corporation in 2009, the institute was drastically reorganized and its mission was redefined to focus on competition at the global cutting edge of academic research.

Currently, the institute consists of 6 Research Centers (2 units under the Center for Nanotechnology), 1 Exploratory Laboratory , 4 Focused Research Laboratories and 1 Center for Interdisciplinary Co-creation. The Exploratory Laboratory and Focused Research Labs, through concentrated investment of human resources and funding, aim to develop dynamic organization management in order to evolve as potentially independent centers in the future.

Research Centers

Research CenterHead
Advanced Robotics Research Center Prof. WANG Shuoyu
Center for Structural Nanochemistry Prof. KOBIRO Kazuya
Center for Nanotechnology Prof. FURUTA Mamoru
- Research Unit for Advanced Functional Materials and Devices Prof. FURUTA Mamoru
- Research Unit for Advanced Characterization for Future Materials Prof. FUJITA Takeshi
Research Center for Brain Communication Prof. NAKAHARA Kiyoshi
Research Center for Molecular Design Prof. NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi
Materials Design Center Prof. YAMAMOTO Tetsuya

ExploratoryLaboratory / Focused Research Laboratories
Exploratory Laboratory / Focused Research LaboratoryHead
Center for Human-Engaged Computing (CHEC) Prof. REN Xiangshi
Infrasound Research Laboratory Prof. YAMAMOTO Masa-yuki
Vision and Affective Science Integrated Research Laboratory Prof. SHINOMORI Keizo
Laboratory for Construction Materials in a Sustainable Society Prof. OUCHI Masahiro

Members for Research Institute