Faculty Members


Associate Professor

  • Year of birth: 1980
  • Gender: Male
  • Affiliation:
    - School of Systems Engineering
    - Intelligent Mechanical Systems Engineering Course, Department of Engineering, Graduate School of Enginering
    - Center for Nanotechnology, Research Institute
    - Laboratory for Unified Quantum Devices, Research Institute
    - Laboratory for Structural Nanochemistry, Research Institute
  • Personal web site: http://www.nano.kochi-tech.ac.jp/tosiyuki/index.html
Areas of specialization
Laboratory/research office Material Innovation & Sustainable Technology Laboratory
We are currently engaged in research on the physics of mist droplets; research & development of novel technology using mist droplets; research & development of novel functional thin film fabrication techniques under atmospheric pressure; thin film fabrication and property evaluation; and thin film device fabrication and characteristics evaluation.
Current reseach topics
Educational background 2008: Doctor
2005: Master
2003: Bachelor
Professional background 2012-: 
Academic societies

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Undergraduate school
  • Graduation Thesis
  • Basic Thermodynamics
  • Advanced Thermodynamics for Engineering
  • English for Engineering
  • Outline of Engineering
Graduate school
  • Applied Thermodynamics
  • Individual Work for Graduate
  • Seminar 1
  • Seminar 2
  • Seminar 3
  • Advanced Seminar 1
  • Advanced Seminar 2

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Research activities

Research papers
  1. Authors: Dang Thai Giang, Yuta Suwa, Masahito Sakamoto, Li Liu, Phimolphan Rutthongjan, Shota Sato, Tatsuya Yasuoka, Ryo Hasegawa, Toshiyuki Kawaharamura
    Title: Growth of α-Cr2O3 single crystals by mist CVD using ammonium dichromate
    Journal: Applied Physics Express, Vol. 11, p. 111101, The Japan Society of Applied Physics
    Year: 2018
  2. Authors: Giang T. Dang, Tatsuya Yasuoka, Yuki Tagashira, Toshiyasu Tadokoro, Wolfgang Theiss, Toshiyuki Kawaharamura
    Title: Bandgap engineering of α-(AlxGa1-x)2O3 by a mist chemical vapor deposition two-chamber system and verification of Vegard's Law
    Journal: Appl. Phys. Lett., Vol. 113, p. 062102
    Year: 2018
  3. Authors: Ellawala Kankanamge Chandima Pradeep, Masataka Ohtani, Kazuya Kobiro, Toshiyuki Kawaharamura
    Title: Single-step simple solvothermal synthetic approach to ultra-fine MgO nanocrystals using high-temperature and high-pressure acetonitrile
    Journal: Chem. Lett., Vol. 46, pp. 940-943
    Year: 2017
  4. Authors: KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki, Dang Thai Giang, NITTA Noriko
    Title: Atmospheric-Pressure Epitaxial Growth Technique of a Multiple Quantum Well by Mist Chemical Vapor Deposition based on Leidenfrost droplets
    Journal: Appl. Phys. Lett., Vol. 109, No. 15, AIP Publishing Journals
    Year: 2016
  5. Authors: Chandan Biswas, Zhu Ma, Xiaodan Zhu, KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki, Kang L. Wang
    Title: Atmospheric growth of hybrid ZnO thin films for inverted polymer solar cells
    Journal: Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, Vol. 157, pp. 1048-1056
    Year: 2016
  6. Authors: Giang T. Dang, Takayuki Uchida, KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki, FURUTA Mamoru, Adam R. Hyndman, Rodrigo Martinez, Shizuo Fujita, Roger J. Reeves, Martin W. Allen
    Title: Silver Oxide Schottky Contacts and Metal Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors on SnO2 thin films
    Journal: Applied Physics Express, Vol. 9, p. 041101, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
    Year: 2016
  7. Authors: Shirahata Takahiro, KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki, Fujita Shizuo, Orita Hiroyuki
    Title: Transparent conductive zinc-oxide-based films grown at low temperature by mist chemical vapor deposition
    Journal: Thin Solid Film, Vol. 597, pp. 30-38, Elsevier
    Year: 2015
  8. Authors: Xiaodan Zhu, KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki, Adam Z Stieg, Chandan Biswas, Lu Li, Zhu Ma, Mark A. Zurbuchen, Qibing Pei, Kang L Wang
    Title: Atmospheric and Aqueous Deposition of Polycrystalline Metal Oxides Using Mist-CVD for Highly Efficient Inverted Polymer Solar Cells
    Journal: Nano Letters, Vol. 15, pp. 4948-4954, American Chemical Society
    Year: 2015
  9. Authors: Giang T. Dang, KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki, FURUTA Mamoru, Martin W. Allen
    Title: Metal-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors With In–Ga–Zn–O Channel Grown by Nonvacuum-Processed Mist Chemical Vapor Deposition
    Journal: Electron Device Letters, IEEE, Vol. 36, No. 5, pp. 463-465, IEEE
    Year: 2015
  10. Authors: KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki
    Title: Physics on development of open-air atmospheric pressure thin film fabrication technique using mist droplets; control of precursor flow
    Journal: Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., Vol. 53, No. 5S1, p. 05FF08
    Year: 2014
  11. Authors: Shizuo Fujita, Kentaro Kaneko, Takumi Ikenoue, KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki, FURUTA Mamoru
    Title: Ultrasonic-assisted mist chemical vapor deposition of II-oxide and related oxide compounds
    Journal: physica status solidi (c), Vol. 11, No. 7-8, pp. 1225-1228
    Year: 2014
  12. Authors: Takayuki Uchida, KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki, Kenji Shibayama, Shizuo Fujita, Takahiro Hiramatsu, Hiroyuki Orita
    Title: Mist chemical vapor deposition of aluminum oxide thin films for rear surface passivation of crystalline silicon solar cells
    Journal: Applied Physics Express, Vol. 7, No. 2, p. 021303
    Year: 2014
  13. Authors: FURUTA Mamoru, KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki, WANGDapeng, Tatsuya Toda, HIRAO Takashi
    Title: Electrical Properties of the Thin-Film Transistor With an Indium–Gallium–Zinc Oxide Channel and an Aluminium Oxide Gate Dielectric Stack Formed by Solution-Based Atmospheric Pressure Deposition
    Journal: IEEE Electron Device Letters, Vol. 33, No. 6, pp. 851-853, IEEE
    Year: 2012
  14. Authors: KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki, Tai Jan Dan, FURUTA Mamoru
    Title: Successful Growth of Conductive Highly Crystalline Sn-Doped a-Ga2O3 Thin Films by Fine-Channel Mist Chemical Vapor Deposition
    Journal: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 51, pp. 040207-1-040207-3, Japan Society of Applied Physics 
    Year: 2012
  15. Authors: S. Shimakawa, Y. Kamada, KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki, WANGDapeng, LI Chaoyang, S. Fujita, HIRAO Takashi, FURUTA Mamoru
    Title: Photo-Leakage Current of Thin-Film Transistors with ZnO Channels Formed at Various Oxygen Partial Pressures under Visible Light Irradiation
    Journal: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 51, pp. 03CB04-1-03CB04-4, Japan Society of Applied Physics 
    Year: 2012
  16. Authors: MOMOTA Sadao, Jango Hangu, Takuya Toyonaga, Hikaru Terauchi, Kazuki Maeda, Jun Taniguchi, HIRAO Takashi, FURUTA Mamoru, KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki
    Title: Control of swelling height of Si crystal by irradiating Ar beam
    Journal: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Vol. 12, No. 1, pp. 552-556, American Scientific Publishers
    Year: 2012
  17. Authors: Tai Jan Dan, KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki, HIRAO Takashi, NITTA Noriko, TANIWAKI Masafumi
    Title: Characteristics of ZnO Wafers Implanted with 60 keV Sn+ Ions at Room Temperature and at 110 K
    Journal: AIP Conference Proceedings , Vol. 1321, pp. 270-273, American Institute of Physics
    Year: 2011
  18. Authors: Tai Jan Dan, KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki, NITTA Noriko, HIRAO Takashi, T. Yoshiie, TANIWAKI Masafumi
    Title: Photoluminescence, morphology, and structure of hydrothermal ZnO implanted at room temperature with 60 keV Sn ions
    Journal: J. Appl. Phys., Vol. 109, p. 123516
    Year: 2011
  19. Authors: H. Furuta, T. Kawaharamura, M. Furuta, K. Kawabata, T. Hirao, T. Komukai, K. Yoshihara, Y. Shimomoto, T. Oguchi
    Title: Crystal Structure Analysis of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Forests by Newly Developed Cross-Sectional XRD Measurement
    Journal: Applied Physics Express, Vol. 3, pp. 105101-1-105101-3, The Japan Society of Applied Physics
    Year: 2010
  20. Authors: H. Furuta, T. Kawaharamura, K. Kawabata, M. Furuta, T. Matsuda, C. Li, T. Hirao
    Title: High-Density Short-Height Directly Grown CNT Patterned Emitter on Glass
    Journal: e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology, Vol. 8, pp. 336-339, The Surface Science Society of Japan
    Year: 2010
  21. Authors: T. Hiramatsu, T. Matsuda, H. Furuta, H. Nitta, T. Kawaharamura, C. Li, M. Furuta, T. Hirao
    Title: Effect of Pulsed Substrate Bias on Film Properties of SiO2 Deposited by Inductively Coupled Plasma Deposition
    Journal: Japanese Journal Applied Physics, Vol. 49, pp. 03CA03-1-03CA03-4
    Year: 2010
  22. Authors: FURUTA Mamoru, T. Nakanishi, M. Kimura, T. Hiramatsu, T. Matsuda, KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki, FURUTA Hiroshi, HIRAO Takashi
    Title: Effect of Surface Treatment of Gate-insulator on Uniformity in Bottom-gate ZnO Thin-film Transistors
    Journal: Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters, Vol. 13, pp. H101-H104
    Year: 2010
  23. Authors: Chaoyang Li, Tokiyoshi Matsuda, Toshiyuki Kawaharamura, Hiroshi Furuta, Mamoru Furuta, Takahiro Hiramatsu, Takashi Hirao, Yoichiro Nakanishi, Keiji Ichi
    Title: Comparison of structural and photoluminescence properties of ZnO nano-structures influenced by gas ratio and substrate bias during radio frequency sputtering
    Journal: J. Vac. Sci. Technol. B, Vol. 28, No. 2, pp. C2B51-55
    Year: 2010
  24. Authors: Chaoyang Li, Toshiyuki Kawaharamura, Tokiyoshi Matsuda, Hiroshi Furuta, Takahiro Hiramatsu, FURUTA Mamoru, Takashi Hirao
    Title: Intense green cathodoluminescence from low-temperature-deposited ZnO film with fluted hexagonal cone nanostructures
    Journal: Appl. Phys. Express, Vol. 2, pp. 091601-091603
    Year: 2009
  25. Authors: Toshiyuki Kawaharamura, Hiroyuki Nishinaka, Shizuo Fujita
    Title: Growth of crystalline zinc oxide thin films by fine channel mist chemical vapor deposition
    Journal: Jpn. J. Appl. Phys., Vol. 47, pp. 4669-4675
    Year: 2008
  26. Authors: Toshiyuki Kawaharamura, Hiroyuki Nishinaka, Jian-Guo Lu, Yudai Kamada, Yoshio Masuda, Shizuo Fujita
    Title: Mist CVD growth of ZnO-based thin films and nanostructures
    Journal: J. Korean Physical Society, Vol. 53, pp. 2976-2980
    Year: 2008
  27. Authors: Toshiyuki Kawaharamura, Shizuo Fujita
    Title: An approach of making single crystalline zinc oxide thin film with fine channel mist chemical vapor deposition method
    Journal: Physica Stat. Sol. (c), Vol. 5, pp. 3138-3140
    Year: 2008
  28. Authors: K. Ozga, KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki, A. AliUmar, M. Oyama, K. Nouneh, A Slezak, S. Fujita, M. Piasecki, A. H. Reshak, I. V. Kityk
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    Year: 2008
  29. Authors: Hiroyuki Nishinaka, KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki, Shizuo Fujita
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    Journal: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 46, pp. 6811-6813
    Year: 2007
  30. Authors: Jian-Guo Lu, KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki, Hiroyuki Nishinaka, Yudai Kamada, Takayoshi Oshima, Shizuo Fujita
    Title: ZnO-based thin films synthesized by atmospheric pressure mist chemical vapor deposition
    Journal: Journal of Crystal Growth, Vol. 299, pp. 1-10
    Year: 2007
  31. Authors: Jian-Guo Lu, KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki, Hiroyuki Nishinaka, Shizuo Fujita
    Title: Roles of hydrogen and nitrogen in p-type doping of ZnO
    Journal: Chemical Physics Letters, Vol. 441, pp. 68-71
    Year: 2007
  32. Authors: Yudai Kamada, KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki, Hiroyuki Nishinaka, Shizuo Fujita
    Title: Fabrication of ZnO and ZnMgO thin films and UV photodetectors by mist chemical vapor deposition method
    Journal: Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc., Vol. 957, p. K07-27
    Year: 2007
  33. Authors: Yudai Kamada, KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki, Hiroyuki Nishinaka, Shizuo Fujita
    Title: Linear-source ultrasonic spray chemical vapor deposition method for fabrication of ZnMgO films and ultraviolet photodetectors
    Journal: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 45, pp. L857-L859
    Year: 2006
  34. Authors: Jian-Guo Lu, KAWAHARAMURA Toshiyuki, Hiroyuki Nishinaka, Yudai Kamada, Takayoshi Oshima, Shizuo Fujita
    Title: Carrier concentrationinduced band-gap shift in Al-doped Zn1-xMgxO thin films
    Journal: Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 89, pp. 262107_1-262107_3
    Year: 2006
Invited lectures
  1. , 2016/09/06
  2. , 2016/06/28
  3. Physics on development of open-air atmospheric pressure thin film fabrication technique using mist droplets: Control of precursor flow, The 76th JSAP Autumn Meeting, 2015, Nagoya Congress Center, Nagoya, 2015/09/15
  4. Fabrication of Functional Thin Films and Electrical Devices by Mist CVD Equipping Highly Accurate Flow Control Technology under Atmospheric Pressure, AWAD, Jeju, Korea, 2015/06/30
  1. The 37th JSAP Outstanding Paper Award, 2015, JSAP Young Scientist Award, JSAP, 2015
  2. 2014 JSAP Poster Award, The Japan Society of Applied Physics, 2014
Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research from the Japanese government
  1. Project title: Basic behavior analysis of the Leidenfrost droplet toward the functional thin film fabrication on the three-dimensional object
    Category: Grant-in-Aid for Challenging Exploratory Research
    Project number: 26630395
    Project period: 2014/04-2016/03
    Total budget amount: 4,030,000 yen
  2. Project title: Basic behavior analysis of the Leidenfrost droplet toward the functional thin film fabrication on the three-dimensional object
    Category: Grant-in-Aid for Challenging Exploratory Research
    Project number: 26630395
    Project period: 2014/04-2016/03
    Total budget amount: 4,030,000 yen

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Social activities

Committee roles
  1. Secretary of Program Committee, International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials , 2013-2016

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