Kochi Kids English Science & Craft Camp-科学&工作キャンプ- のご案内

Kochi Kids English Science & Craft Camp-科学&工作キャンプ-



September 8-9, 2018 ※Start 11:00 (Saturday). Finish 15:00 (Sunday) 


Tsukimiyama Children's Forest

※Meet at Tsukimiyama Children's Forest House 2nd floor


■9/8 (Sat)
11:00 meet & introductions (集合&紹介)
12:00 lunch (Bring own bento) (各自持参したお弁当で昼食)
13:00 hiking (ハイキング)
14:00 ~ 16:00 craft @ Kodomo no mori house, 2nd fl. (こどもの森ハウス2階で工作)
16:00 Walk to Yashi Park, swim/kayak at beach(徒歩でヤシーパークに向かい、ビーチで海水浴orカヤック)
18:00: Dinner at Masala (MASALAインドカレーレストランでディナー)
20:00 Marshmallow roast at campsite.(キャンプ場でマシュマロ焼き)

■9/9 (Sun)
9:00 ~ 11:00 English & craft activities (英語と工作体験)
12:00 lunch (reserve bento with Paul ahead of time or bring own bento) (ポール教授と事前予約するか各自持参したお弁当でランチ)
13:00 hiking, cleaning (ハイキングと片付け)
15:00 wrap up & say good bye(解散)

What to bring

* Sleeping bag & sleeping pad if staying overnight (宿泊する方は寝袋と布団)
* Water bottle & snacks (水筒とお菓子)
* Warm clothes (暖かい服)
* Swimwear (水着)
* Bring own bento lunch on Saturday 9/8(9/8 (土) (昼食分の弁当)
* Money for dinner (from 800 yen/dish) Masala Indian curry restaurant @ Yasea Park (individual orders). (夕食のためのお金(1皿800円~)。※ヤシーパークのマサラインドカレーレストランで食べます(個別注文))


Email daniels@kochi-tech.ac.jp by 9/5 if you plan to attend.
There is limited space for camping overnight, if you will camp overnight, please let me know. You are welcome to join only for the day if you don't want to camp overnight.

(参加希望の方は9/5までにポール教授へメールしてください daniels@kochi-tech.ac.jp。場所に限りがありますのでキャンプ泊するかどうかも知らせてください。キャンプ泊を希望しないで日中だけの参加も歓迎します。)

Past Information

2018 Summer>>>

IMPORTANT INFORMATION about Kids English events

Kochi University of Technology is not responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur at events. A parent or guardian must accompany each child during events.
Events are intended to bring together kids & parents who are interested in communicating in English.'Teaching' English is not the goal of this program.


共通教育教室 ポール・ダニエルズ教授

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