Prof. Koichi OKA

SSP Research Project Leader
Prof. Koichi OKA
Intelligent Mechanical Systems Engineering

Title of Dissertations by Doctoral Students from Previous Years

2021 Satoshi Maekawa Study on energy regeneration in hydraulic circuits applying principle of boost chopper

ARIHARA Hirotoshi

2019 James Lin Zero-Power Tip-Tilt Control of Magnetically Levitated Platforms by Lateral Displacement of Permanent Magnets
2018 Nami Chiramathe Flight Controller Design for Quad Tilt Wing Ariel Vehicle Using Structured H∞ Synthesis and Particle Swarm Optimization
2016 Annasiwaththa Annasi Waththege Buddhika Imantha Magnetically levitated linear slider with non-contact power supply
2016 Eizentals Peteris Picking System for Autmatic Harvesting of Sweet Pepper - Sensing and Mechanism-
2013 Kunihiko Tachibana Study on Bearingless Motor with Rectified Circuit Coil
2013 Mitsuhiro Nagahara 交通事故リスクに関連する運転特性を簡便に検出する ソフトウェア開発
2012 Bachche Shivaji Automatic Harvesting for Sweet Peppers in Greenh ouse Horticulture
2012 Phaisarn Sudwilai Non Contact Vibration Control System with Linear Actuator Using Permanent Magnet
2010 Sun Feng Magnetic Suspension Systems Using Permanent Magnet
2010 Shinsuke Kitamura Picking Robot for Sweet pepper in Greenhouse Horticulture
2006 Chen Li Development of Bearingless Motor with Rectifier Circuit
2006 Shigehisa Komatsu Fundamental Study of Positioning Mechanism for Superconductive Magnetic Levitation System Using Impact Drive
2005 Cui Tianshi Multi Degrees of Freedom Maglev System with Permanent Magnet Motion Control