Short-term Exchange Program

Application Guidelines for Exchange Program at KUT


KUT, as a host university, offers exchange programs such as "special research student" and "special non-degree Lecture student" for the students from our partner universities based on exchange agreements between the universities or departments. The term of study is one semester in principle, but it is possible to apply for up to one accademic year. If you are a student of our partner schools, and interested in applying for the exchange program, please visit the section which is in charge of the outbound program at your university. We need a nomination from your university first. If you are selected as an exchange student successfully, you are exempted from tuition fee by KUT.

Please refer to the list of our partner universities which signed up agreements for student exchange to make sure if you are eligible.

List of partner universities

【Note】You can also apply for both "special research student" and "special non-degree lecture student" at the same time if you wish to take courses for credit while you are doing research at KUT.

1. Special Research Student

We are willing to have students from our partner schools who wish to conduct their research at KUT under the exchange agreement. If you are interested in doing your research without taking courses for earning credits, you can apply for "Special Research Student". This program is ideal for the third year undergraduate students or higher including graduate students.

Applicants of special research students are required to submit the documents specifying and outlining their research to the section in charge of the outbound program at their university first. This is one of the documents for nomination from your university. (see the section "application procedure" on this page) . After KUT receives a nomination from our partner universties, we will offer some options for laboratories at KUT based on your research field.

Terms of study: One semester (up to 1 year)

Medium of instruction: English

Note: Japanese is necessary for daily communication.

【Short-term Research Support Program for International Master and Doctral Students】
If you are a master student of our partner universities with the student exchange agreements, and considering KUT's PhD program as one of your career option in future, KUT offers additional financial support when you visit KUT as a special research student. Please find more details about this program from here. Starting from this year 2024, to further enhance the appeal of our university, we will expand the eligible applicants to include doctoral students.
KUT International Relations Section (IRS) will send an application form for this support program to our counterpart at your university after nomination.

2. Special Non-degree Lecture Student

We are willing to have students from our partner schools who wish to take courses for earning credits at KUT. There are courses offered in English mainly in the field of Management and Economics. If you are interested in taking courses in other field of study, you are required to have Japanese language skill equivalent to N2 in Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). Credits are given after the requirements are fulfilled, and the credit earned in KUT can be transfered to your university.

Terms of study: One semester (up to 1 year)

Medium of instruction: English is offeres only in the field of Management and Economics

【Course offered in English】
Please refer to the list of the courses offered in English.

2024 Courses offered in English

Note: Subject to change

【Course offered in Japanese】
You are basically required language skill equivalent to N2 in Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).
Please contact us for the details.

【Japanese Language classes】
Japanese 1 (Beginning) 2 classes/week on Kami campus
Japanese 2 (Intermediate) 1 class /week on Kami campus
Japanese (Mixed-level) 1 class/week on Eikokuji campus

Credit system and grading system at KUT

Typically, students receive 2 credits for taking a 90-minute class twice a week, i.e. a total of 15 classes plus an exam in an 8 week quarter. Semester based courses are given once a week for a semester, for a total of 15 classes, also for 2 credits.

Note: Special Research Students are not given any credits for conducting research at KUT. However, we issue a "Research Completion Certificate" upon receiving a "Research Completion Report" from the student.

Grading system

Grade Evaluation GP
AA Outstanding 4
A Excellent 3
B Good 2
C Pass 1
F Fail 0

Academic calender


Application procedure for Exchange Program

The students who intend to apply for the exchange program are asked to take the steps as follows.

Step 1 Nomination from Partner Universities

Please visit the section which is in charge of the outbound program at your university and ask for a nomination. KUT expects to receive the documents from your university via e-mail as of nomination.

【Documents to be sent】

a) CV
b) Academic transcript (bachelors and masters)
c) Document(s) specifying research field and outlining the intended research plan
Note 1: c) is necessary only for Special Research Student nomination. The format is up to you. Some partner schools have designated a format. So, please ask your home university. KUT will offer some options of laboratories suitable for your field based on the submitted research outline.
Note 2: Master students who are considering to advance to KUT's PhD program can apply for "Short-term Research Support Program".
Please inform international office at your univeristy you are interested in KUT's PhD program and applying for this support program. After nomination, KUT will send you an application format through your university.

【Nomination deadline】
1) Special Non-degree Lecture Student
Spring enrollment(starting in April): end of November
Fall enrollment(starting in October): end of May

2) Special Research Student
No later than 6 months prior to the date of starting research at KUT.
* Period of research is on a month basis. The applicants can choose the peiod of research from one month up to 1 year.

Step 2 Submission of Application Documents

After the documents for nomination sent by the partner universities, KUT international relations section will review the application documents, and contact the applicant directly via e-mail. The nominated applicants will be asked to submit following application documents:

a) Application form (form 8 for Special Research Student, form 3 for Special Non-degree Lecture Student)*
b) Current Certificate of Enrollment
c) Recommendation letter from the applicant's supervisor
d) Recommendation letter from the president/head of the school, faculty or department head / director of international relations center or similar, stating specifically that the university recommends the student for the exchange program.
e) Health Certificate*
*KUT will send the form for (a) and (e) above upon request via e-mail.
f) Passport copy
g) Application for the Short Term Research Support Program for International Students
* g) is only for master students who are considering KUT's PhD program after their completion of master degree.

KUT Areas of Study / Fields of Research for Undergraduate

School of Systems Engineering (@ Kami main campus)

  • Intelligent Mechanical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Energy Engineering
  • Electoronic and Photonic Engineering
  • Architecture and Infrastructure Systems

School of Engineering Science (@Kami main campus)

  • Applied Physics
  • Functional Chemistry
  • Life and Bioinformation Science
  • Environmental and Mathematical Sciences (until 2022)
  • Chemistry (until 2022)
  • Life Science and Technology (until 2022)
  • Materials Science and Engineering (until 2022)

School of Informatics (@Kami main campus)

  • AI and Computer Science
  • Cyber Reality
  • Brain Informatics and Psychoinformatics
  • Human Related Information Technologies (until 2022)
  • Information and Media Technologies (until 2022)
  • Communications and Computing Technologies (until 2022)
  • Computer Science (until 2022)

School of Economics & Management (@Eikokuji downtown campus)

  • Human Behavioral Sciences
  • Economic and Social Design Sciences
  • Mathematical Studies in Management and Economics
  • Regional and Public System Sciencess
  • Business Management and Entrepreneur Sciences
  • International Studies in Management and Economics
  • Sports Studies in Management and Economics Note: the first year undergraduate students stuy at Kami Campus

KUT Area of Study / Field of Research for Master Course

For master course, please refer to here.



Kami Campus

Eikokuji Campus


Kami Campus

If you are going to study on Kami campus, you can stay at International House, the on-campus dormitory, if there is a vacancy.
If there is no vacancy, you will have to rent an apartment somewhere near the campus.
International Relations Section gives students assistance in finding such accommodation.

International House

Renting a Room Individually

Eikokuji Campus

For those who will study on Eikokuji campus, accommodation information is available below.

Takasone Dormitory C

Renting a Room Individually

Health insurance


Security Export Control

Kochi University of Technology(KUT)has established the Kochi University of Technology Security Export Control Regulations in accordance with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act for the purpose of contributing to the maintenance of international peace and security while giving due consideration to the sound development of academic research. KUT is implementing the appropriate security export control measures with regard to the provision of technology, export of goods, and admission of foreign nationals (international students, researchers, etc.). Should any of these regulations apply to you, there may be restrictions imposed on your desired research activities, or you may be unable to receive education at KUT. Therefore, please check with your prospective academic advisor before submitting your application. In addition, international students (all Degree-seeking Students and Visiting Students) who will be conducting educational and research activities at the university shall be required to sign a pledge at the time of enrollment.