Last updated: November 12, 2020

CSC-KUT Scholarship Program


The CSC-KUT Scholarship Program is based on an agreement between Kochi University of Technology and the China Scholarship Council (CSC). The focus of this programme is to allow selected students or staff from Chinese universities/research institutions to take a full doctoral degree program, and to allow selected Chinese PhD candidates from Chinese universities/research institutions to conduct co-supervised doctoral study at KUT in certain research fields closely related to their doctoral theses at Chinese universities/research institutes. If a selected full-time PhD students successfully completes the requirements of the designated PhD program and defends his/her dissertation at KUT, KUT will confer a PhD degree upon the student.

Since the selection is conducted by CSC and KUT, if an applicant is selected at KUT but fails to be selected at CSC, he/she will not be granted KUT student status.


A. CSC-KUT Scholarship Program ( Full-time PhD students )

B. CSC-KUT Scholarship Program ( Co-supervised Doctoral Study Students )

For the details of a program, click on the program.

Fields of Research

-Intelligent Mechanical Engineering
-Electronic and Photonic Systems Engineering
-Aerospace Engineering
-Energy Engineering
-Infrastructure Systems Engineering
-Environmental and Mathematical Sciences
-Life Science and Technology
-Materials Science and Engineering

※Medium of study : English

Support System

- English technical writing and research writing class will be given to first and second year doctoral students by a native English professor. (Full-time PhD students only)

- Japanese language class will be provided for daily conversation and grammar.

- Tutors assist new international students with academic and daily life matters.

- Many types of Japanese cultural activities will be offered seasonally.


KUT International House in Kami campus was established as multicultural on-campus accommodation for KUT students.

International students at Kami campus can enjoy this living-learning environment to develop a better understanding of Japanese culture through daily life with Japanese students if there is vacancy.

International House (Kami Campus)
Renting a room individually (Kami Campus)

Examples of monthly living expenses

Room fee (Shared kitchen) 27,500 yen
Electricity fee 2,500 yen
Food* 40,000 yen
Income tax** 2,000 yen
Resident tax** 4,000 yen
National Health Insurance tax ** 5,000 yen
Other 34,000 yen
Total Approx. 115,000 yen

Entrance fee (30,000 yen) and common service fee (15,000 yen / half year) for International House are separately required.
*Cost for one meal is about 500 yen.
**Tax amount fluctuates from year to year. (It depends on your annual income in the previous year in Japan.) The above is just an average.