Last updated: January 8, 2021

CSC-KUT Scholarship Program


The CSC-KUT Scholarship Program is based on an agreement between Kochi University of Technology and the China Scholarship Council (CSC). The focus of this programme is to allow selected students or staff from Chinese universities/research institutions to take a full doctoral degree program, and to allow selected Chinese PhD candidates from Chinese universities/research institutions to conduct co-supervised doctoral study at KUT in certain research fields closely related to their doctoral theses at Chinese universities/research institutes. If a selected full-time PhD students successfully completes the requirements of the designated PhD program and defends his/her dissertation at KUT, KUT will confer a PhD degree upon the student.

Outline in Chinese

CSC-KUT Scholarship Program online session movie in Chinese

Since the selection is conducted by CSC and KUT, if an applicant is selected at KUT but fails to be selected at CSC, he/she will not be granted KUT student status.


A. CSC-KUT Scholarship Program ( Full-time PhD students )

B. CSC-KUT Scholarship Program ( Co-supervised Doctoral Study Students )

For the details of a program, click on the program.

Fields of Research

-Intelligent Mechanical Engineering
-Electronic and Photonic Systems Engineering
-Aerospace Engineering
-Energy Engineering
-Infrastructure Systems Engineering
-Environmental and Mathematical Sciences
-Life Science and Technology
-Materials Science and Engineering

※Medium of study : English

Support System

- English technical writing and research writing class will be given to first and second year doctoral students by a native English professor. (Full-time PhD students only)

- Japanese language class will be provided for daily conversation and grammar.

- Tutors assist new international students with academic and daily life matters.

- Many types of Japanese cultural activities will be offered seasonally.


KUT International House in Kami campus was established as multicultural on-campus accommodation for KUT students.

International students at Kami campus can enjoy this living-learning environment to develop a better understanding of Japanese culture through daily life with Japanese students if there is vacancy.

International House (Kami Campus)
Renting a room individually (Kami Campus)

Examples of monthly living expenses

Room fee (Shared kitchen) 27,500 yen
Electricity fee 2,500 yen
Food* 40,000 yen
Income tax** 2,000 yen
Resident tax** 4,000 yen
National Health Insurance tax ** 5,000 yen
Other 34,000 yen
Total Approx. 115,000 yen

Entrance fee (30,000 yen) and common service fee (15,000 yen / half year) for International House are separately required.
*Cost for one meal is about 500 yen.
**Tax amount fluctuates from year to year. (It depends on your annual income in the previous year in Japan.) The above is just an average.

Important notice regarding foreign language requirement

Applicants whose foreign language proficiency does not meet any of the foreign language criteria (such as TOEFL iBT95, IELTS6.5 and WSK) set by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) may satisfy the CSC foreign language requirement by taking and passing an examination such as the English proficiency assessment provided by KUT. Please examine the CSC foreign language proficiency criteria, check whether you meet the criteria or not, and then complete the following procedure.

1. Confirmation of CSC's foreign language proficiency criteria
Please check whether or not you meet one of the foreign language criteria set by CSC, such as a CSC passing score on TOEFL iBT95, IELTS6.5 or WSK.

(1) Applicants who meet one of the criteria When you send your application documents (originals), please be sure to enclose a copy of an official document showing your score on one of the applicable English proficiency tests.
- Only applicants who have obtained the permission of a KUT faculty member can submit a formal application.
- Documents must arrive at KUT by Sunday, January 31. Documents received after that deadline will not be accepted.

(2) Applicants who do not meet any of the criteria
The KUT English test will be conducted as outlined below. Be sure to make the necessary arrangements to take the test.

Note: if you hold a CET-6(425~710), IELTS5.5~6.4 or TOEFL iBT 72~94 certificate and if your English ability is recognized as sufficient in the course of interviews with the faculty member(s) scheduled to supervise your studies, you may be exempted from the English test. If you hold CET-6(425~710), IELTS5.5~6.4 or TOEFL iBT 72~94, please submit your score sheet when you send your applications documents. Also, make sure to apply for KUT's English proficiency assessment. KUT will notify you on Feb 1st if you need to take our exam.

2 KUT English test

(1) Test schedule
February 1, 2021 (Monday) CST 18: 30 - 18: 45 Preliminary briefing session
February 2, 2021 (Tuesday) CST 18: 30-19: 30 Exam (written exam focusing on assessment of academic writing ability)
- You must attend both days. If you are not able to take the test on the scheduled day, your application will be rejected.

(2) How to apply for the exam
Please apply by January 26, 2021 by completing and submitting the application, which is available at URL:
(OFFICE 365 application form)
- An email will be sent to the address specified by the evening of Monday, February 1, 2021, so be sure to check your email by then.
- If you do not receive an email by then, please contact the International Relations Section by CST 09:00 on February 2, 2021.

(3) Important points to note regarding the exam
a) Candidates must prepare in advance: a stable network and two terminals (e.g. a PC for answering the test questions, and a mobile/tablet for monitoring).
b) The test will be conducted online (please answer the test questions from a terminal such as a laptop computer).
c)During the test, you must be connected to a second terminal for Zoom, continuously from before the test starts until after the test ends. You must set Zoom to show your head, upper body, and hands and your PC screen, viewed diagonally from behind. If we cannot confirm via the webcam that you are taking the test, or if there is some suspicion of fraudulent activity, your test will be declared invalid.
d) The full details will be announced at the preliminary briefing session.


Q. Can I apply even though my university did not participate in Project 211 or Project 985?
A. Yes, you can apply.
Note: Please be sure to also check the application qualifications set out by CSC.

Q. Is there any minimum English score requirement? Can I apply with CET-4?
A. KUT does not have a minimum requirement, so you can apply with CET-4.
However, if you do not meet CSC standards, you will be required to take KUT's own examination after your formal application is approved.
Note: Please be sure to also check the application qualifications set out by CSC.

Q. Can I apply even though the project of the faculty member I wish to work with is listed as "Not available"?
A. No, we do not accept applications in such cases. However, please try contacting your preferred academic advisor, just to be sure of the situation.

Q. What application fields (faculty members) are available?
A. Full-time PhD students are asked to search the CSC-KUT Research Project List.
Co-supervised doctoral study students are asked to search the CSC-KUT Co-supervisor List.

Q. What are the qualifications for applying?
A. Please check the eligibility criteria listed on each Guideline page.
Note: Please be sure to also check the application qualifications set out by CSC.

Q. Can I submit my application documents by email?
A. No. After you obtain permission to apply from your prospective supervisor, you must send your formal application by post.
Note: the documents must arrive at KUT by January 31, 2021.
Also note: we do not accept incomplete documentation.

Q. I sent an online pre-application request, but the faculty member did not reply to me. What should I do?
A. If a pre-application request is rejected, the faculty member may not contact the pre-applicant.

Q. I am currently in the second year of my master's course. Can I apply for full-time PhD study?
A. This recruitment is for students who can enroll in the doctoral program at KUT in October 2021 or April 2022.

Q. When are the admission periods for full-time PhD students?
A. The current recruitment is for admission in October 2021 and April 2022. (The online pre-application period is December 1, 2020 to January 15, 2021).
The admission period for doctoral programs, including SSP, is April and October each year. For the details regarding SSP, please check the web page at

Q. My research field does not match any CSC-KUT Project title.
A. Please carefully check not just the title of each project but also the project details, and search again for a project that matches your research field.

Q. What should I do if I want to correct my submitted application form or if I sent the wrong form?
A. First of all, when you are sending your online pre-application request form, please be sure to check your submission carefully before sending. You can check the details on the preview screen before you submit.

If you need to make changes or corrections and if you are contacting your preferred faculty member during the screening stage, please inform your preferred faculty member of the changes. Please make corrections to the application form in red when you resend the original.

If you are not yet at the screening stage, please resubmit your online pre-application request and notify the International Relations Section by email to that effect.
International Relations Section: international@ml.kochi-tech.ac.jp

Q. Is it okay if my master's research theme and doctoral research theme are different?
A. Yes, you can apply even if the themes are different.

Q. How much does it cost to live in Kochi?
A. Please see the examples of monthly living expenses online at

Q. What's life in Kochi like?
A. Please visit the Life in Kochi page at

Q. I haven't received a confirmation email.
A. First check your junk mail/spam folder. Also, it may not be possible to receive notice via QQ email, so we recommend that you use an email address other than QQ email.