CSC-KUT Scholarship Program Application Guidelines (Co-supervised Doctoral Study Student) 

* The CSC-KUT Scholarship Program (Co-supervised Doctoral Study Student) is only for Chinese doctoral students who meet the entry criteria set by the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC).
* Before submitting a formal application, anyone intending to apply must send a completed Online Pre-Application Request to their preferred co-supervisor at KUT via KUT's Online Pre-Application Request Form. Only individuals who have obtained the permission of their preferred co-supervisor are eligible to formally apply to the CSC-KUT Scholarship Program (Co-supervised Doctoral Study Student).
* If an applicant fails to be granted a CSC scholarship, his/her student status will be revoked.
* Your research theme at KUT shall be decided during the screening process through consultation with your co-supervisor at KUT and your supervisor in China.
* There is no brochures for the CSC-KUT Scholarship Program. You can find all necessary information and download application forms from this website.

Last updated: Feburary 28, 2024

Application Guidelines for CSC-KUT Scholarship Program (Co-supervised Doctoral Study Student)


Doctoral Program (Non-degree)
Department of Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering




Up to 10 scholarships per year


The first day of any month during the period October 2024 to December 2025


The last day of any month during the period March 2025 to November 2027

*The length of your program at KUT must be from 6 months to 24 months.


6 months to 24 months


The student must report his/her study and research achievements to the President of KUT at the end of his/her research period at KUT.


Exemption from the 10,000 yen entrance examination fee, the 50,000 yen enrollment fee, and 33,000 yen/month tuition fees

For the details of your scholarship payment from CSC, please inquire to CSC.


CSC-KUT Scholarship Program student status will be revoked in the case of behavior which is deemed inappropriate for a KUT student.



  1. Applicants must have permission from the supervisor at Chinese university/research institution before submitting Online Pre-application Request.
  2. Applicants must have permission from the preferred co-supervisor at KUT to apply for this program. (See 10.2.2 below for the details.)
  3. Applicants must hold a master's degree from an accredited institution, acquired after 18 or more years of education, comparable to the master's degree offered at KUT.
  4. Applicants must have an excellent academic record and strong bachelor's and master's degrees from reputable universities.
  5. Applicants must be enrolled in a doctoral program at a Chinese university.
  6. Applicants must meet the entry criteria set by the Chinese Scholarship Council(CSC); and must have the intention to apply for 与日本高知工科大学合作奖学金 (CSC-KUT Scholarship Program(Co-supervised Doctoral Study Student)).
  7. Applicants must have high English proficiency.


  1. Choose one preferred co-supervisor from the CSC-KUT Scholarship Program Co-supervisor List
  2. Send a completed Online Pre-Application Request to your preferred co-supervisor via KUT Online Pre-Application Request Form. The application period is from November 1, 2023 to January 31, 2024. Only one pre-application request may be sent during a given application period. We strongly recommend you to apply at your earliest convenience.
  3. You will be contacted by your preferred co-supervisor to arrange a pre-application interview interview. When requested, send an electronic file of all the required application documents (in PDF format) to your preferred co-supervisor. (We strongly recommend that you prepare all necessary application documents before you submit Pre-Application Request, so that you can response promptly when your preferred co-supervisor's requests the documents
    *Your preferred KUT co-supervisor may not contact you if your pre-application request is rejected.
    *Your reseach theme and reseach period shall be decided through consultation with your co-supervisor at KUT and your supervisor at your Chinese university.
  4. When you obtain the permission of your preferred KUT co-supervisor, submit all required documents (originals) to KUT by post. The documents must reach KUT by the deadline, February 14, 2024.

KUT Online Pre-Application Request Form for CSC-KUT Scholarship Program (Co-supervised Doctral Study Student)

List of Required Application Documents for CSC-KUT Scholarship Program (Co-supervised Doctoral Study Student)

Schedule flow Co-supervised.JPG


Only applicants who have obtained the permission of their preferred co-supervisors are eligible to submit an application with documentation to KUT. Applicants will be notified individually of admission decisions.

Note 1: KUT will place successful applicants' names on the shortlist sent to CSC.
Note 2: Applicants must complete the CSC application as requested by CSC.
Note 3: If an applicant fails to be granted a CSC scholarship, his/her student state will be revoked.


Online Pre-Application Request Period

Pre-application interview

Formal Application DeadlineNotification of Admission DecisionRegistration Deadline
November 1, 2023 - January 31, 2024

November 1, 2023- February 7, 2024

February 14, 2024

(ALL original application document must be arrived at KUT)

Beginning of March, 2024
(To be notified individually)
July 5, 2024

*Note 1: The applicants must send an Online Pre-application Request by January 31, 2024.
*Note 2: During the screening period, you will be contacted to arrange an interview and may be asked to submit to your preferred co-supervisor an electronic file (PDF) containing all the required application documents.
*Note 3: All the required documents must arrive at KUT by the deadline, February 14, 2024.


  1. If your application to KUT and CSC is successful, KUT will assist you in finding appropriate single accommodation.
    At Kami campus, you can live in the International House if there is a vacancy.
    If you wish to bring your family members and live with them in Japan, or if you wish to change your accommodation, you must initiate your own apartment rental- in any case, you will have to bear your own costs. Please wait to move into rental housing until six months have passed since your arrival in Japan and you are generally able to live in Japan without the help of others.
    International House (Kami Campus)
    Renting a room individually (Kami Campus)
  2. Newly admitted foreign doctoral students will be charged an insurance premium. (The price varies depending on the length of your stay. For example, the fee for 3 years is about 33,000 yen).
  3. Please note that KUT takes trust, truthfulness and academic integrity very seriously: we therefore expect applications to contain only true and complete information about the applicant. Applicants should be aware that KUT will take stern corrective measures (e.g., requiring payment of exempted tuition fees; e.g., expulsion from the university) against any student found to have applied with false, incomplete, or missing information, including omission or fabrication of information regarding educational background.
  4. In the event that KUT alters the system of the CSC-KUT Scholarship Program, the terms and conditions herein will be revised accordingly.
  5. Your personal information will be treated properly in accordance with KUT personal information protection policy, which is based on personal information protection laws, and it will never be used for any other purpose. For the full details of that policy, visit


All inquiries and application documents must be addressed to:
International Relations Section
Kochi University of Technology
Tosayamada, Kami City
Kochi 782-8502, JAPAN
Tel: +81-887-53-1130

13. Security Export Control

Kochi University of Technology(KUT)has established the Kochi University of Technology Security Export Control Regulations in accordance with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act for the purpose of contributing to the maintenance of international peace and security while giving due consideration to the sound development of academic research. KUT is implementing the appropriate security export control measures with regard to the provision of technology, export of goods, and admission of foreign nationals (international students, researchers, etc.). Should any of these regulations apply to you, there may be restrictions imposed on your desired research activities, or you may be unable to receive education at KUT. Therefore, please check with your prospective academic advisor before submitting your application. In addition, international students (all Degree-seeking Students and Visiting Students) who will be conducting educational and research activities at the university shall be required to sign a pledge at the time of admission.

List of Required Application for CSC-KUT Scholarship Program (Co-supervised doctoral study student)