CSC-KUT Co-supervisor List

Please find a co-supervisor whose area of specialization matches your interests and send a completed Online Pre-Application Request to the co-supervisor via Online Pre-Application Form.

Online Pre-Application Request Form for CSC-KUT Scholarship Program (Co-supervised Doctoral Study Student) CLOSED

Only applicants who have obtained the permission of their preferred co-supervisor are eligible to submit application documents. Only one pre-application request may be sent during a given application period.

(1) This co-supervisor list is only for the CSC-KUT Scholarship Program (Co-supervised Doctoral study student), not for other postgraduate programs.
(2) Before submitting your Online Pre-Application Request, you must obtain the permission to apply from your supervisor at your Chinese university/research institution.
(3) Your research theme will be decided through consultation with your co-supervisor at KUT and your supervisor at your Chinese university.

Last updated: February 1, 2024

Research FieldNameAreas of SpecializationLaboratory/Research Office
Chemistry Prof. Nagatoshi NISHIWAKI Laboratory for Photofunctional Chemistry Laboratory of Organic Synthesis
Chemistry Assist. Prof. Akitaka ITO Photochemistry
Coordination Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Laboratory for Photofunctional Chemistry
Life Science and Technology Prof. Seiji TANAKA Molecular Genetics Cell Proliferation Control Laboratory
Materials Science and Engineering Prof. Takeshi FUJITA Material Science, Electron Microscopy Microstructual Control Laboratory
Environmental and Mathematical Sciences Assoc.Prof.Sadao MOMOTA Nano Manufacturing, Atomic and Nuclear Physics, Material Physics Laboratory for Quantum Beam Science
Intelligent Mechanical Engineering Prof. Koichi OKA Automatic Control, Mechatronics Control and Mechatronics Laboratory
Intelligent Mechanical Engineering Assoc. Prof. Eiichi INAMI Nano-functional-materials/devices, Scanning probe microscopy, Single, Atom/molecule manipulation, Optical Properties of Materials, surfaces/interfaces Ultimate Nano-Processing Laboratory
Electronic and Photonic Systems Engineering Prof. Tetsuya YAMAMOTO Semiconductor Physics and Engineering and Materials Design Materials Design Center
Electronic and Photonic Systems Engineering Prof. Chaoyang LI Carbon Materials, Semiconductor Devices,Plasma Technology, Nanotechnology Radiation Transfer Laboratory
Electronic and Photonic Systems Engineering Prof. Hisao MAKINO Solid State Physics, Semiconductor Engineering Functional thin film laboratory
Electronic and Photonic Systems Engineering Assoc. Prof. Hirokazu KOBAYASHI Optical measurement and communications, nonlinear optics, quantum optics Laboratory of Light Control and Optical Network
Electronic and Photonic Systems Engineering Assoc. Prof. Yukinobu HOSHINO

Soft Computing
System on a chip
Intelligent system
Fuzzy Logic / Fuzzy Systems
FPGA design
Machine learning system
Image processing system
Embedded system
Electronic circuit

Soft Intelligent System On Chip Laboratory
Electronic and Photonic Systems Engineering Assist. Prof. LIAO Wang

VLSI, FPGA, Quantuam Error Correction

Quantum and Classical Integrated Circuit Laboratory
Informatics Prof. Xiangshi REN

Human-Computer Interaction

Human-Engaged Computing

Technology for Aging

Technology for Well-being

Lab for Human-Engaged Computing (LHEC)
Informatics Prof. Keizo SHINOMORI Vision Psychophysics, Psychoengineering, Vision Science & Technology Vision and Affective Science Integrated Research Laboratory (VASIR-L)
Informatics Prof. Kiminori MATSUZAKI Deep Learning and AI techniques for Game Informatics, Parallel Programming High-Level Programming Laboratory
Informatics Assoc. Prof. Toru KURIHARA Image measurement, optical measurement, measurement engineering Image Processing and Informatics Laboratory