Requirements when submitting electronically authenticated documents

Last updated: April 27, 2023

Policy for Electronically Authenticated Documents

As stated on our website for application documents guideline in each admission category, we basically require that applicants submit original copies of degree certificates and academic transcripts as part of their application documents. If these documents are issued in a language other than English, please provide certified English tranlations. KUT will accept copies of degree certificate, transcript, and their respective English translations, bearing the official stamp of the issuing university or a notary public.

However, the acceptance of electronically certified documents has gained worldwide recognition in recent years. For universities aiming to globalize, it has become crucial to deliberate on the adoption of such certification methods in the processing of application documents.
Kochi University of Technology accepts the submission of electronically certified degree certificates, academic transcripts, and their respective English translations, provided that the specified conditions are met.

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Requirement when submitting electronicallly authenticated documents

Since electronic certification methods may vary depending on the country or university, applicants who intend to submit electronically certified degree certificates or transcripts must provide Kochi University of Technology with reliable documentation, such as official information written in English from a trustworthy certification authority or the applicant's graduating university, explaining the electronic certification process.

However, if Kochi University of Technology cannot verify the authenticity of the electronically certified degree and transcript, or if they do not meet the University's standards, such electronic documents will not be accepted.

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