System of Schools and Majors/Minors

Engineering and Economics & Management are noteworthy in that they are significantly broad and in that they have considerably influence on each other. So that students may study flexibly in the pursuit of their objectives and interests in various fields, the KUT undergraduate program has adopted the schools and majors/minors systems.

In first year the students study the basics broadly in their own school, and in second year they study in anticipation of selecting their majors. Students in third year choose their majors from their own school and proceed to study their specialized field deeply. In addition, they can choose to study a field other than their field of specialization as a minor, and study their minor and at the same time so as to broaden their perspective.

School of Systems Engineering

  • Intelligent Mechanical Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Energy Engineering
  • Electronic and Photonic Engineering
  • Architecture and Infrastructure Systems

School of Engineering Science

  • Applied Physics
  • Functional Chemistry
  • Life and Bioinformation Science
  • Environmental and Mathematical Sciences(until enrollment in 2022)
  • Chemistry(until enrollment in 2022)
  • Life Science and Technology(until enrollment in 2022)
  • Materials Science and Engineering(until enrollment in 2022)

School of Informatics

  • AI and Computer Science
  • Cyber Reality
  • Brain Informatics and Psychoinformatics
  • Human Related Information Technologies(until enrollment in 2022)
  • Information and Media Technologies(until enrollment in 2022)
  • Communications and Computing Technologies(until enrollment in 2022)
  • Computer Science(until enrollment in 2022)

School of Data and Innovation

  • AI and Data Science
  • Digital Innovation

School of Economics & Management

  • Human Behavioral Sciences
  • Economic and Social Design Sciences
  • Mathematical Studies in Management and Economics
  • Regional and Public System Sciences
  • Business Management and Entrepreneur Sciences
  • International Studies in Management and Economics
  • Sports Studies in Management and Economics