Fundamental Principles

(1)Cultivation of human resources who can play active roles in our emerging society.

(2)Research achievements which cintribute to the future of the world.

(3)Coordination with and contribution to the local community.

Message from the President

Ever evolving into a world-class university


Since its establishment in April 1997, KUT has continuously evolved. In 2015, it became home to four schools across the sciences and humanities: the School of Systems Engineering, the School of Engineering Science, the School of Informatics, and the School of Economics & Management. In April 2024, KUT launched a new school, the School of Data and Innovation, in cooperation with the Kochi Prefectural Government. Now, KUT embraces five schools, showcasing further expansion in the scope of its educational and research fields.

With high aspirations of making KUT a world class institution through the pursuit of unique excellence, the university continues to strive to be agile and up-to-date, being one of the first to adopt advanced educational systems such as the quarter system. Furthermore, KUT will continue operations based on its solid foundation as a public university corporation.

KUT pursues an educational system ahead of its time, rooted in its educational motto of being a "university where students can grow" rather than a university to develop students. To this end, KUT has a 124-credit graduation requirement based on an "all elective system", with no compulsory courses, and emphasizes fundamental studies such as core courses for engineering. KUT's approach pursues an ideal where students can choose their own curricula according to their unique goals, allowing them to select their classes in consultation with their academic advisor. This system is possible because of the closeness between our students and faculty members. KUT also concentrates coursework within the first three periods, ensuring students can dedicate their time in the late afternoon to prepare, review, and participate in extracurricular activities. Our efforts have maintained an average employment rate of above 95% for our graduates.

Since our establishment, we have been constantly innovating, thanks to our faculty members who contribute to world-class research and education. They are truly one of KUT's greatest assets. KUT will continue to provide an unrivaled research environment and contribute to the world's future through research and advanced expertise.

We will continue to constantly evolve in response to the changing times and strive to make Kochi University of Technology a name known throughout the world.

Shigeomi Chono, President of Kochi University of Technology