Renting a Room Individually

Most students live in International House (I-House) or Takasone Dormitory C as long as there are rooms available. However, both domitories are for singles and it is not permissible to live there with your spouse or family. If you wish to live somewhere other than in those domitories (as in the case of living with your family), you are required to find an apartment by yourself, with the help of Japanese people such as your supervisor or Japanese students. KUT strongly recommends that you bring your family from your home country only after you have gotten accustomed to life in Japan (in most cases approximately after six months).

Procedure for moving out

  1. Find a place to live and make the rental arrangements.
  2. Submit a notice of leaving I-House to IRC staff at least one month before your day of leaving.
  3. Inform IRC staff of your new address as soon as it's decided.
  4. Take out Comprehensive Renter's Insurance under the guidance of IRC staff, in principle. You should complete the insurance subscription procedure promptly, so that you will have insurance when you start living off-campus.
    Note: If there is a particular type of insurance required by your realtor, please consult about it with IRC staff before you subscribe to it. The staff member will determine whether two insurance policies are necessary.
  5. Complete the change of address procedure at city hall within two weeks of moving and bring your residence card with your new address entered to IRC staff.
  6. Submit a change of address notice at a post office so that your mail will be forwarded to your new address officially recorded on it. This service lasts only for one year, so please make sure to change your address for all communications about necessary matters such as your credit card within one year.

    The details regarding changing your address at a post office can be found at:

Approximate costs related to renting an apartment

Average monthly rent of an apartment around the Kami Campus

1LDK (one bedroom, one living/dining kitchen): around \40,000 - \55,000
2DK (two bedrooms, one dining kitchen): around \ 50,000 - \70,000
2LDK (two bedrooms, one living/dining kitchen): around \60,000 and up


  • You need to pay deposits totaling three months rent, some non-refundable, in addition to your monthly rent and fire insurance (approximately \25,000) at the time of signing your rental contract.
  • In general, rooms are not furnished, so you will need to purchase your own furniture and appliances.