When You Need to Go to a Hospital

Hospitals with English speaking staff

You can search for hospitals with English speaking staff in Kochi at the following website:

Kochi Iryo Net: http://www.kochi-iryo.net/

Even in hospitals with English speaking staff, however, not so many of the staff speak English, so it is recommended to go with a person who speaks Japanese for communication support. If your illness is not urgent or serious, you can ask an I-House advisor to go with you to the hospital.

Holiday and night clinic information

Students living in Kami City who need to go to a hospital at night or on a holiday should check the following website:


Students living in I-House who need the help of the staff at night or on a holiday should call the management company, stating their name and room number.


Students staying at KUT for three month or longer are required to join Japan's National Health Insurance. You will be issued a National Health Insurance card when you complete the registration procedure after you arrive in Japan. If you submit your card to the cashier at the hospital, you will pay 30% of your medical fees and the Japanese government will pay 70%. Those staying in Japan for three months or longer who are eligible for National Health Insurance are also required to subscribe to the Comprehensive Insurance for Students Lives Coupled with PAS for International Students. With that insurance, students can later claim the 30% medical cost that they paid from the insurance company. The details of the claim procedure are here.


To call an ambulance in an emergency, please call 119.
You should say, "Kyukyu desu. Kochikokadaigaku International House ni kitekudasai" ("It's an emergency, Please come to KUT I-House.") and state your name and room number.