Procedure for Application to Renew Pension Contribution Exemption

By law all people who are registered residents of Japan and of age 20 to 59, irrespective of their nationality, must join the National Pension system and must pay pension contributions. This system is designed to provide support for the whole of society through an intergenerational support mechanism, and to provide old-age pensions after a certain age. In addition, the system provides disability pensions for pension contributors when they have unexpected incidents causing financial difficulties.

However, students are exempt from paying pension contributions for their first year in Japan (April 1st to March 31st). After that it is necessary to extend the term of pension contribution exemption every year. Those who are exempted will receive a postcard from the city office in March or April of each year (see the sample postcard below). When you receive a postcard like this, please fill in the form as in the sample image, and post it by the deadline indicated on the postcard. If you have difficulty filling in the form, please feel free to ask KUT staff.

<Image of a sample postcard for extending the term of pension contribution exemption>