When You Go Abroad

What you must do before departure

When you go abroad, whether for a university-related activity or for personal business, please be sure to complete the following procedures before you leave Japan.

(1) Obtain in advance security information about the country you will visit from your country's embassy or consulate office.

(2) In the case of going abroad for university-related activity, please carefully read "Items subject to consent" in Pledge for overseas travel, print the two pages onto one sheet back-to-back and sign a "Pledge for overseas travel" to indicate your consent.

(3) Obtain adequate information necessary for travel in the country you will visit and avoid risks by reading Preparations for Traveling Abroad  carefully as part of your preparation. You must understand this fundamental rule of travel abroad: You are responsible for your own safety.

(4) Take out overseas travel insurance

-In the case of traveling abroad for university-related activity including study, research or extracurricular activity, please submit a Notification of overseas travel along with supporting documents. You must pay for the desiganted travel insurance by KUT before the designated date. Please carefully read the details below.

(5) In the case of travelling abroad for a visit home or for other personal business, please submit a Notification of temporary leave.docx. You need the signature of your advisor on it.

(6) If you are a SSP student and your total travelling period for private reasons exceeds 4 weeks per fiscal year, or if you conduct research project work outside the university, you need to get the signature of the chair of International Relations Center on a Notification of temporary leave.

(7) If the content of your trip is eligible for travel expense subsidy (e.g., presenting at an overseas international academic conference), please also submit an application for subsidy for travelling abroad, as detailed below. If your point of departure/point of return is not Kochi, or if you will pass through another location for personal business, please inform to a KUT staff member in advance, as other documentation must be prepared when you book your air ticket.

Application procedure for KUT insurance

KUT has a contract for comprehensive insurance with Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Company, Limited for use by students who travel abroad for university-related activities (education, research, or off-campus activities). At least 2 weeks before departure, students should submit the following documents to KUT staff.

Documents required when applying for KUT insurance

(1) Itinerary (copy of e-ticket)
(2) Accommodation information (name, address, telephone number)
(3) Emergency contact list 1 2.pptx
(4) Copy of your passport's identification page
(5) Notification of overseas travel

Documents that must be obtained before departing for travel abroad

In the case of traveling abroad for university-related activity, please obtain the following items before departure.

(1) Overseas travel insurance certificate (certificate for the insured person)
(2) List of the items covered by KUT insurance
(3) A set of overseas travel handbooks
(4) Overseas risk management support desk contact card

Application for subsidy for overseas travel

When students travel overseas, they can apply for the following subsidiy offered by the International Relations Center. For the details, please inquire with KUT staff. All applications must be submitted at least two weeks before departure. This subsidy is offered only once per student per academic year.

If your point of departure/point of return is not Kochi or if you will pass through another location for personal business, the preparation of other documentation is necessary at the time of booking your air ticket. Please inquire to KUT staff.

Subsidy for overseas travel for presenting at an international conference

A KUT student making a presentation in English (oral/poster) at an international academic conference held outside Japan can get half of their travel expenses (to a maximum of 50,000 yen). KUT international students making presentations in their home country are not eligible to apply.

※Students who receive this subsidy are required to cooperate in SSP PR activities (see the last page of "Preparations for travel abroad: Risk management for students")

Documents that must be submitted when applying

Application for Travel Subsidies to give a Presenation at an International Academic Conference.docx

- After completing the form, please submit it to your supervisor and follow the instruction mentioned in the form.