Free Shuttle Bus Timetable

As of October 1st, 2021

Kami Campus Akebono Value Eikokuji Campus Eikokuji Campus Akebono Value Kami Campus
8:10 8:20 9:00 9:30 N/A 10:20
11:30 11:40 12:15 12:35 N/A 13:20
12:35 12:45 13:20 13:45 14:20 14:30
13:45 13:55 14:30 15:20 15:55 16:05
15:20 15:30 16:05 17:00 17:35 17:45
17:00 17:10 17:45 18:25 19:00 19:10
18:35 18:45 19:20 19:40 20:15 20:25
19:30 19:40 20:15 20:30 21:05 21:15
21:30 21:40 22:15 22:30 23:05 23:15

*Arrival times shown here are scheduled times. Due to reasons beyond its control, the bus service may run behind the schedules.
*Because of the limited seating, when the number of passengers reach the limit (19), we will close accpeting.
*Check your body temperature is under 37.5 degree Celsius.
*Sanitize your hands before getting on the bus.
*Wear a mask.
*Refrain from talking on the bus.


①Supporting for extracurricular activities

②Promoting student exchanges

③Spporting to study in another campus

Who can use this service

①KUT students

②KUT faculty

③People involved in KUT's educational and research activities

Places for departure / arrival

Kami Campus: East gate bus rotary, west gate bus stop(Only the first bus of the day will stop at this bus stop)→Map

Eikokuji Campus: West side bus rotary of the Education and Research Building

Akebono Value: parking lot→Map

※1 The shuttle bus will stop at the entrance of the Akebono Value parking lot. However, the stopping place might change when there is congestion.

※2 Bus passengers are prohibited from parking their cars at Akebono Value, but cyclists may park their bicycles and motorcycles in the bicycle Akebono Value parking lot.

Days of operation for 2021 academic year

Mon-Fri with classes during following days and make up classes days

【First semester】April 19th~August 7th
【Second semester】 October 1st~February 10th
* Please tap your student ID card on the card reader when you get on the bus.