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Research Associate
IWAI Kento

Ph.D., Kyoto University, Japan, 2021

  • Year of birth: 1993
  • Gender: Male
  • Affiliation:
    - School of Engineering Science
    - School of Environmental Science and Engineering
Areas of specialization Organic synthetic chemistry
Main group chemistry
Laboratory/research office
Current research topics
Educational background 2021: Doctor, Kyoto University, Japan
2018: Master, Kochi University of Technology, Japan
2016: Bachelor, Kochi University of Technology , Japan
Professional background
Academic societies

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Undergraduate school
Graduate school

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Research activities

Research papers
  1. Authors: Reina Nonami, Yu Kishino, Tomokazu Yamasaki, Kazuya Kanemoto, IWAI Kento, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi, Kazutaka Shibatomi, Tomohiko Shirai
    Title: Cationic Iridium-Catalyzed Decarboxylation of Aromatic Carboxylic Acids
    Journal: Chemistry – An Asian Journal, pp. e202300533-4 pages
    Year: 2023
  2. Authors: Annisa Indah Reza, IWAI Kento, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi
    Title: A Study of the Correlation between the Bulkiness of peri-Substituents and the Distortion of a Naphthalene Ring
    Journal: Molecules , Vol. 28, pp. 5343-13 pages
    Year: 2023
  3. Authors: IWAI Kento, Yoshiyuki Mizuhata, Tomoya Nakamura, Masato Goto, Atsushi Wakamiya, Yuichi Shimakawa, Norihiro Tokitoh
    Title: Solid-state Chromium of Zwitterionic Triarylmethylium Salts
    Journal: European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, WILEY
    Year: 2023
  4. Authors: IWAI Kento, Rikiya Kamidate, Khimiya Wada, ASAHARA Haruyasu, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi
    Title: First Synthesis of Acylated Nitrocyclopropanes
    Journal: Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry, Vol. 19, pp. 892-900
    Year: 2023
  5. Authors: ASAHARA Haruyasu, Yurie Horikawa, IWAI Kento, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi, Kei Ohkubo
    Title: 2-Azafluorenone Derivatives: Photocatalyst for Oxygenation of Toluene via Electron Transfer and Hydrogen-Atom Transfer
    Journal: Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology, Vol. 15, pp. 100184-7 pages
    Year: 2023
  6. Authors: IWAI Kento, Noa Nishiguchi, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi
    Title: Halo-Jacobsen Rearrangement Induced by Steric Repulsion between peri-Iodo Groups
    Journal: The Journal of Organic Chemistry , Vol. 88, pp. 9409-9412
    Year: 2023
  7. Authors: IWAI Kento, Akari Hikasa, Kotaro Yoshioka, Shinki Tani, Kazuto Umezu, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi
    Title: Synthesis of Bis(functionalized) Aminals via Successive Nucleophilic Amidation and Amination
    Journal: The Journal of Organic Chemistry, Vol. 88, pp. 2207-2213
    Year: 2023
  8. Authors: Takumi Hamada, IWAI Kento, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi
    Title: Synthesis and Characterization of Multiple Functionalized Cyclohexanone Using Diels–Alder Reaction of α-Nitrocinnamate
    Journal: Reactions, Vol. 3, pp. 615-624
    Year: 2022
  9. Authors: HIRAO Shotaro, Rumi Saeki, Toru Takahashi, IWAI Kento, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi, Yasushi Ohga
    Title: Synthesis of Unsymmetrical Ketones Using Chelation-Controlled Sequential Substitution of N-Triazinylamide/Weinreb Amide by Organometallic Reagents
    Journal: ACS Omega, Vol. 7, pp. 48476-48483
    Year: 2022
  10. Authors: IWAI Kento, Nana Hatayama, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi
    Title: Simultaneous Denitrative C–C Bond Formation and Construction of Pyrazole Ring Leading to 1,1'-Diphenyl-4,4'-bipyrazole
    Journal: Heterocycles, Vol. 106, pp. 160-165
    Year: 2023
  11. Authors: IWAI Kento, Khimiya Wada, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi
    Title: Unusual Reactivities of ortho-Hydroxy-β-nitrostyrene
    Journal: Molecules, Vol. 27, pp. 4804-pp 12
    Year: 2022
  12. Authors: IWAI Kento, Yusuke Mukaijo, ASAHARA Haruyasu, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi
    Title: A New Approach to 10-Arylated 5H-Dibenzo[b,f]azepines Using syn-Selective Hydrohalogenation of Ethynylaniline
    Journal: Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, Vol. 20, pp. 5543-5550
    Year: 2022
  13. Authors: Mahiro Nakabayashi, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi, Akitaka Ito, HAYASHI Shotaro, IWAI Kento
    Title: Efficient Synthetic Method for α-Nitro-β-Dialdimine Ligands Bearing Electron-Deficient Aryl Groups
    Journal: Tetrahedron Letters, Vol. 102, pp. 153948-4 pages
    Year: 2022
  14. Authors: IWAI Kento, Khimiya Wada, Feiyue Hao, ASAHARA Haruyasu, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi
    Title: A Mechanistic Study for Aziridination of Nitroalkenes Mediated by N-Chlorosuccinimide
    Journal: Journal of Oleo Science, Vol. 71, pp. 897-903
    Year: 2022
  15. Authors: ASAHARA Haruyasu, Atsushi Bonkohara, Masaya Takagi, IWAI Kento, Akitaka Ito, Kotaro Yoshioka, Shinki Tani, Kazuto Umezu, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi
    Title: Development of Synthetic Equivalent of α,α-Dicationic Acetic Acid Leading to Unnatural Amino Acid Derivatives via Tetrafunctionalized Methanes
    Journal: Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry , Vol. 22, pp. 2282-2292
    Year: 2022
  16. Authors: IWAI Kento, Haruka Yamauchi, Soichi Yokoyama, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi
    Title: FeCl3-Promoted Facile Synthesis of Multiply Arylated Nicotinonitriles
    Journal: Synthesis, Vol. 54, pp. 2480-2486
    Year: 2022
  17. Authors: ASAHARA Haruyasu, Yusuke Mukaijo, Kengo Muragishi, IWAI Kento, Akitaka Ito, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi
    Title: Metal-Free and syn-Selective Hydrohalogenation of Alkynes through the Pseudo-Intramolecular Process
    Journal: European Journal of Organic Chemistry, pp. 5747-5755
    Year: 2021
  18. Authors: IWAI Kento, MIZUHATA Yoshiyuki, TOKITOH Norihiro
    Title: Alkali-metal Ion Centered Sandwich Structures of 4-Bromophenyl[tris(pentafluoro- phenyl)]borates and Their Synthetic Utility
    Journal: Organometallics, Vol. 40, No. 5, pp. 570-577, ACS
    Year: 2021
  19. Authors: IWAI Kento, MIZUHATA Yoshiyuki, TOKITOH Norihiro
    Title: 2,2-Bis(3,5-dimethylaminophenyl)hexamethyltrisilane
    Journal: IUCrData, Vol. 5, No. 9, p. x201299
    Year: 2020
  20. Authors: IWAI Kento, YOKOYAMA Soichi, ASAHARA Haruyasu, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi
    Title: Non-Electronic Aromatic Ring Activation by Simple Steric Repulsion between Substituents in 1-Methylquinolinium Salt System
    Journal: Bulletin of Chemical Society of Japan , Vol. 93, No. 1, pp. 50-57
    Year: 2019
  21. Authors: NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi, KUMEGAWA Yuta, IWAI Kento, YOKOYAMA Soichi
    Title: Development of Safely Handleable Synthetic Equivalent of Cyanonitrile oxide –1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition of Nitroacetonitrile
    Journal: Chemical Communication , Vol. 55, pp. 7903-7905
    Year: 2019
  22. Authors: IWAI Kento, YOKOYAMA Soichi, ASAHARA Haruyasu, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi
    Title: Phosphine Induced Dimerization of Propargyl Alcohols Leading to Allyl Propargyl Ethers
    Journal: Jornal of Oleo Science , Vol. 67, pp. 773-778
    Year: 2018
  23. Authors: IWAI Kento, YOKOYAMA Soichi, ASAHARA Haruyasu, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi
    Title: A Direct Synthesis of Trisubstituted Allenes from Propargyl Alcohols via Oxaphosphetane Intermediates
    Journal: Bulletin of Chemical Society of Japan , Vol. 91, No. 3, pp. 337-342
    Year: 2017
  24. Authors: IWAI Kento, ASAHARA Haruyasu, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi
    Title: Synthesis of Functionalized 3-Cyanoisoxazoles Using a Dianionic Rea
    Journal: Journal of Organic Chemistry , Vol. 82, No. 10, pp. 5409-5415
    Year: 2017

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Social activities

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