Faculty Members


KOBIRO, Kazuya

  • Gender: Male
  • Job titles: Head, Laboratory for Structural Nanochemistry
  • Affiliation:
    - School of Environmental Science and Engineering
    - Material and Life Systems Engineering Course, Department of Engineering, Graduate School of Enginering
    - null, Department of Engineering, Graduate School of Enginering
    - Laboratory for Structural Nanochemistry, Research Institute
    - Center for Nanotechnology, Research Institute
    - Research Center for Materials Science and Engineering, Research Institute
  • Personal web site: http://www.env.kochi-tech.ac.jp/kobiro/external/
Areas of specialization
Laboratory/research office Organic-inorganic Hybrid Material Chemistry Laboratory
Our laboratory studies the development of organic-inorganic hybrid nanomaterials (one of the most promising families of functional materials) and also high-throughput and high-efficiency synthetic methods for their synthesis. Our applied research is aimed at the development of applications of these materials in materials as catalysts, catalyst supports, photocatalysts, absorbents, storage and slow release materials, nano-ink for forgery prevention, cosmetics, and electrode materials for secondary batteries; and in processes such as drug and gene delivery.
Current reseach topics
Educational background
Professional background 1997-: 
Academic societies

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Undergraduate school
  • Seminar 2
  • Seminar 3
  • Graduation Thesis
  • Instrument Analysis
  • Chemical Experiments
  • Outline of Engineering
  • Chemical Exercise
  • Organic Chemistry 3
  • Organic Chemistry 1
Graduate school
  • Seminar 1
  • Seminar 2
  • Seminar 3
  • Seminar 4
  • Individual Work for Graduate
  • Advanced Seminar 1
  • Advanced Seminar 2
  • Advanced Materials Chemistry

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Research activities

Research papers
  1. Authors: Ellawala Kankanamge Chandima Pradeep, Masataka Ohtani, Toshiyuki Kawaharamura, Kazuya Kobiro
    Title: Single-step Simple Solvothermal Synthetic Approach to Ultra-fine MgO Nanocrystals using High-temperature and High-pressure Acetonitrile
    Journal: Chem. Lett., Vol. 46, No. 7, pp. 940-943, The Chemical Society of Japan
    Year: 2017
  2. Authors: Nguyen Thi Thu Hien, Teppei Habu, Masataka Ohtani, Kazuya Kobiro
    Title: One-step Direct Synthesis of SiO2-TiO2 Composite Nanoparticle Assemblies with a Hollow Spherical Morphology
    Journal: Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. , pp. 3017-3023
    Year: 2017
  3. Authors: Duriyasart Farkfun, Masataka Ohtani, Jun-Seok Oh, Akimitsu Hatta, Kazuya Kobiro
    Title: A new approach to surface activation of porous nanomaterials using non-thermal helium atmospheric pressure plasma jet treatment
    Journal: Chem. Commun., Vol. 53, pp. 6704-6707, Royal Society of Chemistry
    Year: 2017
  4. Authors: Masataka OHTANI, Kazutaka Takase, Pengyu WANG, Kouki HIGASHI, Kimiyoshi UENO, Nobuhiro YASUDA, Kunihisa SUGIMOTO, Mamoru FURUTA, Kazuya KOBIRO
    Title: Water-triggered macroscopic structural transformation of a metal-organic framework
    Journal: CrystEngComm, Vol. 18, pp. 1866-1870, Royal Society of Chemistry
    Year: 2016
  5. Authors: Duriyasart Farkfun, Hiromu Hamauzu, OHTANI Masataka, KOBIRO Kazuya
    Title: Three-Dimensionally Branched Titanium Dioxide with Cheek-Brush Morphology: Synthesis and its Application to Polymer Composites
    Journal: ChemistrySelect, Vol. 1, pp. 5121-5128
    Year: 2016
  6. Authors: Ellawala Kankanamge Chandima Pradeep, OHTANI Masataka, KOBIRO Kazuya
    Title: A Simple Synthetic Approach to Al2O3–TiO2 and ZnO– TiO2 Mesoporous Hollow Composite Assemblies Consisting of Homogeneously Mixed Primary Particles at the Nano Level
    Journal: Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. , pp. 5621-5627, Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA
    Year: 2015
  7. Authors: OHTANI Masataka, Yuki Okimoto, Yuya Ohishi, Wang Pengyu, KOBIRO Kazuya
    Title: Insight into alcohol reduction by saccharides and their homologues in supercritical water via aldehyde-mediated radical formation
    Journal: J. Supercritical Fluids, Elsevier
    Year: 2015
  8. Authors: Ellawala Kankanamge Chandima Pradeep, Teppei Habu, Hiroko Tohriyama, OHTANI Masataka, KOBIRO Kazuya
    Title: Ultra-simple synthetic approach to the fabrication of CeO2-ZrO2 mixed nanoparticles into homogeneous, domain, and core-shell structures in mesoporous spherical morphologies using supercritical alcohols
    Journal: J. Supercrit. Fluids, Vol. 97, pp. 217-223, Elsevier
    Year: 2015
  9. Authors: Wang Pengyu, Tohriyama Hiroko , Yokoyama Kazuya, OHTANI Masataka, ASAHARAHaruyasu, KONISHI Tomoya, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi, SHIMODA Masahiko, YAMASHITA Yoshiyuki, YOSHIKAWA Hideki, KOBIRO Kazuya
    Title: Smart Decoration of Mesoporous TiO2 Nanospheres with Noble Metal Alloy Nanoparticles into Core–Shell, Yolk–Core–Shell, and Surface-Dispersion Morphologies
    Journal: European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, Vol. 2014, pp. 4254-4257, Wiley
    Year: 2014
  10. Authors: Wang Pengyu, KOBIRO Kazuya
    Title: Synthetic versatility of nanoparticles: A new, rapid, one-pot, single-step synthetic approach to spherical mesoporous (metal) oxide nanoparticles using supercritical alcohols
    Journal: Pure and Applied Chemistry, Vol. 86, No. 5, pp. 785-800
    Year: 2014
  11. Authors: NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi, HIRAO Shotaro, SAWAYAMA Jun, ASAHARAHaruyasu, SUGIMOTORyuichi, KOBIRO Kazuya, SAIGO Kazuhiko
    Title: Synthesis of Vicinally Functionalized 1,4-Dihydropyridines and Diazabicycles via a Pseudo-Intramolecular Process
    Journal: Tetrahedron, Vol. 70, pp. 402-408
    Year: 2014
  12. Authors: ASAHARAHaruyasu, Yuki Kuribayashi, Wang Pengyu, KOBIRO Kazuya, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi
    Title: An Effect of Microwave Irradiation on Pd/SiC Catalyst for Prolonging the Catalytic Life
    Journal: Current Microwave Chemistry, Vol. 1, pp. 142-147
    Year: 2014
  13. Authors: Le Thi Song, ASAHARAHaruyasu, KOBIRO Kazuya, SUGIMOTORyuichi, SAIGO Kazuhiko, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi
    Title: Synthesis of 2-Aryl-5-nitropyridines by Three Component Ring Transformation of 3,5-Dinitro-2-pyridone
    Journal: Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry , Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 297-302, Wiley
    Year: 2014
  14. Authors: HOU Liyuan, Wang Pengyu, KONG Fantao, PARKHyun-Sun, KOBIRO Kazuya, OHAMA Takeshi
    Title: Mesoporous TiO2 nanoparticles: a new material for biolistic bombardment
    Journal: Phycol. Res, Vol. 61, pp. 58-60
    Year: 2013
  15. Authors: HOJO Masashi, OHTA Sho, AYABE Keita, OKAMURA Kei, KOBIRO Kazuya, CHEN Zhidong
    Title: Coordination ability of alkali metal or alkaline earth metal ions with aromatic dicarboxylate, sulfonate, or disulfonate ions in acetonitrile
    Journal: J. MOl. Liq., Vol. 177, pp. 145-155
    Year: 2013
  16. Authors: Wang Pengyu, Hikaru Takigawa, Kimiyoshi Ueno, Kobiro Kazuya
    Title: Versatility of One-pot, Single-step Synthetic Approach for Spherical Porous (Metal) Oxide Nanoparticles Using Supercritical Alcohols
    Journal: J. Supercrit. Fluids, Vol. 78, pp. 124-131
    Year: 2013
  17. Authors: NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi, SUGIMOTORyuichi, SAIGO Kazuhiko, KOBIRO Kazuya
    Title: Mechanistic Aspect of Ring Transformations in the Reaction of 5-Nitro-4-pyrimidinone with Acetophenone Derivatives and Cycloalkanones Depending on the Electron Density / Ring Size of the Ketone
    Journal: Tetrahedron Letters, Vol. 54, No. 8, pp. 956-959
    Year: 2013
  18. Authors: CHEN Xin, KOBIRO Kazuya, ASAHARAHaruyasu, Kakiuchi Kiyomi, SUGIMOTORyuichi, SAIGO Kazuhiko, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi
    Title: Reactive 2-Quinolones Dearomatized by Steric Repulsion between 1-Methyl and 8-Substited Groups
    Journal: Tetrahedron, Vol. 69, No. 23, pp. 4624-4630
    Year: 2013
  19. Authors: Wang Pengyu, Kazuya Yokoyama, Tomoya Konishi, Nagatoshi Nishiwaki, Kazuya Kobiro
    Title: Ultimately Simple One-pot Single-step Synthesis of Rare Earth Doped Spherical Mesoporous Metal Oxide Nanospheres with Upconversion Emission Ability in Supercritical Methanol
    Journal: J. Supercrit. Fluids, Vol. 80, pp. 71-77
    Year: 2013
  20. Authors: KOBIRO Kazuya, Kana Sumoto, Yuki Okimoto, Wang Pengyu
    Title: Saccharides as New Hydrogen Sources for One-pot and Single-step Reduction of Alcohols and Catalytic Hydrogenation of Olefins in Supercritical Water
    Journal: J. Supercrit. Fluids, Vol. 77, pp. 63-69, Elsevier
    Year: 2013
  21. Authors: Jacob Schneider, Hongfei Jia, KOBIRO Kazuya, Diane E. Cabelli, James T. Muckerman
    Title: Nickel(II) macrocycles: highly efficient electrocatalysts for the selective reduction of CO2 to CO
    Journal:  Energy Environ. Sci., Vol. 5, pp. 9502-9510, RSC Publishing
    Year: 2012
  22. Authors: Wang Pengyu, KOBIRO Kazuya
    Title: Ultimately Simple One-Pot Synthesis of Spherical Mesoporous TiO2 Nanoparticles in Supercritical Methanol
    Journal: Chem. Lett., Vol. 41, pp. 264-266
    Year: 2012
  23. Authors: NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi, KOBIRO Kazuya, HIRAO Shotaro, SAWAYAMA Jun, SAIGO Kazuhiko, ISE Yumiko, NISHIZAWA Maho, ARIGA Masahiro
    Title: One-Step Synthesis of Differently Bis-Functionalized Isoxazoles by Cycloaddition of Carbamoylnitrile Oxide with β-Keto Esters
    Journal: Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, Vol. 10, pp. 1987-1991
    Year: 2012
  24. Authors: CHEN Xin, Kana Sumoto, Tetuya Yamagami, Kazuya Yokoyama, Wang Pengyu, HIRAO Shotaro, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi, KOBIRO Kazuya
    Title: One-step and Non-catalytic Intramolecular Redox Reactions of Conjugated All E-Dienals to Non-conjugated Z-Enoic Acids in Subcritical Water
    Journal: The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, Vol. 62, pp. 178-183
    Year: 2012
  25. Authors: HIRAO Shotaro, KOBIRO Kazuya, SAWAYAMA Jun, SAIGO Kazuhiko, NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi
    Title: Ring Construction via Pseudo-Intramolecular Hydrazonation Using Bifunctional δ-Keto Nitrile
    Journal: Tetrahedron Letters, Vol. 53, No. 1, pp. 82-85
    Year: 2012
  26. Authors: Wang Pengyu, KOBIRO Kazuya
    Title: Subcritical Water Assisted Clean Cross-Aldol Reactions
    Journal: J. Chem. Eng. Jpn., Vol. 44, No. 8, pp. 577-582
    Year: 2011
  27. Authors: Taishi Wada, Masumi Yamashita, Xin Zheng, Xiaohong Hou, Kazuya Kobiro
    Title: Heteroassociation of Anions with Acidic Functionalities in Acetonitrile
    Journal: Bulletin of the Chemical Society Japan
    Year: 2011
  28. Authors: NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi, HIRAO Shotaro, SAWAYAMA Jun, SAIGO Kazuhiko, KOBIRO Kazuya
    Title: Bicyclization Involving Pseudo-Intramolecular Imination with Diamines
    Journal: Chemical Communications, Vol. 47, pp. 4938-4940
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  29. Authors: NISHIWAKI Nagatoshi, KOBIRO Kazuya, SAWAYAMA Jun, HIRAO Shotaro, SAIGO Kazuhiko, ISE Yumiko, OKAJIMA Yoshikazu, ARIGA Masahiro
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    Journal: Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry, Vol. 9, pp. 6750-6754
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    Year: 2011
  32. Authors: Nagatoshi Nishiwaki, Kazuya Kobiro
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    Journal: Heterocycles, Vol. 81, pp. 2139-2142
    Year: 2010
  33. Authors: Pengyu Wang, Xuetang Shi, Koichi Kataoka, Yasuhide Maeda, Kazuya Kobiro
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    Journal: The Journal of Supercritical Fluids, Vol. 52, pp. 222-227
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  36. Authors: Pengyu Wang, Hiroyuki Kojima, Kazuya Kobiro, Koichi Nakahara, Toshihiko Arita, Okitsugu Kajimoto
    Title: Reaction Behavior of Secondary Alcohols in Supercritical Water
    Journal: Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan, Vol. 80, No. 9, pp. 1828-1832
    Year: 2007
  37. Authors: Xiaohong Hou, Kazuya Kobiro
    Title: 4-(N,N-Dimethylamino)benzoic Acid as A New Class of Simple Chromogenic and Fluorogenic Anion Host Exhibiting High Selectivity to HPO42- and SO42-
    Journal: Chem. Lett., Vol. 35, pp. 116-117
    Year: 2006
  38. Authors:  Xiaohong Hou, Kazuya Kobiro
    Title: Versatility of an Intermolecularly Hydrogenbonded 4-(N,N-Dimethylamino)benzoate Group as A Signaling Subunit for Anion Recognition
    Journal: Tetrahedron, Vol. 61, pp. 5866-5875
    Year: 2005
  39. Authors: Kazuya Kobiro, Yoshihisa Inoue
    Title: A New Chiral Probe for Sulfate Anion: UV, CD, Fluorescence, and NMR Spectral Studies of 1:1 and 2:1 Complex Formation and Structure of Chiral Guanidinium-p-Dimethylaminobenzote
    Journal: J. Am. Chem. Soc., Vol. 125, pp. 421-427
    Year: 2003
Keynote lectures
  1. , 2017/10/17
  2. Synthesis of Three-dimensionally Branched TiO2 Crosslinker for Hydrogel, IUPAC 12th International Confernece on Novel Materials and their Synthesis, Changsha, China, 2016/10/14
  3. , 2016/07/09
  4. , 2015/10/11
Invited lectures
  1. , 2018/08/08
  1. Latest EditorinChief’s Featured Articles, Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 2015
  2. Distinguished Award 2014 for Novel Materials and their Synthesis, International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, 2014
  1. Process for Production of Hydrogen and Carbonyl Compounds by Reacting Sub- or Super-critical Water with Alcohols, Application number 10/510,972, Publication number US200501542347(A1), Registration number US7,166,753 B2

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Social activities

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