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KOHNO, Hideo

  • Gender: Male
  • Affiliation:
    - School of Engineering Science
    - School of Environmental Science and Engineering
    - Materials Science and Engineering, Department of Engineering, Graduate School of Enginering
    - Research Unit for Advanced Characterization for Future Materials, Center for Nanotechnology, Research Institute
Areas of specialization
Laboratory/research office Research Group for Fabrication and Characterization of Nanostructures
We are investigating nanostructures, in particular inorganic materials and carbon. We focus on fabricating novel nanostructures by means of various crystal growth techniques. Utilizing advanced electron microscopy and associated experimental techniques, we reveal their formation mechanisms and properties. We are also interested in new phenomena at the nanoscale.
Current research topics
Educational background
Professional background
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Undergraduate school
  • Advanced Electromagnetism
  • Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering
  • Physics and Material Experiment
  • Graduation Thesis
  • Structure and Diffraction
  • Electromagnetism 1
Graduate school
  • Applied Material Properties 1
  • Applied Material Properties 2
  • Individual Work for Graduate
  • Seminar 1
  • Seminar 2
  • Seminar 3
  • Seminar 4
  • Crystal Growth Technology

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Research activities

Research papers
  1. Authors: Kensuke Adachi, Shogo Matsuyama, Yuki Sakai, Hideo Kohno
    Title: Kinematics of electromigration-driven sliding of Co nanorod fillers inside multi-walled carbon nanotubes
    Journal: Nanoscale Advences, RSC
    Year: 2024
  2. Authors: Haruto Hori, Hideo Kohno
    Title: In situ observation of micrometer-scaled peristaltic pumping
    Journal: Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures
    Year: 2023
  3. Authors: Masashi Kaneshige, Hideo Kohno
    Title: Spatially Resolved Probabilities of Stacking Fault Formation in SiC Nanowires for Probing Growth Conditions
    Journal: Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, Vol. 92, p. 084601
    Year: 2023
  4. Authors: Fuka Moriuchi, Hideo Kohno
    Title: Analyzing the synchronism of stacking-fault formation in side-by-side SiC nanowire pairs using the Levenshtein distance: stochastic versus deterministic processes
    Journal: Microscopy
    Year: 2022
  5. Authors: Shota Oba, Hideo Kohno
    Title: Evidence for the Leidenfrost Effect at the Nanoscale
    Journal: Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, Vol. 91, p. 123601
    Year: 2022
  6. Authors: Yuki Inoue, Hideo Kohno
    Title: Dividing distribution of Ni nanoparticles on the surfaces of collapsed multi-walled carbon nanotubes at the edges
    Journal: Applied Physics Express, Vol. 15, p. 075004
    Year: 2022
  7. Authors: Daiya Sasaki, Hideo Kohno
    Title: Dispersibility, Stability, and Size Distribution of Au and Pt Nanoparticles on the Surface of Collapsed Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
    Journal: Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, Vol. 91, p. 064801
    Year: 2022
  8. Authors: Nao Yamamoto, Hideo Kohno
    Title: Morphological stability of carbon nanotetrahedra isolated from carbon nanotetrahedron/ribbon structures
    Journal: Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, Vol. 90, p. 115001
    Year: 2021
  9. Authors: Masahiro Ishida, Takumi Tsuno, Hideo Kohno
    Title: Periodically structured stretchable bundles of carbon nanofibers
    Journal: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 60, p. 075002
    Year: 2021
  10. Authors: Masaki Okada, Daiya Sasaki, Hideo Kohno
    Title: In situ scanning electron microscopy observations of filler material transport in branched carbon microtubes by Joule heating
    Journal: Microscopy, Vol. 69, No. 5, pp. 291-297
    Year: 2020
  11. Authors: Kosuke Ichigi, Hideo Kohno
    Title: Filler material transport in and through a carbon nanotetrahedron/ribbon structure
    Journal: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 59, No. 10, p. 108001/1-3.
    Year: 2020
  12. Authors: Takayuki Kataoka, Takumi Noguchi, Hideo Kohno
    Title: Similarity analysis of stacking sequences in a SiC nanowire pair grown from the same catalyst nanoparticle using Levenshtein distance
    Journal: Microscopy, Vol. 69, No. 4, pp. 234-239
    Year: 2020
  13. Authors: Tetsushi Hayashi, Hideo Kohno
    Title: Diameter-modulated multi-walled carbon nanotubes without bamboo-like partitions: growth, structure and deformation behaviors
    Journal: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Vol. 20, No. 5, pp. 3038-3041, American Scientific Publishers
    Year: 2019
  14. Authors: Masahiro Ishida, Hideo Kohno
    Title: Enhanced growth of carbon nanotetrahedron/ribbon structures using a cobalt catalyst
    Journal: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 58, p. 028004
    Year: 2019
  15. Authors: Kohki Sasayama, Tetsushi Hayashi, Hideo Kohno
    Title: In-situ scanning electron microscopy of individual carbon nanotetrahedron/nanoribbon structures under a tensile load
    Journal: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Vol. 18, pp. 5828-5830
    Year: 2018
  16. Authors: Yuta Nagano, Hideo Kohno
    Title: Structure of junctions of multiwalled carbon nanotubes with tetragonal cross section and flattened nanotubes revealed by electron-beam tomography
    Journal: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 56, p. 110309
    Year: 2017
  17. Authors: Saeko Sutou, Hideo Kohno
    Title: Stability of carbon nanotetrahedron/nanoribbon structures under electron irradiation
    Journal: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Vol. 17, No. 8, pp. 5856-5859
    Year: 2017
  18. Authors: Tetsuya Uchiyama, Hideto Yoshida, Naoto Kamiuchi, KOHNO Hideo, Seiji Takeda
    Title: Revealing the heterogeneous contamination process in metal nanoparticulate catalysts in CO gas without purification by in situ environmental transmission electron microscopy
    Journal: Microscopy, Vol. 65, pp. 522-526
    Year: 2016
  19. Authors: Ayumi Yamauchi, KOHNO Hideo
    Title: Verification of Mechanism for the Formation of Carbon Nanotetrahedra using Electron Beam Tomography
    Journal: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Vol. 17, pp. 842-845
    Year: 2016
  20. Authors: Kanako Mizutani, KOHNO Hideo
    Title: Multi-walled carbon nanotubes with rectangular or square cross-section
    Journal: Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 108, p. 263112
    Year: 2016
  21. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, Y. Masuda, NITTA Noriko
    Title: Formation and Structure of Bundles of Flattened Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes with Paisley-Shaped Pleats
    Journal: Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Letters, Vol. 7, pp. 675-678
    Year: 2015
  22. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, Yusuke Masuda
    Title: In situ transmission electron microscopy of individual carbon nanotetrahedron/ribbon structures in bending
    Journal: Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 106, p. 193103
    Year: 2015
  23. Authors: Takayuki Hasegawa, D. J. Arenas, KOHNO Hideo
    Title: Multi-walled carbon nanotube growth in multi-walled carbon nanotubes by chemical vapor deposition
    Journal: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Vol. 15, pp. 1801-1804
    Year: 2015
  24. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, Takayuki Hasegawa
    Title: Chains of Carbon Nanotetrahedra/Nanoribbons
    Journal:  Scientific Reports, Vol. 5, p. 8430
    Year: 2015
  25. Authors: Takayuki Hasegawa, KOHNO Hideo
    Title: Splitting and joining in carbon nanotube/nanoribbon/nanotetrahedron growth
    Journal: Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys, Vol. 17, pp. 3009-3013
    Year: 2015
  26. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, Takayuki Hasegawa, Satoshi Ichikawa
    Title: Flattened multiwalled carbon nanotube with multi-layered structure
    Journal: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Vol. 15, pp. 6094-6097
    Year: 2014
  27. Authors: Takayuki Hasegawa, D. J. Arenas, KOHNO Hideo
    Title: Optimizing growth conditions for coaxial multi-walled carbon nanotubes
    Journal: Fullerenes, Nanotubes and Carbon Nanostructures, Vol. 23, pp. 687-690
    Year: 2014
  28. Authors: Yusuke Masuda, Hideto Yoshida, Seiji Takeda, KOHNO Hideo
    Title: In situ transmission electron microscopy of individual carbon nanotetrahedron/nanoribbon structures in Joule heating
    Journal: Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 105, p. 083107
    Year: 2014
  29. Authors: Craig Scurti, Nicolas Auvray, Michael W. Lufaso, S. Takeda, KOHNO Hideo, D.J. Arenas
    Title: Electron diffraction study of the sillenites Bi12SiO20, Bi25FeO39 and Bi25InO39: Evidence of short-range ordering of oxygen-vacancies in the trivalent sillenites
    Journal: AIP Advances, Vol. 4, p. 087125
    Year: 2014
  30. Authors: Kuwauchi Yasufumi, Seiji Takeda, Hideto Yoshida, Keju Sun, Masatake Haruta, KOHNO Hideo
    Title: Stepwise displacement of catalytically active gold nanoparticles on cerium oxide
    Journal: Nano Letters, Vol. 13, pp. 3073-3077
    Year: 2013
  31. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, Takuya Komine, Satoshi Ichikawa
    Title: Formation of a carbon nanoribbon by spontaneous collapse of a carbon nanotube grown from a γ-Fe nanoparticle via an origami mechanism
    Journal: Nanoscale, Vol. 5, pp. 570-573
    Year: 2013
  32. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, Kentaro Tatsutani, Satoshi Ichikawa
    Title: Carbon nanofoam formed by laser ablation
    Journal: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology , Vol. 12, pp. 2844-2848
    Year: 2012
  33. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, Takuya Komine, Satoshi Ichikawa
    Title: Controlled transformation of carbon coating on silicon nanochains into nanotubes of carbon by Joule heating
    Journal: Materials Science and Engineering B, Vol. 177, pp. 96-99
    Year: 2012
  34. Authors: D. J. Arenas, Theo Jegorel, Chris Knab, L. V. Gasparow, C. Martin, Daniel. M. Pajerowski, KOHNO Hideo, Michael W. Lufaso
    Title: Raman spectroscopy evidence of inhomogeneous disorder in the bismuth-oxygen framework of Bi25InO39 and other sillenites
    Journal: Physical Review B, Vol. 86, p. 144116
    Year: 2012
  35. Authors: Hideto Yoshida, KOHNO Hideo, Seiji Takeda
    Title: In situ structural analysis of fluctuating crystalline Fe-Mo-C nanoparticle catalysts during the growth of carbon nanotubes
    Journal: Micron, Vol. 43, pp. 1176-1180
    Year: 2012
  36. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, Kazuki Yagi, H. Niioka
    Title: Graphene/graphite-coated SiC nanowires grown by MOCVD in one step
    Journal: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 50, p. 018001
    Year: 2011
  37. Authors: Hideto Yoshida, Koji Matsuura, Yasufumi Kuwauchi, KOHNO Hideo, Satoshi Shimada, Masatake Haruta, Seiji Takeda
    Title: Temperature-dependent change in shape of platinum nanoparticles supported on CeO2 during catalytic reactions
    Journal: Applied Physics Express, Vol. 4, p. 065001
    Year: 2011
  38. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, Yuhki Mori, Seiji Takeda, Yutaka Ohno, Ichiro Yonenaga, Satoshi Ichikawa
    Title: In situ transmission electron microscopy observation of the graphitization of silicon carbide nanowires induced by Joule heating
    Journal: Applied Physics Express, Vol. 3, p. 055001
    Year: 2010
  39. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, Takafumi Nogami, Seiji Takeda, Yutaka Ohno, Ichiro Yonenaga, Satoshi Ichikawa
    Title: Electrical breakdown of individual Si nanochains and silicide nanochains
    Journal: Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Vol. 10, pp. 6655-6658
    Year: 2010
  40. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, Yuhki Mori, Satoshi Ichikawa, Yutaka Ohno, Ichiro Yonenaga, Seiji Takeda
    Title: Transformation of a SiC nanowire into a carbon nanotube
    Journal: Nanoscale, Vol. 1, pp. 344-346
    Year: 2009
  41. Authors: Hideto Yoshida, Takuma Shimizu, Tetsuya Uchiyama, KOHNO Hideo, Yoshikazu Homma, Seiji Takeda
    Title: Atomic-scale analysis on the role of molybdenum in iron-catalyzed carbon nanotube growth
    Journal: Nano Letters, Vol. 9, pp. 3810-3815
    Year: 2009
  42. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, Hideto Yoshida, Satoshi Ichikaw, Seiji Takeda
    Title: Statistical and stochastic properties of stacking sequences in SiC nanowires
    Journal: Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, Vol. 78, p. 044601
    Year: 2009
  43. Authors: Shuhei Takao, Tatsuyuki Eguchi, Hirohide Yata, Kaoru Shoda, Satoshi Ichikawa, KOHNO Hideo
    Title: Formation of SiC particles with projections and a complex inner substructure at the end stage of nanowire growth
    Journal: Journal of the Physical Society of Japan, Vol. 78, p. 034802
    Year: 2009
  44. Authors: Yuhki Mori , KOHNO Hideo
    Title: Resistance switching in a SiC nanowire/Au nanoparticle network
    Journal: Nanotechnology, Vol. 20, p. 285705
    Year: 2009
  45. Authors: Takafumi Nogami, Yutaka Ohno, Satoshi Ichikawa, KOHNO Hideo
    Title: Converting an insulating silicon nanochain to a conducting carbon nanotube by electrical breakdown
    Journal: Nanotechnology, Vol. 20, p. 335602
    Year: 2009
  46. Authors: H. Yoshida, S. Takeda, T. Uchiyama, KOHNO Hideo, Y. Homma
    Title: Atomic-scale in-situ observation of carbon nanotube growth from solid state iron carbide nanoparticles
    Journal: Nano Letters, Vol. 8, pp. 2082-2086
    Year: 2008
  47. Authors: K. Shoda, KOHNO Hideo, Y. Kobayashi, D. Takagi, S. Takeda
    Title: Feasibility study for sidewall fluorination of SWCNTs in CF4 plasma
    Journal: Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 104, p. 113529
    Year: 2008
  48. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, S. Takeda
    Title: Non-Gaussian fluctuation in the charge transport of Si nanochains
    Journal: Nanotechnology, Vol. 18, p. 395706
    Year: 2007
  49. Authors: H. Yoshida, KOHNO Hideo, S. Ichikawa, T. Akita, S. Takeda
    Title: Inner potential fluctuation in SiC nanowires with modulated interior structure
    Journal: Materials Letters, Vol. 61, pp. 3134-3137
    Year: 2007
  50. Authors: J. Takeda, KOHNO Hideo, S. Takeda
    Title: Fabricating p-n structures by growing high-doped Si nanoneedles on low-doped Si substrates via a fully self-organized process
    Journal: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Part 1, Vol. 46, pp. 5386-5387
    Year: 2007
  51. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, S. Takeda, T. Akita
    Title: Tunneling electron transport of silicon nanochains studied by in situ scanning electron microscopy
    Journal: Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 89, p. 233124
    Year: 2006
  52. Authors: K. Yamamoto, KOHNO Hideo, S. Takeda, S. Ichikawa
    Title: Fabrication of iron silicide nanowires from nanowire templates
    Journal: Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 89, p. 083107
    Year: 2006
  53. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, S. Takeda
    Title: Chains of crystalline-Si nanospheres: growth and properties
    Journal: e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology, Vol. 3, pp. 131-140
    Year: 2005
  54. Authors: K. Mori, K. Shoda, KOHNO Hideo
    Title: Core-shell SiGe nanowires with composition gradient along the axial direction: cross-sectional analysis
    Journal: Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 87, p. 083111
    Year: 2005
  55. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, H. Yoshida, J. Kikkawa, K. Tanaka, S. Takeda
    Title: Carbon beads on semiconductor nanowires
    Journal: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Part 1, Vol. 44, pp. 6862-6863
    Year: 2005
  56. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, H. Yoshida
    Title: Multiscaling in semiconductor nanowire growth
    Journal: Physical Review E, Vol. 70, p. 062601
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  57. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, H. Yoshida
    Title: Lévy-type complex diameter modulation in semiconductor nanowire growth
    Journal: Solid State Communications, Vol. 132, pp. 59-62
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  58. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, S. Takeda
    Title: Infusing metal into self-organized semiconductor nanostructures
    Journal: Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 83, pp. 1202-1203
    Year: 2003
  59. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, N. Ozaki, H. Yoshida, K. Tanaka, S. Takeda
    Title: Misleading fringes in TEM images and diffraction patterns of Si nanocrystallites
    Journal: Crystal Research and Technology, Vol. 38, pp. 1082-1086
    Year: 2003
  60. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, S. Takeda
    Title: Silicon nanoneedles grown by a simple thermal treatment using metal-sulfur catalysts
    Journal: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Part 1, Vol. 41, pp. 577-578
    Year: 2002
  61. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, T. Iwasaki, Y. Mita, S. Takeda
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  64. Authors: M. Aki, Y. Ohno, KOHNO Hideo, S. Takeda
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    Journal: Philosophical Magazine A, Vol. 80, pp. 746-757
    Year: 2000
  65. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, S. Takeda
    Title: Periodic instability in growth of chains of crystalline-silicon nanospheres
    Journal: Journal of Crystal Growth, Vol. 216, pp. 185-191
    Year: 2000
  66. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, T. Iwasaki, S. Takeda
    Title: Metal-mediated growth of alternate semiconductor-insulator nanostructures
    Journal: Solid State Communications, Vol. 116, pp. 591-594
    Year: 2000
  67. Authors: Y. Ono, T. Naruse, M. Ikeya, KOHNO Hideo, S. Toyoda
    Title: Origin and derived courses of eolian dust quartz deposited during marine isotope stage 2 in East Asia, suggested by ESR signal intensity
    Journal: Global and Planetary Change, Vol. 18, pp. 129-135
    Year: 1998
  68. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, S. Takeda
    Title: Self-organized chain of crystalline-silicon nanospheres
    Journal: Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 73, pp. 3144-3146
    Year: 1998
  69. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, T. Mabuchi, S. Takeda, M. Kohyama, M. Terauchi, M. Tanaka
    Title: Dielectric properties of extended defects in silicon studied by high-resolution transmission EELS
    Journal: Journal of Electron Microscopy, Vol. 47, pp. 311-317
    Year: 1998
  70. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, T. Mabuchi, S. Takeda, M. Kohyama, M. Terauchi, M. Tanaka
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    Journal: Physical Review B, Vol. 58, pp. 10338-10342
    Year: 1998
  71. Authors: T. Nomachi, S. Muto, M. Hirata, KOHNO Hideo, J. Yamasaki , S. Takeda
    Title: Extended platelets on {111} in GaAs created by He-ion implantation followed by low temperature annealing
    Journal: Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 71, pp. 255-257
    Year: 1997
  72. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, C. Yamanaka, M. Ikeya, Y. Horino
    Title: Pulsed and cw-ESR Study of E' and Al hole centers in quartz produced by irradiations and crushing
    Journal: Applied Magnetic Resonance, Vol. 9, pp. 481-489
    Year: 1995
  73. Authors: KOHNO Hideo, C. Yamanaka, M. Ikeya
    Title: Pulsed and cw-ESR studies of CO2- in CaCO3 irradiated by He+ and γ rays for ESR dating
    Journal: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Part 1, Vol. 33, pp. 5743-5746
    Year: 1994
  74. Authors: M. Ikeya, KOHNO Hideo, S. Toyoda, Y. Mizuta
    Title: Spin-spin relaxation time of E' centers in neutron-irradiated quartz(SiO2) and in fault gouge
    Journal: Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. Pt. 2, Vol. 31,, pp. L1539-L1541
    Year: 1992
Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research from the Japanese government
  1. Project title: Development of methods of shape control of carbon nanotubes aiming at functionality and demonstration of their functionality
    Category: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)
    Project number: 17K04991
    Project period: 2017-2019
    Total budget amount: 4,680,000 yen

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Social activities

Published books
  1. “Self-organized nanowire formation of Si-based materials” Book chapter in “One-Dimensional Nanostructures'', Lecture Notes in Nanoscale Science and Technology,ed: Wang, Zhiming M. (分担執筆), Springer, 2008

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