Faculty Members

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Assistant Professor
HARADA Takashi

Doctor of Science, Kanagawa University, Japan, 2019

Areas of specialization Algorithms and Data Structures
Laboratory/research office Algorithm Laboratory
An algorithm is a sequence of operations for solving a specific problem. The three important features of an algorithm are finiteness, definiteness, and effectiveness. For any given problem, this laboratory develops an efficient algorithm. We currently address optimization problems for packet classification problems called “Optimal Rule Ordering” and “Optimal Rule List Constructing”. More specifically, we are going to show that these problems are difficult, i.e., these problems are NP-hard, and develop heuristic algorithms for these problems.
Current research topics Packet classification algorithms
Educational background 2019: Doctor, Kanagawa University, Japan
Professional background
Academic societies The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Information Processing Society of Japan

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Undergraduate school
  • Seminars on the School of Information
  • Project Research 1
  • Project Research 2
  • Project Research 3
  • Graduation Thesis
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Laboratory Work on Information Technology 4C
  • Advanced Computer Literacy
  • Applied Information Science
  • Laboratory Work on Information Technology 4i
Graduate school
  • Theory of Computation

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Research activities

Research papers
  1. Authors: Takashi HARADA, Ken TANAKA, Kenji MIKAWA
    Title: Simulated Annealing Method for Relaxed Optimal Rule Ordering
    Journal: IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Information and Systems, Vol. E103-D, No. 3, pp. 509-515, IEICE
    Year: 2020
  2. Authors: Takashi HARADA, Yuki ISHIKAWA, Ken TANAKA, Kenji MIKAWA
    Title: A Packet Classification Method via Cascaded Circular-Run-Based Trie
    Journal: IEICE TRANSACTIONS on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences, Vol. E102-A, No. 9, pp. 1171-1178, IEICE
    Year: 2019

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Social activities

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