Faculty Members

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  • Year of birth: 1967
  • Gender: Female
  • Affiliation:
    - School of Engineering Science
    - School of Environmental Science and Engineering
    - Life Science and Technology, Department of Engineering, Graduate School of Enginering
Areas of specialization
Laboratory/research office Forest resource biology
There are abundant renewable bioresources in forest and sustainable utilization of bioresources contributes to establish a society independent of fossil resource. Microorganisms in forest and wood are high potential genetic resource for bio-refining. We study biological function of microorganisms and development to an application technology to bio-refinery.
Current research topics
Educational background
Professional background 1991-: Mitsui Home Co Ltd
Academic societies

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Undergraduate school
  • Science of Life
  • Graduation Thesis
  • Biology Experiment
  • Biological Resources
  • Plant physiology
  • Biochemistry 1
Graduate school
  • Seminar 1
  • Seminar 2
  • Seminar 3
  • Seminar 4
  • Individual Work for Graduate
  • Sustainable Biological Resources
  • Forestry and forest products

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Research activities

Research papers
  1. Authors: Sakae Horisawa, Koki Iwamoto
    Title: Identification and Typing of Strains of Wood-Rotting Basidiomycetes by Protein Profiling Using MALDI-TOF MS
    Journal: Biotech, Vol. 11, p. 30, MDPI
    Year: 2022
  2. Authors: Nanako Ishiyama, Sakae Horisawa, Tadashi Hara, Makoto Yoshida, Ikuo Momohara
    Title: Microbiological community structure on logs used for groynes in a riverbank system
    Journal: Journal of wood science, Vol. 67, Springer
    Year: 2021
  3. Authors: Sakae Horisawa, Akie Inoue, Yuka Yamanaka
    Title: Direct Ethanol Production from Lignocellulosic Materials by Mixed Culture of Wood Rot Fungi Schizophyllum commune, Bjerkandera adusta, and Fomitopsis palustris
    Journal: Fermentation, Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 21-28, MDPI
    Year: 2019
  4. Authors: Sakae Horisawa, Koudai Hamaguchi
    Title: Analysis of fungal diversity and community structure in decayed wood
    Journal: Journal of the Forest Biomass Utilization Society, Vol. 12, No. 2, The Forest Biomass Utilization Society
    Year: 2017
  5. Authors: Nadia Nuraniya Kamaluddin, Akiko Nakagawa-Izumi, Shota Nishizawa, Ayuko Fukunaga, Shuichi Doi , Tsuyoshi Yoshimura, HORISAWA Sakae
    Title: Evidence of Subterranean Termite Feeding Deterrent Produced by Brown Rot Fungus Fibroporia radiculosa (Peck) Parmasto 1968 (Polyporales, Fomitopsidaceae)
    Journal: Insects, Vol. 7, No. 3, pp. 41-50, Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute
    Year: 2016
  6. Authors: HORISAWA Sakae, Hiromasa Andou, ARIGA Osamu, Sakuma Yoh
    Title: Direct ethanol production from cellulosic materials by consolidated biological processing using the wood rot fungus Schizophyllum commune
    Journal: Bioresource Technology, Vol. 197, pp. 37-41, Elsevier
    Year: 2015
  7. Authors: Sakae Horisawa, Tatsuyoshi Nishida
    Title: Ethanol production from lignocellulosic material by white rot fungi
    Journal: Journal of advances in clean energy, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 71-76
    Year: 2014
  8. Authors: Sakae Horisawa, Yoh Sakuma, Shuichi Doi
    Title: Identification and species-typing of wood rotting fungi using melting curve analysis
    Journal: J Wood Sci, Vol. 59, No. 5, pp. 432-441, Springer
    Year: 2013
  9. Authors: Aya Toyoumi, Sakae Horisawa, Tsuyoshi Yoshimura, Shuichi Doi, Yuji Imamira
    Title: The effect of different foundation systems on the fungal flora in the crawl space of a new wooden Japanese house
    Journal: Building and Environment, Vol. 45, No. 4, pp. 1054-1060
    Year: 2010
  10. Authors: Sakae Horisawa, Yoh Sakuma, Shuichi Doi
    Title: Qualitative and quantitative PCR methods using species-specific primer for detection and identification of wood rot fungi
    Journal: J Wood Sci, Vol. 55, pp. 133-138
    Year: 2009
  11. Authors: Sakae Horisawa, Yoh Skuma, Yasunori Nakamura, Shuichi Doi
    Title:  Profiling of a microbial community under confined conditions in a fed-batch garbage decomposer by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis
    Journal:  Bioresource Technology, Vol. 99, pp. 3084-3093
    Year: 2008
  12. Authors: Sakae Horisawa, Yoh Sakuma, Katsuhiko Takata, Shuichi Doi
    Title: Detection of intra-and inter-species variation of the dry rot fungus Serpla lacrymaus by PCR-RFLP and RAPD analysis
    Journal: J. Wood Sci., Vol. 50, pp. 427-432, Springer
    Year: 2004
  13. Authors: Sakae Horisawa, Yoh Sakuma, Keli Chen, Shuichi Doi
    Title: The Effect of Wood species on degradation rates and Bacterial Communities in a Small Scale Biodegradation System for Garbage Using Wood matrix
    Journal: J. Wood Sci., Vol. 48, pp. 232-236
    Year: 2002
  14. Authors: Yanni Sudiyani, Sakae Horisawa, Keli Chen, Shuichi Doi, Yuji Imamura
    Title: Changes in surface propertirs of tropical wood species exposed to the Indonesian climate in relation to mold colonies
    Journal:  J. Wood Sci., Vol. 48, No. 6, pp. 542-547
    Year: 2002
  15. Authors: Sakae Horisawa, Yoh Sakuma, Yutaka Tamai, Shuichi Doi, Minoru Terazawa
    Title: Succession of the Community of Dominant Growth-Bacteria in an Aerobic Biodegradation Machine for Garbage Which Uses a Wood matrix
    Journal: Eurasian Journal of Forest Res., Vol. 3, pp. 11-22
    Year: 2001
  16. Authors: Sakae Horisawa, Yoh Sakuma, Yutaka Tamai, Shuichi Doi, Minoru Terazawa
    Title: Effect of Environmental Temperature on a Small Scale Bio-degradation System for Organic Solid Waste
    Journal: J. Wood Sci, Vol. 47, pp. 154-158
    Year: 2001
  17. Authors: Sakae Horisawa, Yutaka Tamai, Yoh Sakuma, Shuichi Doi, Minoru Terazawa
    Title: Effect of Moisture Content of Matrix on a Small Scale Bio-degradation System for Organic Solid Waste
    Journal:  J. Wood Sci., Vol. 46, pp. 317-321
    Year: 2000
Invited lectures
  1. Bioethanol production from cellulosic material by consolidated biological processing using co-culture of wood-rot fungi., INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MICROBIOLOGY & INFECTIOUS DISEASES, ROME, ITALY, 2018

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Social activities

Published books
  1. High-Perfomance Utilization of Wood for Outdoor Uses (分担), 1900

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