Faculty Members

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Associate Professor
INAMI, Eiichi

Ph.D., Japan, 2009

Areas of specialization Nano-functional-materials/devices
Scanning probe microscopy
Single Atom/molecule manipulation
Optical Properties of Materials
Laboratory/research office Ultimate Nano-Processing Laboratory
Our research group mainly focuses on the develepment of new functional nanodevices. To that end, we characterize the structural/electronical properties of materials at the single-atom and molecular scales, and investigate changes in those materials resulting from external stimuli such as electron beams, photo-excitation, and chemical reactions. Through such research, we aim to establish “ultimate nano-processing” toward the realization of atomic-scale functional materials and the integration of those materials into more complex devices.
Current research topics
Educational background 2002: Master, Nagoya University, Japan
2000: Bachelor, Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan
Professional background 2017-2018: Specially Appointed Associate Professor , Graduate School of Enginnering, Chiba University
2016-2017: Specially Appointed Associate Professor , Graduate School of Advanced Integration Science, Chiba University
2015-2016: Postdoctoral researcher, Research Center for Micro-Nano Technology, Hosei University
2013-2015: Specially Appointed Associate Professor , Graduate School of Enginnering, Osaka University
2012-2013: Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Enginnering, Osaka University
2007-2012: Assistant Professor, Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (ISIR), Osaka University
2005-2007: Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research (ISIR), Osaka University
Academic societies The Physical Society of Japan
The Japan Society of Vacuum and Surface Science (former The Surface Science Society of Japan)
The Japan Society of Applied Physics
Research and Development of Excitation-controlled Nano-processes
The Chemical Society of Japan
Japan Institute of Metals and Materials (JIM)
Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers

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Undergraduate school
  • Micro fabrication
  • Graduation Thesis
  • Fundamental Experiments in Mechanical Systems Engineering
  • Machining Technology
Graduate school
  • Advanced micro/nano fabrication
  • Seminar 1
  • Seminar 3
  • Individual Work for Graduate

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Research activities

Research papers
  1. Authors: INAMI Eiichi, NISHIOKA Keita, KANASAKI Jun’ichi
    Title: Atomic-scale view of the photoinduced structural transition to form sp3-like bonded order phase in graphite
    Journal: Scientific Reports, Vol. 13, pp. 21439:1-21439:9, Nature Publishing Group
    Year: 2023
  2. Authors: KATSUBE Daiki, Ohno Shinya , TAKAYANAGI Shuhei, OJIMA Shoki, MAEDA Motoyasu, ORIGUCHI Naoki, OGAWA Arata, IKEDA Natsuki, AOYAGI Yoshihide, KABUTOYA Yuito, KYUNGMIN Kim, LINFENG Hou, FENGXUAN Li, TSUDA Yasutaka, YOSHIDA Hikaru, NISHI Shizuka, SAKAMOTO Tetsuya, INAMI Eiichi, YOSHIGOE Akitaka, ABE Masayuki
    Title: Oxidation of anatase TiO2(001) surface using supersonic seeded oxygen molecular beam
    Journal: Langmuir, Vol. 37, No. 42, pp. 12313-12317, American Chemical Society
    Year: 2021
  3. Authors: KATSUBE Daiki, OJIMA Shoki , INAMI Eiichi, ABE Masayuki
    Title: Atomic-resolution imaging of rutile TiO2(110)-(1×2) reconstructed surface by non-contact atomic force microscopy
    Journal: Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology, Vol. 11, pp. 443-449, Beilstein Institute for the Advancement of Chemical Sciences
    Year: 2020
  4. Authors: INAMI Eiichi, YMAGUCHI Masataka, NEMOTO Ryohei, YORIMITSU Hideki , KRUGER Peter , YAMADA Toyo Kazu
    Title: Direct Imaging of Precursor Adcomplex States during Cryogenic-Temperature On-Surface Metalation: Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study on Porphyrin Array with Fe Adsorption at 78.5 K
    Journal: Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Vol. 124, No. 6, pp. 3621-3631, American Chemical Society
    Year: 2020
  5. Authors: YAMAGUCHI Takayuki , INAMI Eiichi, GOTO Yuto, SAKAI Yuta, SASAKI Satoru, OHNO Teruaki , YAMADA Toyo Kazu
    Title: Fabrication of tungsten tip probes within three seconds by using flame etching
    Journal: Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol. 90, No. 6, pp. 063701:1-063701:8, American Institute of Physics
    Year: 2019
  6. Authors: INAMI Eiichi, ISHIGAKI Takamasa, OGATA Hironori
    Title: Sol-gel processed niobium oxide thin-film for a scaffold layer in perovskite solar cells
    Journal: Thin Solid Films, Vol. 674, pp. 7-11, Elsevier
    Year: 2019
  7. Authors: INAMI Eiichi, YAMAGUCHI Masataka , YAMAGUCHI Takayuki, SHIMASAKI Mikio, YAMADA Toyo Kazu
    Title: Controlled deposition number of organic molecules using quartz crystal microbalance evaluated by scanning tunneling microscopy single-molecule-counting
    Journal: Analytical Chemistry, Vol. 90, No. 15, pp. 8954-8959, American Chemical Society
    Year: 2018
  8. Authors: INAMI Eiichi, SHIMASAKI Mikio, YORIMITSU Hideki, YAMADA Toyo Kazu
    Title: Room temperature stable film formation of π-conjugated organic molecules on 3d magnetic substrate
    Journal: Scientific Reports, Vol. 8, pp. 353:1-353:12
    Year: 2018
  9. Authors: INAMI Eiichi, SUGIMOTO Yoshiaki , SHINOZAKI Takuya , GURLU Oguzhan , YURTSEVER Ayhan
    Title: Investigation of atomic species in Pt-induced nanowires on Ge(001) surface by combined atomic force and scanning tunneling microscopy
    Journal: Physical Review B, Vol. 96, pp. 155415:1-155415:7
    Year: 2017
  10. Authors: PANDA Kalpataru , INAMI Eiichi, SUGIMOTO Yoshiaki , SANKARAN Kamatchi J. , LIN I-Nan
    Title: Straight Imaging and Mechanism behind Grain Boundary Electron Emission in Pt-doped Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Films
    Journal: Carbon, Vol. 111, pp. 8-17
    Year: 2017
  11. Authors: INAMI Eiichi, SUGIMOTO Yoshiaki
    Title: Combined atomic force microscopy and voltage pulse technique to accurately measure the electrostatic force
    Journal: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 55, pp. 08NB05:1-08NB05:8
    Year: 2016
  12. Authors: INAMI Eiichi, SUGIMOTO Yoshiaki
    Title: Accurate extraction of electrostatic force by a voltage-pulse force spectroscopy
    Journal: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 114, pp. 246102:1-246102:5 ,
    Year: 2015
  13. Authors: INAMI Eiichi, HAMADA Ikutaro , UEDA Keiichi , ABE Masayuki , MORITA Seizo , SUGIMOTO Yoshiaki
    Title: Room-temperature concerted switch made of a binary atom cluster
    Journal: Nature Communications, Vol. 6, pp. 6231:1-6231:7
    Year: 2015
  14. Authors: PANDA Kalpataru , SANKARAN Kamatchi J. , INAMI Eiichi, SUGIMOTO Yoshiaki , TAI Nyan Hwa , LIN I-Nan
    Title: Direct observation and mechanism for enhanced field emission sites in platinum ion implanted/post-annealed ultrananocrystalline diamond films
    Journal: Applied Physics Letters, Vol. 105, pp. 163109:1-163109:5
    Year: 2014
  15. Authors: TSURUTA Junji , INAMI Eiichi, KANASAKI Jun'ichi , TANIMURA Katsumi
    Title: Crucial roles of holes in electronic bond rupture on semiconductor surfaces
    Journal: Surface Science, Vol. 626, pp. 49-52
    Year: 2014
  16. Authors: TEOBALDI Gilberto , INAMI Eiichi, KANASAKI Jun'ichi , TANIMURA Katsumi , SHLUGER Alexander L
    Title: Role of applied bias and tip electronic structure in the scanning tunneling microscopy imaging of highly oriented pyrolytic graphite
    Journal: Physical Review B, Vol. 85, pp. 085433:1-085433:15
    Year: 2012
  17. Authors: OHNISHI Hiromasa , INAMI Eiichi, KANASAKI Jun'ichi
    Title: Intact-sheet double-layer ablation induced by femtosecond-laser excitation of graphite
    Journal: Surface Science, Vol. 605, pp. 1497-1502
    Year: 2011
  18. Authors: KANASAKI Jun'ichi , INAMI Eiichi, TANIMURA Katsumi , OHNISHI Hiromasa , NASU Keiichiro
    Title: Formation of sp3-bonded carbon nanostructures by femtosecond laser excitation of graphite
    Journal: Physical Review Letters, Vol. 102, pp. 087402:1-087402:4
    Year: 2009
  19. Authors: INAMI Eiichi, TANIMURA Katsumi
    Title: Electronic bond rupture of Si atoms on Si(111)-(2×1) induced by valence excitation
    Journal: Physical Review B, Vol. 76, pp. 035311:1-035311:11
    Year: 2007
  20. Authors: KANASAKI Jun'ichi , INAMI Eiichi, TANIMURA Katsumi
    Title: Fermi-level dependent morphology in photoinduced bond breaking on (110) surfaces of III-V semiconductors
    Journal: Surface Science, Vol. 601, pp. 2367-2372
    Year: 2007
  21. Authors: TANIMURA Katsumi , INAMI Eiichi, KANASAKI Jun'ichi , HESS Wayne P.
    Title: Two-hole localization mechanism for electronic bond rupture of surface atoms by laser-induced valence excitation of semiconductors
    Journal: Physical Review B, Vol. 74, pp. 035337:1-035337:8
    Year: 2006
  22. Authors: INAMI Eiichi, ISHIKAWA Ken'ichi , TANIMURA Katsumi
    Title: Bond rupture of threefold-coordinated Si atoms at intrinsic sites on the Si(111)-(2×1) induced by 1.16eV photon excitation
    Journal: Surface Science, Vol. 540, pp. L587-L592
    Year: 2003
Invited lectures
  1. Fabrication and control of atom switch by atom manipulation, 2017 Global Research Efforts on Energy and Nanomaterials (GREEN 2017), Taipei, Taiwan, 2017
  2. Accurate extraction of electrostatic force by a voltage-pulse force spectroscopy , 23rd International Colloquium on Scanning Probe Microscopy (ICSPM23), Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan, 2015
  3. Switching behaviors of atom clusters created by inter-nanospace atom manipulation, Symposium on Surface and Nano Science 2015 (SSNS'15), Furano, Hokkaido, Japan, 2015
  4. Atom-Gating of Nano-Space Controlling Thermally Diffusing Single Atoms Confined in Si(111)7x7 Half Unit Cell at Room Temperature, Symposium on Surface and Nano Science 2014 (SSNS' 2014), Furano, Hokkaido, Japan, 2014
  5. Photoexcitation of graphite creates a novel carbon phase of sp3-bonded carbon, International Symposium on the Physics of Excitation-assisted Nano-processes (ISPEN-2009), Wakayama, Japan, 2009
  6. Nano-scaled sp3-bond carbon phase on graphite induced by femtosecond laser excitation, 5th Handai Nanoscience and Nanotechnology International Symposium, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan, 2009
  1. Selected as a Key Scientific Article in Advances in Engineering, Advances in Engineering (Canada), 2019
  2. APSMR Contribution Award, Asia Pacific Society for Materials Research (APSMR), 2017
  3. Best Presentation Award (Young Researcher Category), The Surface Science Society of Japan, 2017
  4. Selected for Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science and Technology vol.19, Issue 10, American Institute of Physics (AIP), American Physical Society (APS), 2009
  5. Selected for Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science and Technology vol.16, Issue 4, American Institute of Physics (AIP), American Physical Society (APS), 2007

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Social activities

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