Faculty Members

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IWATA, Makoto

Ph.D, Osaka University, Japan, 1997

Areas of specialization Computer Architecture
Development Methodology of Information and Communication Systems
Laboratory/research office Advanced Computer Engineering Laboratory
Our academic objective on advanced information and communication systems is to investigate novel computer engineering through empirical study of LSI chip fabrications. The data-oriented parallel computing techniques and its self-timed pipeline implementation have been proposed and applied to various embedded application systems in order to achieve higher performance, lower power, and higher dependability for future IoT (Internet of Things)-based big-data era. These studies will be extended to brain-like computer organization in future.
Current research topics Low-Power Parallel Computers: Data-Driven multiprocessors Consumer Applications of VLSI Computers Interdisciplinary Study of Neuro Science and Computer Science
Educational background 1988: Master, Osaka University
1986: Bachelor, Osaka University
Professional background 2008: Visiting Researcher, UC Irvine
2006-2010: Visiting Professor, Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University
2002-2006: Visiting Associate Professor, Research Institute of Electrical Communication, Tohoku University
2002-: Professor, Kochi University of Technology
1997-2001: Associate Professor, Kochi University of Technology
1991-1997: Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University
Academic societies The Institutes of Electronics, Information, and Communication Engineers
Information Processing Society of Japan
Virtual Reality Society of Japan

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* Courses provided in English are shown with (E) mark

Undergraduate school
  • Introduction to Information Systems
  • Algorithms and Data Structure
  • Computer Architectures
  • Seminars on the School of Information
  • Graduation Thesis
  • Project Research 1
  • Project Research 2
  • Project Research 3
Graduate school
  • Embedded Computing System Design
  • Seminar on Infomatics I
  • Seminar on Infomatics II
  • Individual Work for Graduate
  • Advanced Seminar 1
  • Advanced Seminar 2

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Research activities

Research papers
  1. Authors: Zhang Zhen, Xiaoyan Yu, Xianwei Rong, Makoto Iwata
    Title: A Novel Multimodule Neural Network for EEG Denoising
    Journal: IEEE Access, Vol. 10, pp. 49528-49541, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers ({IEEE})
    Year: 2022
  2. Authors: Zhang Zhen, Xiaoyan Yu, Xianwei Rong, Makoto Iwata
    Title: Spatial-Temporal Neural Network for P300 Detection
    Journal: IEEE Access, Vol. 9, IEEE
    Year: 2021
  3. Authors: Kimura T., Kadota H., Kuroda T., Funai T.D., Makoto Iwata, Kochiyama T., Miyazaki M.
    Title: Neural correlates of tactile simultaneity judgement: a functional magnetic resonance imaging study
    Journal: Scientific Reports, pp. 1-13
    Year: 2019
  4. Authors: Naruhito Hironaga, Takahiro Kimura, Takako Mitsudo, Atsuko Gunji, Makoto Iwata
    Title: Proposal for an accurate TMS-MRI co-registration process via 3D laser scanning
    Journal: Neuroscience Research, Vol. 144, pp. 30-39, Elsevier
    Year: 2019
  5. Authors: Kazunori Ueda, Makoto Iwata, Ken-ichi Baba, Shinji Shimojo
    Title: Multi-overlay information management for IoT-oriented P2P network applications
    Journal: International Journal of Space-Based and Situated Computing, Vol. 8, No. 4, pp. 204-213, Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.
    Year: 2019
  6. Authors: Kazuo Tsubouchi, Fumiyuki Adachi, Suguru Kameda, Mizuki Motoyoshi, Akinori Taira, Noriharu Suematsu, Tadashi Takagi, Hiroshi Oguma, Minoru Fujishima, Ryuji Inagaki, Masaomi Tsuru, Eiji Taniguchi, Hiroshi Fukumoto, Akira Matsuzawa, Masaya Miyahara, Makoto Iwata, Fumihiro Yamagata, Noboru Izuka
    Title: Connectivity in Wireless Telecommunication
    Journal: VLSI Design and Test for Systems Dependability, pp. 245-324, Springer
    Year: 2019
  7. Authors: UEDA Kazunori, IWATA Makoto, BABA Ken-ichi, SHIMOJO Shinji
    Title: Mass-User Satisfaction for NFV-Based Application Specific Network
    Journal: International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security, Vol. 16, No. 9, pp. 55-60
    Year: 2016
  8. Authors: Kazuhiro Komatsu, Shuji Sannomiya, Makoto Iwata, Hiroaki Terada, Suguru Kameda, Kazuo Tsubouchi
    Title: ”Interacting Self-Timed Pipelines and Elementary Coupling Control Modules”
    Journal:  IEICE Trans. Fundamentals, Vol. E92-A, No. 7
    Year: 2009
  9. Authors: Ruhui Zhang, Makoto Iwata
    Title: ”An Efficient Signature Matching Scheme for Mobile Security”
    Journal: IEICE Trans. on Communications, Vol. E91-B, No. 10, pp. 3251-3261
    Year: 2008
  10. Authors: Makoto Iwata, Michihiro Ogura, Yuko Ohishi, Hideaki Hayashi, Hiroaki Terada
    Title: 100 Mpps Fully Self-Timed Priority Queue: FQ
    Journal: Proc. of International Solid State Circuits Conference, Vol. 8-1
    Year: 2004
  11. Authors: Daichi Morikawa, Makoto Iwata, Hiroaki Terada
    Title: Super-Pipelined Implementation of IP Packet Classification
    Journal: Journal of Intelligent Automation and Soft Computing, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp. 175-184
    Year: 2004
  12. Authors: Hiroaki Terada, Souichi Miyata, Makoto Iwata
    Title: DDMP's: Self-Timed Super-Pipelined Data-Driven Processors
    Journal: Proceedings of the IEEE, Vol. 87, No. 2, pp. 282-296
    Year: 1999
  1. Achievement Award, The 2017 World Congress in Computer Science Computer Engineering & Applied Computing (CSCE'17), The 2017 World Congress in Computer Science Computer Engineering & Applied Computing (CSCE'17), 2017
  2. IEICE Communications Society Excellent Paper Award, Communications Society, IEICE, 2014
Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research from the Japanese government
  1. Project title: Heterogeneous Wireless Communication Processor Based on Low-Power Self-Timed Circuits
    Category: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)
    Project number: 16K00082
    Project period: 2016-2018
    Total budget amount: 4,420,000 yen

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Social activities

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