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KATSURA, Shintaro

  • Affiliation: Research Organization for Regional Alliances
Areas of specialization Regional Management
Laboratory/research office Business Management Laboratory
Our research is management strategy theory and venture business theory (including local area revitalization study).
For example, a survey study on starting and commercializing of business and development of a business model.
This theme is one of important issues in the field of the management strategy theory and the venture business theory.
In our business management lab., we study traditional management theory as well as do research for Field-Based Research Methods.
Current research topics Social Innovation in Knowledge Creation (Regional Knowledge Creation) Research
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Research activities

Research papers
  1. Authors: Katsumi Nobuta, Shintaro Katsura
    Title: Co-occurrence Network Analysis and Consideration of the Development Level of Forest Therapy Organization for Tourism Management in press
    Journal: International Journal of Society for Standardization Studies, Vol. 22, No. 1
    Year: 2024
  2. Authors: Shintaro Katsura
    Title: The Potential of Circular Ecosystems through Healing Business
    Journal: International Conference on Production Management
    Year: 2023
  3. Authors: Shintaro Katsura
    Title: Trends of SME’s Knowledge Creation Research
    Journal: International Conference on Production Management
    Year: 2023
  4. Authors: Katsumi Nobuta, Shintaro Katsura
    Title: Investigation and analysis of forest therapy management for regional value creation
    Journal: International conference on Production management 2023,CP, Vol. 5, No. 1
    Year: 2023
  5. Authors: Yu Inagaki, Shintaro Katsura
    Title: Responding to environmental changes and innovation of the small-scale enterprises
    Journal: The AU International Conference in Business & Economics,Proceedings, Vol. 2019, No. 3
    Year: 2019
  6. Authors: Yu Inagaki, Shintaro Katsura
    Title: Approach to Business Contiunity of small and mid-sized companies from case study
    Journal: International Comfarence of Production Management, Vol. 2019, No. 1
    Year: 2019
  7. Authors: Moto Igata, Shintaro Katsura
    Title: Applicability of Neuro-Marketing in Flower Business
    Journal: The 3rd International Conference on Production Management
    Year: 2017
  8. Authors: Kei Itahara, Shintaro Katsura, Motohiko Igata
    Title: Current situations and issues on business between Japan and India
    Journal: The 3rd International Conference on Production Management
    Year: 2017
  9. Authors: Motohiko Igata, KATSURA Shintaro
    Title: Applicability of Thought Process of QFD to Strategy Map De velopment of Agri-business
    Journal: Production management
    Year: 2016
  10. Authors: IGATA Motohiko, KATSURA Shintaro
    Journal: Journal of Society of Social Management Systems, Vol. SMS13-0531, Society of Social Management Systems
    Year: 2014
  11. Authors: KATSURA Shintaro
    Title: Management Improvement in the chemical Industry, Journal of International Society for Standardization Studies, vol.8-1, (2010)
    Year: 2010
  12. Authors: KATSURA Shintaro
    Title: An Observation on Organization Behavior and Risk Management and Leadership at Emergency Disaster Sites, Production Management (ISSN 1341-528X), Journal of the Japan Society for Production Management 15-3, 75-80, (2009)
    Year: 2009
  13. Authors: KATSURA Shintaro
    Title: Analysis of Management Strategies at Enterprise Level and Factory Improvement, A case study of Teijin Limited
    Journal: Journal of International Society for Standardization Studies, Vol. 7-1
    Year: 2009
  14. Authors: KATSURA Shintaro
    Title: Issues in Factory Improvement and Production Efficiency in the Chemicals Industry, KUT Research Bulletin, Vol.6-1, 167-170, (2009)
    Year: 2009
  15. Authors: KATSURA Shintaro
    Title: Restructuring and Reengineering in the Chemicals Industry-A case study of Sumitomo Chemical Co Ltd
    Journal: Syogai-Gakusyu-Ronsyu, No. 12
    Year: 2009
  16. Authors: KATSURA Shintaro
    Title: Management Strategies and Factory Improvement of the Toray Industries, a case study
    Journal: Kenkyuronso, Vol. 7, Nagaoka University
    Year: 2008
Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research from the Japanese government
  1. Project title: A Survey Study on Starting and Commercializing of Local Businesses and Development of a Business Model with Initiative of a University
    Category: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)
    Project number: 23530486
    Project period: 2011-2014
    Total budget amount: 5,070,000 yen

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Social activities

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