Faculty Members

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Associate Professor
SAIKI Sachio

  • Gender: Male
  • Affiliation:
    - Department of Engineering, Graduate School of Enginering
    - Department of Data and Innovation
  • researchmap: https://researchmap.jp/7000005725
Areas of specialization
Laboratory/research office Human Centric AI Software innovation
My vision is centered around leveraging AI in software designed to tackle societal issues. I'm dedicated to exploring software development technologies and methodologies through the lens of AI, aiming to apply these insights to solve real-world problems. My research specifically targets integrating AI with software, with a focus on human-centric areas like welfare and education. For example, in Gerontechnology -a field at the crossroads of gerontology and engineering- I'm investigating the use of AI to provide software-based support for the elderly.
Current research topics
Educational background
Professional background
Academic societies The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

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Undergraduate school
  • Data Science Literacy
  • Computer Literacy
  • Basic Information Science
Graduate school

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Research activities

Research papers
  1. Authors: Takuya Nakata, Sinan Chen, SAIKI Sachio, Masahide Nakamura
    Title: SUCCEED: Sharing Upcycling Cases with Context and Evaluation for Efficient Software Development
    Journal: Information, Vol. 14, No. 9, p. 518, MDPI AG
    Year: 2023
  2. Authors: Aoi Nagatani, Sinan Chen, Masahide Nakamura, SAIKI Sachio
    Title: Exploiting Motivation Subscales for Gamification of Lifelogging Application
    Journal: International Journal of Software Innovation, Vol. 10, No. 1, pp. 1-27, IGI Global
    Year: 2022
  3. Authors: Chisaki Miura, Sinan Chen, SAIKI Sachio, Masahide Nakamura, Kiyoshi Yasuda
    Title: Assisting Personalized Healthcare of Elderly People: Developing a Rule-Based Virtual Caregiver System Using Mobile Chatbot
    Journal: Sensors, Vol. 22, No. 10, p. 3829, MDPI AG
    Year: 2022
  4. Authors: Kosuke Hirayama, Sinan Chen, SAIKI Sachio, Masahide Nakamura
    Title: Toward Capturing Scientific Evidence in Elderly Care: Efficient Extraction of Changing Facial Feature Points
    Journal: Sensors, Vol. 21, No. 20, p. 6726, MDPI AG
    Year: 2021
  1. BCD2018 Best Paper Award, IEEE/ACIS 3rd International Conference on Big Data, Cloud Computing, Data Science & Engineering, 2018
Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research from the Japanese government
  1. Project title: Support for Programming Education by Visualizing Comprehension Based on Emotional Responses
    Category: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C)
    Project number: 19K02973
    Project period: 2019-2021
    Total budget amount: 4,290,000 yen
  2. Project title: Development of a system to support implicit mutual aid by self-help for the elderly at home through lifelong learning.
    Category: Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B)
    Project number: 23K24954
    Project period: 2022-2024
    Total budget amount: 17,420,000 yen

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Social activities

Committee roles
  1. Technical Program Committee Members, IEICE International Conference on Emerging Technologies for Communications, 2022

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