Faculty Members



  • Year of birth: 1965
  • Gender: Male
  • Affiliation:
    - School of Environmental Science and Engineering
    - Material and Life Systems Engineering Course, Department of Engineering, Graduate School of Enginering
    - null, Department of Engineering, Graduate School of Enginering
Areas of specialization Molecular Biology
Laboratory/research office
Current reseach topics Regulation of chromosomal DNA replication in eukaryotes
Mechanisms for stable genome maintenance
Mechanisms for site-specific gene amplification
Interplay between the initiation of DNA replication and the regulation of chromatin
Educational background 1993: Doctor, Kobe University
1990: Master, Kobe University
1988: Bachelor, Kobe University
Professional background 2017-: Professor, Kochi University of Technology, School of Environmental Ecience and Engineering
2003-2017: Assistant Professor, National Institute of Genetics
1999-2003: , Research Fellow in Imperial Cancer Research Fund - Cancer Research UK
1999-2001: , JSPS Overseas Research Fellow
1994-2001: Assistant Professor, Osaka University, Research Institute of Microbial Diseases
1993-1994: , JSPS Postdoctral Fellow
Academic societies The Molecular Biology Society of Japan, The Genetics Society of Japan, Yeast Genetics Society of Japan.

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Undergraduate school
Graduate school

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Research activities

Research papers
  1. Authors: M Miyazawa‐Onami, H Araki, Seiji Tanaka
    Title: Pre‐initiation complex assembly functions as a molecular switch that splits the Mcm2‐7 double hexamer
    Journal: EMBO reports, Vol. 18, No. 10, pp. 1752-1761, EMBO Press
    Year: 2017
  2. Authors: Seiji Tanaka, M Miyazawa‐Onami, T Iida, H Araki
    Title: iAID: an improved auxin‐inducible degron system for the construction of a ‘tight’conditional mutant in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
    Journal: Yeast, Vol. 32, No. 8, pp. 567-581
    Year: 2015
  3. Authors: Seiji Tanaka, Y Komeda, T Umemori, Y Kubota, H Takisawa, H Araki
    Title: Efficient initiation of DNA replication in eukaryotes requires Dpb11/TopBP1-GINS interaction
    Journal: Molecular and Cellular Biology, Vol. 33, No. 13, pp. 2614-2622, American Society for Microbiology
    Year: 2013
  4. Authors: Seiji Tanaka, H Araki
    Title: Multiple regulatory mechanisms to inhibit untimely initiation of DNA replication are important for stable genome maintenance
    Journal: PLoS Genetics, Vol. 7, No. 6, p. e1002136, Public Library of Science
    Year: 2011
  5. Authors: Seiji Tanaka, R Nakato, Y Katou, K Shirahige, H Araki
    Title: Origin association of Sld3, Sld7, and Cdc45 proteins is a key step for determination of origin-firing timing
    Journal: Current Biology, Vol. 21, No. 24, pp. 2055-2063, Cell Press
    Year: 2011
  6. Authors: Seiji Tanaka, T Umemori, K Hirai, S Muramatsu, Y Kamimura, H Araki
    Title: CDK-dependent phosphorylation of Sld2 and Sld3 initiates DNA replication in budding yeast
    Journal: Nature, Vol. 445, No. 7125, pp. 328-332, Nature Publishing Group
    Year: 2007
  7. Authors: Seiji Tanaka, JFX Diffley
    Title: Deregulated G1-cyclin expression induces genomic instability by preventing efficient pre-RC formation
    Journal: Genes & Development , Vol. 16, No. 20, pp. 2639-2649, Cold Spring Harbor Lab
    Year: 2002
  8. Authors: Seiji Tanaka, JFX Diffley
    Title: Interdependent nuclear accumulation of budding yeast Cdt1 and Mcm2-7 during G1 phase
    Journal: Nature Cell Biology, Vol. 4, No. 3, pp. 198-207, Nature Publishing Group
    Year: 2002

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Social activities

Published books
  1. Role of CDK in Replication Initiation (chapter 13 in the book: The Initiation of DNA Replication in Eukaryotes), Springer International Publishing, 2016, ISBN 978-3-319-246

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