Dissertations of Graduated SSP Students

Dissertations of graduated SSP students

Obtained doctoral degrees in September 2021

AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
Yu Jun Chinese A Study on Attention Model and Computational Optics for Pain Face Detection and Fruits Segmentation
Arpana Pandit Nepalese Understanding people's prosocial attitude and behavior for the betterment of the society: Case studies in disaster resilience and waste management
Le Thi Huyen Vietnamese Return migrants' prosocial behaviors in rural areas -Case study in Vietnam-
Mumbi Anne Wambui Kenyan An integrated risk assessment-contingent valuation analysis for suitable technology adoption: a case study of water pollution in Kenya
Satoshi Maekawa 前川 智史 Japanese

Study on energy regeneration in hydraulic circuits applying principle of boost chopper

Obtained doctoral degrees in March 2021

AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
Mostafa Elsayed Ahmed Mohamed Shahen Egyptian Economic analysis of individual behavior and governance for stability and sustainability
Jose Eduardo Mejia American The development of micromanipulator systems utilizing the physical properties of liquid crystals

Obtained doctoral degrees in September 2020

AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
YANG Guang Chinese Intelligent Robotic Systems in Support of a Declining Birthrate and an Aging Population
NGUYEN THI TAM Vietnamies A Study on Waste Separation Behavior in Rural Areas in A Developing Country: A Case Study in Thua Thien Hue Province, Vietnam

Obtained doctoral degrees in March 2020

AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
Qiang ZHANG Chinese Nanostructured Titanium Dioxide Thin Films Synthesized by Mist CVD for Applications in Metal Oxide Thin Film Gas Sensors
Mario Batubara Indonesian Study on Upper Atmosphere by Using Remote Sensing with Radio and Infrasonic Waves: An Application of KUT Dense Infrasound Sensor Network in Japan

Obtained doctoral degrees in September 2019

AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
James Lin American Zero-Power Tip-Tilt Control of Magnetically Levitated Platforms by Lateral Displacement of Permanent Magnets
Chao ZHAO Chinese Radical polymerization using organoboron or organozinc as initiator
Haruthai Chenboonthai Thai Institutional Analysis for Government Organizations Involved in Policy Development and Implementation: A Case Study of Energy-from-Waste Targets in Thailand's 2015 Alternative Energy Development Plan
Bandhit Suksiri Thai Advanced Direction-of-Arrival Estimation for Acoustic Signal Processing and its Applications
Bishal Poudel Nepalese Optical Multi-User MIMO for Multi-Mode Fiber Passive Optical Networks using Sub-Carrier Multiplexing
Chamila Deshani Ranawakage Sri Lankan
Zhen Li Chinese 3D shape and orientation representation in the human cortical areas

Obtained doctoral degrees in March 2019

AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations

Hien Thi Thu Nguyen

Vietnamies Design and Application of Homogeneously Mixed Oxide Composites in Nano-level


Chinese Household energy transition and social preference in China

Obtained doctoral degrees in September 2018

AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
Chinese Parallelization XPath Queries on Large XML Documents
四宮 友貴
Japanese A Quantitative Measurement of Codebook and its Specialized Clustering Framework for Image Representation Strategies
Tran Xuan Hoa Vietnamies An Analytical Model of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joints Subjected to Cyclic Loading in Application to Frame Analysis
Aman S G Mehadi Bangladeshi
Salehzadeh Niksirat Kavous Iranian An Empirical Investigation of Human-Engaged Computing through Mindfulness-based Mobile Applications
Jiteurtragool Nattagit Thai Developments of CMOS based Chaotic Oscillator Circuits and Its Application
Ho Thi Thanh Hien Vietnamies A Perception-Response-Evaluation (PRAVE) framework for societal-physical-based risk decision-making: A case of endocrine disrupting surfactants contamination in Vietnam
Mamun Md Abdullah Al Bangladeshi Pulsed plasma discharge for CVD of carbon thin films and atmospheric pressure plasma jet
Chatchai Wannaboon Thai Development Design of Built-In Self-Test for LIS Circuits Test pattern Generation, Oscillation-Based Testing, and Calibration Technique

Obtained doctoral degrees in March 2018

AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations

Dwiyantari Widyaningrum

Indonesian Study for the effect of cyanoacrylate based nanoparticles on freshwater unicellular algae

Nami Chiramathe

Thai Flight Controller Design for Quad Tilt Wing Ariel Vehicle Using Structured H∞ Synthesis and Particle Swarm Optimization

Vladislav Gamaleev

Russian Elemental Composition Analysis of Seawater using Atomic Emission Spectroscopy of Micro-arc Discharge

Ruedeerat Keerativittayayut

Thai Low-frequency Fluctuation and Large - scale Network Integration of Brain Activity Support Memory Encoding in Humans

Shahrier Shibly

Bangladeshi Intergenerational Sustainability Dilemma and Capitalism in Societies: Future ahead and back Mechanism as a Potential Solution

Jongdeepaisal Cholapat

Thai A Transdisciplinary Approach by Using Hybrid Input-Output Analysis to Evaluate Economic Impact on Local Economy

Taghizadeh Sarabi Mitra

Iranian Reorganization of Resting-State Functional Connectivity with a Feature-Representation Region after Visual Perceptual Training

Duriyasart Farkfun

Thai Creation of Morphology Controlled TiO? Nanoparticle Assemblies with Unique Surface Structures and their Applications

HAO Feiyue

Chinese Direct Functionalization of 1-Methyl-2-quinolones and Nitroalkenes

Puthipad Nipat

Thai Effects of Entrained-air Size Distribution and Fly Ash on Self-compactability and Air Volumetric-stability of Fresh Concrete


Chinese Instability in Social Dilemma Games: Experimental Evidence

Phung Hai Thien An

Vietnamies Syntesis, Mechanism and Characterization of Conjugated Polymers and their Application for Designing Novel Interface Materials through Surface Functionalization

HE Shufang

Chinese Hierarchical Processes of Binocular Vision and Depth Perception

Raja Rajendra Timilsina

Nepalese Social Design and Sustainability of Environmental Resources: Learning from the Field Experiments
WAN Lifang Chinese Possible Influences of Motion and Attention to Contribution of Retinal Adaptation Effect in Color Constancy

Obtained doctoral degrees in September 2017

AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations

Sabuj Saifur Rahman

Bangladeshi A Theoretical Framework for Evaluation of Random Cognitive Radio Network

Dang Tuan Linh

Vietnamies Hardware software co-design for Neural Network trained by improved Particle Swarm Optimization

Obtained doctoral degrees in March 2017
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations

Jampanil Danai

Thai Generalized Simulation System for Water Resources Management under Climate Change

Udorn Junthorn

Thai Quantum Dot Solar Cell Utilizing Optical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes

Dennis Gain

German Local Expert Risk Mediation (LERM) for a Sustainable Forestry Development in Kochi Prefecture, Kami City, Japan

Adam Michal Pander

Polish Tunable Properties of Carbon Nanotube Forest Metamaterials - Growth Control and Fine Patterning -

平井 翔

Japanese Study on Synthesis of Polyfunctionalized Heterocyclic Compounds Using β-keto Amides

HOU Shengwen

Chinese Develpment of a Novel High Efficiency Dye-sensitized Solar Cell Using ZnO Based Electrodes

Waleed Saeed Mahgoub Elsayed Madkour

Egyptian Low cost applications in astronomy, atmospheric science and communications using radio waves for ward scattering from meteor trails

Obtained doctoral degrees in September 2016
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
Rath Sovann Sathya Cambodian Mix-Proportion and Mixing Procedure for Stable Entrained Air in Self-Compacting Concrete

Annasiwaththa Annasi Waththege Buddhika Imantha

Sri Lankan Magnetically Levitated Linear Slider with Non-contact Power Supply

Eizentals Peteris

Latvian Picking System for Autmatic Harvesting of Sweet Pepper - Sensing and Mechanism-

Sari Dewi Kurniasih Indrawan

Indonesian Generation of Chlamydomonas Strains for Robust Expression of Transgenes

Handityo Aulia Putra

Indonesian A Study of Air-based Interaction Input and Haptic Feedback

Prok Narith

Cambodian Response of Soil-Structure Interaction System Considering the Nonlinearity of Soil during Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster

Pakoksung Kwanchai

Thai Runoff Analysis using Satellite Data for Regional Flood Assessment - Spatial and Time Series Bias Correction of Satellite Data -

Lukman Nulhakim

Indonesian Study of Structural, Electrical, Optical, and Transport Properties of Ga-doped ZnO Thin Films Prepared by RF Magnetron Sputtering
Obtained doctoral degrees in March 2016
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
Ellawala Kankanamge Chandima Pradeep Sri Lankan Simple Solvothermal Synthetic Approach to Mixed Metaloxide Nanoassemblies with Controlled Atomic Compositions, Nano-structures, and Morphologies

TODA Tatsuya

Japanese InGaZno 薄膜トランジスタの特性・信頼性制御とフレキシブルデバイス応用

Nem Khan Dim

Myanmar Understanding and Designing Motion Gesture Interfaces for People with Visual Impairments

Badar Mudabbir

Pakistani Long Range Measurement and High Spatial Resolution Optical Frequency Domain Reflectometry based on DSB-SC Modulation

Ndamani Francis

Ghanaian Climate Change Perceptions and Adaptaion in Agriculture a Study of Rural Ghana Modulation
Obtained doctoral degrees in September 2015
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
ATTACHAIYAWUTH Anuwat Thai Air-Enhanced Self-compactability of Fresh Concrete

DANG Tran Hoang

Vietnamies Study on the quorum sensing mechanism in a marine bacterium Pseudoalteromonas sp. 520P1

MAI Phi Hung

Vietnamies A study of degradation mechanism of In-Ga-Zn-o thin-film transistor under negative bias-illumination stress and positive bias stress for highly reliable display devices

Le Thi Song

Vietnamies Syhthesis of Nitropyridines and Nitroanilines Using Three Component Ring Transformation

Obtained doctoral degrees in March 2015
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
GUO Xiaowei Chinese Modification of Morphologies and Mechanical Properties of Si Crystal by Low Fluence Ion Beam Irradiation in Sub-micrometer Scale
Silpasuwanchai Chaklam Thai A Study of Game Engagement through Gamification and Full-body Games
Latcharote Panon Thai Development of Nonlinear Analysis Method to Simulate Nonlinear Behavior of RC Walls in RC Wall-Frame Buildings Suffering Damage from Earthquake and Subsequent Tsunami
LI Zhiwei Chinese Study on Dynamic Analysis and Wearable Sensor System for Golf Swing

Obtained doctoral degrees in September 2014
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
KONG Fantao Chinese Expression of Botryococcene Synthesis Related Genes in a Unicellular Green Alga Chlamydomonas Reihardtii
JANMAIMOOL PIYAPONG Thai Environmental Risk Communication and Management Based on Stakeholders' Quantitative Risk Assessment: A Case of Maptaphut Industrial Development Area, Thailand
HOANG Van Vinh Vietnamese Expression of Recombinant T-cell Epitopes of Major Japanese Cedar Pollen Allergens Fused with Cholera Toxin B Subunit in Bacterial Strains
HOU Liyuan Chinese Characteristics of the Released Single Cells from Colonial Oil-producing Green Alga Boryococcus Braunii and Expression Cassettes for Transformation
LI Xin Chinese Fabrication of Well-aligned Zinc Oxide Nanostructures for Photovoltaic Application
LU Mifang Chinese Quasi-distributed Optical Remote Sensing for Temperature, Strain, and Gas Leakage
Obtained doctoral degrees in March 2014
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
ZHANG Yang Chinese SCM-SS Scheme for Optical MIMO Transmission over Multimode Fiber Links
LAMILLA ALVAREZ Pablo Spainish Verification Model and Approximation-Based Implementation of Information-Based Access Control
LI Yingsong Chinese Developments of Adaptive Filter Algorithms for Sparse Channel Estimation
WANG Yi-Na Chinese Motion Control of a Walking Support Robot
WANG Jingyun Chinese A Personalized Japanese Grammar Learning Support System using Ontology-driven EngineAnd Its Evaluation

Obtained doctoral degrees in September 2013
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
Khanit MATRA Thai Characteristics of micro plasma jet in SEM and its applications
CHEN Xin Chinese Molecular Design and Synthesis of Quinolones Activated by Steric Effect
LIU Yi Chinese Synthesis and Characterization of Electron-Responsive Materials

Obtained doctoral degrees in March 2013
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
URAIWONG Piriya Thai Failure analysis of Malfunction Water Resources Project in the Northeastern Thailand: Integrated Mental Models and Project Life Cycle Approach
BACHCHE, Shivaji Gunga Indian Automatic Harvesting for Sweet Peppers in Greenh
ouse Horticulture

Obtained doctoral degrees in September 2012
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
CAO Enguo
Chinese Human Lower Limb Dynamic Analysis Using Wearable Sensors and Its Applications to a Rehabilitation Robot
TU Huawei
Chinese Designing Touch-based Gesture Interactions
ZHANG Jianguo
Chinese Mechanism and Application of Morphological Changes of Si Crystal Material Induced by Ion-beam
Phaisarn SUDWILAI Thai Non Contact Vibration Control System with Linear Actuator Using Permanent Magnet
Chinese Built-In Self-Test Techniques for Data Converter in Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits
LI Rongjuan
Chinese Numerical Simulation of Evaporation Behavior and Solute Deposit of a Sessile Droplet on Substrates

Obtained doctoral degrees in March 2012
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
Chinese Driving Performance of Liquid Crystalline Actuators
WANG Dapeng
Chinese Fabrication and Characterization of ZnO Related Materials Thin Films for Optical Device Application
Azamjon B. SOLIEV Uzbek Pigmented Bioactive Compounds from Marine Bacteria and their Mechanisms of Action Involved in Cytotoxicity
SUN Liang
Chinese A Study on Non-Linear Machine Learning Techniques and its Application to Content based Image Annotation

Obtained doctoral degrees in September 2011
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
Oyuntsatsral TSEYENBALJIR Mongolian A Study of Finding out the Effective Scheme of the Economic Development for Developing Countries
AN Tingyu
Chinese Towards the Sustainable Development of Construction Labor Market in China -Through Cultivating Subcontractors' Role in the Labor Supply Business
QIU Feng
Chinese Application of Ion Implantation to Fabrication of Optical Waveguides
Chinese The Cognitive Mechanism of Interaction between Cue Perception and Visual Attention
Dang Thai Giang Vietnamese Photoluminescence of ZnO and a Multiple Quantum Well A10.5Ga0.5As GaAs
Dewi LARASATI Indonesian Development of Contractor Quality Assuarance System in Indonesia Constraction Procurement
Chinese Electrical Post-Compensation for Four Wave Mixing Nonlinear Impairments Using Digital Coherent Detection in WDM Optical Communication Systems
ROS Soty Cambodian Formulation for Shear Force-Relative Displacement Relationship of L-Shape Shear Connector in Steel-Conctrete Composite Structures

Obtained doctoral degrees in March 2011
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations

SUN Minghui
孫 銘会

Chinese A Study of Input and Output Haptic Modalities in Pen-based User Interfaces - Vibration, Texture and Hand Posture
LI Chunguang
Chinese A Self-Controlled Master-Slave Upper Limb Rehabilitation Robot
Chinese Leveraging Finger Properties for Natural Interaction with Direct-Touch Surfaces

Obtained doctoral degrees in September 2010
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
Kyaw Sann OO Myanmar Reliable Ground Control Points for Registration of High Resolution Satellite Images
Wimol SAN-UN Thai Developments of Built-In Self Test and Calibration of Analog Mixed-Signal LSI for Catastrophic Failures and Parametric Variations
SUN Feng
孫 鳳
Chinese Magnetic Suspension Systems Using Permanent Magnet
XU Xunjian
徐 勛建
Chinese Development of High-Sensivity, Wide-Dynamic-Range and Selectable-Regions Fiber-Optic Sensing System based on Optical Pulse Correlation Measurement
張 希
Chinese Violacein Biosynthesis and its Regulation in Pseudoalteromonas Sp. 520P1
劉 坤
Chinese Research on Wearable Sensor System for 3D Lower Limb Kinematics Analysis

Obtained doctoral degrees in March 2010
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
LIU Chuanyi
劉 傳義
Chinese Natural and Smooth Pen-based Interaction Utilizing Multiple Pen Input Channels
XIN Yizhong
辛 義忠
Chinese Pen Pressure, Tilt, and Azimuth in Pen-based Interfaces - Human Capability and Utilization

Obtained doctoral degrees in September 2009
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
Chinese A Psychophysical Investigation of Recognition Strategy and Function Modeling for the Human Face-responsive Neural System
LIU Ligang
Chinese On Improvement of Proportionate Adaptive Algorithms for Sparse Impulse Response
XU Fangchao
Chinese Characterization and Adhesion Evaluation of Hydrothermally Deposited BNT Films on Titanium Substrates
G. I. P. De Silva Sri Lankan Application of Solid-State Laser to Preparation of Oxide Superconductor Films - Texture Analysis and Critical-Current Performance for Wire Processing
ZHOU Xiaolei
Chinese Modeling Speed-Accuracy Tradeoff in Trajectory-based Tasks with Subjective Bias and Temporal Constraint for User Interface Design
DIAO Xiaojun
Chinese Determination of FeS and FeS2 Contents in the Suspension with Pt-Ag Twin-electrode by Electrochemical Method

Obtained doctoral degrees in March 2009
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
HAN Meimei
Chinese Expression of Recombinant T-cell Epitopes in the Cell and on the Surface of Bacillus Subtilis
Aurangzib Md. Abdur RAHMAN Bangladeshi RBS and Channeling Study of Single Crystal ZnO
ZHENG Rencheng
Chinese Musculoskeletal Dynamics Analysis of Lower Limb and its Application Using a Wearable Sensor System
LI Yongkui
Chinese Study on Creep Damage in Thick Welded Joint of Mod.9Cr-1 Mo Steel Plates
LIU Feng
Chinese Establishing Knowledge Network for Rural Regional Development - through cases in China and Japan
LIU Peiqian
Chinese Innovation-Oriented Learning through Industrial Paradigm-shift - Comparative Study on Current Chinese Companies -
WANG Pengyu
Chinese Organic Transformations in Subcritical and Supercritical Water

Obtained doctoral degrees in September 2008
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
ZHANG Junhong
Chinese The Research on Knowledge Management Leadership in Chinese Venture Enterprise 中国ベンチャー企業における知識経営リーダーシップの研究
Pavel HEJCIK Czech On the Properties of Simple Quantum Graphs
Bima Kumar PRAMANIK Bangladeshi Microwave Discharge of Nitrogen and Oxygen Gas Mixture for UV Light Source

Obtained doctoral degrees in March 2008
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
Asif Mumtaz BHATTI Pakistani Modelling and Monitoring of Suspended Matter in Surface Waters Using Remotely Sensed Data
Chinese A Memory-Time Efficient Signature Matching for Embedded Network Processor
Tangtrongbenchasil Charoen Thai Ubiquitous Optical Wireless Communication Using Optical Micro-cell System
Pahlovy Shahjada Ahmed Bangladeshi Nano-scale fabrication and modification of mechanical properties of single crystal Si by use of highly charged ion beam
JIANG Yinlai
Chinese Quantitation of Human Visual Interpolation Ability and its Application to Brain Health Check and Brain Function Enhancement 視覚認知における補完能力の定量化とその脳の健康検査と機能増進への試み
SONG Hongbin
Chinese Development of High-Sensitivity Optical Fiber Sensor based on Optical Pulse Correlation
Chinese Microplasma Production Using Field Emission Cathode
Pongsak SUTTINON Thai Water Demand Management Model in the Lower Chao Phraya River Basin, Thailand

Miao Di
苗 笛

Chinese Quantitative Measurement of Voice Separation Ability on Auditory Cognition and its Application to Higher Brain Function Enhancement 聴覚認知における音声分離力の定量化とその高次脳機能増進への応用
ZHANG Xinyong
Chinese Improving the Usability of Eye-based Interaction
LIU Yingchun
Chinese Effect of Coating on Plant Seeds for Rehabilitating Deteriorated Highland

Obtained doctoral degrees in September 2007
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
Md. Kamrul Hassan Bangladeshi Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition and Electrical Characterization of Diamond-Like Carbon Thin Films
Md. Hasnat Kabir Bangladeshi Particle Induced X-ray Emission (PIXE) Setup and Quantitative Elemental Analysis
YIN Jibin
Chinese Interaction Techniques Utilizing Pen Device Characteristics and Various Input Modalities for Pen Computing
Chinese Bioactive pigments from marine bacteria and the regulation of pigment biosynthesis

Obtained doctoral degrees in March 2007
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
CHEN Chaochao
Chinese Study on the Dynamics of Golf Swing and Impedance Control for a Golf Swing Robot
Chinese Developmento of Bearingless Motor with Rectifier Circuit
HOU Yafei
Chinese Flexible Multicarrier Systems for Ad-hoc Wireless Network
BIAN Zhaoyong
Chinese Synthesis of New Supramolecular Complexes of d6 Transition Metals and their Application to Photo sensitized Reactions
MI Lina
Chinese Research on the Rejection Capabilities of the Signature-pressure-based Individual Recognition System for Counterfeit Signatures Using Optimized Neuro-template with Gaussian Function
LIU Chunbo
Chinese Fundamental Study on Development of Micro Actuators Driven by Liquid Crystals

Obtained doctoral degrees in September 2006
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
Zou Yanshuang
Chinese Recombinantly Engineered Proteins Containing Cholera Toxin B Subunit as a Functional and Structural Element
Wang Haipeng
Chinese Statistical Properties of Speckle in Synthetic a Perture Radar Images and Applications to Forests and the Ocean
Liu Tao
Chinese Development of a Wearable Sensor System for Human Dynamics Analysis
Tao Weijun
Chinese Fundamental Research on the Quadruped Horse Robot for Health Promotion_健康増進を目的とする4足馬ロボットの基礎研究
Li Chaoyang
Chinese Fabrication and Characterization of Diamond Whiskers for Application in Electron Emitter Devices
Ibrahim A Nasser Nigerian Application of Hyperspectral Remote Sensing to Estimate Eutrophication in Shallow Lakes and Reservoirs
Du Xiangrong
Chinese Investigation in Government Regulation on Privately Financed Infrastructure Project in China
Vong Seng Cambodian Design of Prestressed Concrete Bridge Girder Using Self-Compacting Concrete for Cambodian Rehabilitation
Han Virak Cambodian Strength Model of Concrete Using Heat and Microstructure Developments

Obtained doctoral degrees in March 2006
AuthorNationalityTitle of Dissertations
Cui Tianshi
Chinese Multi Degrees of Freedom Maglev System with Permanent Magnet Motion Control
Guo Chen
Chinese Regional Develpment Scheme in Chine Using the Functions of University and its Adaptability to Other Developing Countries
Kong Jing
Chinese Considering Subjective Factors in Performance Models for Human-Computer Interface Design and Evaluation
Sun Jianye
Chinese Numerical Simulation of Liquid Crystalline Polymer Processing
Sun Baiqing
Chinese Research on Rejection Capabilities of Paper Currency Recognition System with the Neural Netowork Employing Gaussian Function
Shang Tao
Chinese Imitation Approach of Human Action Intelligence for Autonomous Control of Mobile Robot 移動ロボットの自律化を目的とする人間の行動知能の模範
Fu Shufang
Chinese Numerical Simulation of Polymeric Liquid Crystalline Flows Under Magnetic Field
Hou Xiaohong
Chinese Development of a New Signaling Methodology for Anion Recognition
Yan Lei
Chinese Rapid Determination of Iron Sulfide Content in the Sludge of Bay and Lake by Electrochemical Methods
Yu Xia
Chinese Application of Distance Type Fuzzy Reasoning Method to the Building of HOme Doctor System
Yu Xiaoyan
Chinese An Adaptive Block Truncation Coding Scheme and Its Data-Driven Parallel Implementation
Rajendra Niraula Nepalese Development of Integrated System for Human Resources and Infrastructure Development in Developing countries (ISHID)
Liang Ning
Chinese Effect of Phaeocystis sp. Sprayed over Deteriorated Soil; a Possible Method which Restores and Fertilizes Eroding Barren Land
Wang Ying
Chinese Development of New CFT Column-CFT Beam Frame Structure using Self-compacting Concrete
Saratchai Ongprasert Thai Passenger Behavior on Revenue Managements System of Inter-City Transportation
Chalermchai Wattanalamlerd Thai Effect of Powder Admixture on Flowability of Fresh Mortar